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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hello folks, i wanted to ask a question about grains....Yesterday i ate white rice for lunch, then at dinner had some brown rice and felt ok...then at nite i went to the movies and had a small bag of popcorn...The next day i had pains in my lower intestines for about 7 hours until i took some emzemes..... Am i having trouble digesting grains? was the popcorn the problem? please give me some answers, thank you
  2. hello everyone! i have had gluten problems for awhile now, and have worked hard to get it in order and fell great for the last 2 months!!! On saturday, i ate 2 boiled eggs for the first time in ages and the next day my lower intestines hurt like the gluten feeling i get....does anyone else alegic to eggs? please let me know...thanks
  3. hi,have you looked into eating meat could cause your inflamation? check it out and google it...very interesting. surfer
  4. hi. is there a gluten free aspirin i can take? thanks
  5. hello, when i found out i had a problem with gluten i lost weight....since i have cut gluten out of my diet i have put back half the weight...But i would like to gain alittle more... Everything i try and i still cant seem to add anymore weight...Does anyone know how i can add weight without eating gluten? thank you.
  6. I Feel So, So Sick :(

    hi you could have a problem with Niteshades....raw tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant...google this good luck
  7. Im Sick

    hi yes you made me smile thanks... I do have another question... How do you put weight on? i lost weight when i had this problem and i have put back a certain amount but thats it....seems to stay about the same...I would like to add alittle bit more.... Do you know what i could eat to add more pounds? thanks so much smile.
  8. Hello, Since i have been gluten free , i have noticed im not putting weight on... How do you put weight on ?? i would like to add alittle bit more. Thanks
  9. Im Sick

    hi and thank you for writing back...im not sure if i have a problem with dairy...i have stopped eating it after a nutritionist told me, she cuts all dairy and nuts out first... The dressing i was eating was Gluten free blue cheese...and just salad...the next day i was in pain for 2 days..didnt want to do anything but sit and be sad..
  10. I had 4 days feelling great.. im still healing as its only been 10 MONTHS since i found out i have Gluten problems...anyways it very hard to figure out what i ate because it could be the day before... But im thinking it was this gluten free blue cheese salad dressing at an all you can eat salad bar...... cross contamation? i dont know.. anyways, my intestines hurt and back hurts and i feel like crap...takes about 2 days to go away also.. anyways with the same thing?
  11. I Did It!

    hello again. When i eat i get these terrible cramps still and ive been gluten free for 9 months...of course i have slipped up once and awhile..easy to do... Anyways, i have been taking these Digest gold Enzymes after a meal.and it seems to help alittle.. I kept thinking about why they help me digest...Then i realized something..my intestines/villi have been damaged by gluten and its not easy for me to digest food without these Enzymes because they help break the food it down etc..So i tried something different and took them a half an hour before i ate on an empty stomach and guess what happened? it worked, no more cramps. I think by taking them before the food it gives my stomach a chance to digest the food and not work so hard. When before i was eating first and then later taking the Enzymes and it wasnt really doing its job, because my intestines were working hard to digest and it was cramping up... I am so happy now... Thanks surfer.
  12. I have been trying to so hard to not eat any Gluten and was doing well the last few days....Over labor day weekend we had hamburgers at a friends house..They wanted Soy sauce and garlic etc on there burgers, so i cooked mine on the other side of the grill to be careful...When it was time to eat, i noticed my burgers were still under cooked so i put them back on the grill and continued to cook them. The next day i had pains and my lower back hurt etc...Then i realized i cooked them on the same spot our friends cooked their burgers...So would i get sick if it touched there grill? i guess so? To get rid of the pain i took some digest gold enzymes and after about an hour it went away! does anyone else take Enzymes? they seem to calm everything down and work i guess??? I am also taking magnesium , just started.. Any suggestions? Thanks s
  13. HELLO, what type of asprin can i take that is gluten free? i was told that if i have inflamation taking some asprin could help me... does anyone know.. thanks. surfer.
  14. hello. My question is....I have been gluten free for 9 months...sometimes my lower intestines hurt still and i think i have inflammation because it goes to my lower back...Sometimes if i drink a ton of water it goes away.. So how do i get rid of inflammation ? do i eat just veg or dark green vegtables? Please let me know.. thanks surfer
  15. Good News

    i have some good news to share. I have been gluten free for about 9 months now and its been so up and down... depression, weight loss, the works! But i have good news...The last week or so, i feel back to normal. I have eaten vegs, meat and lots of water....i also bought a juicer which has been good for me...I also educated myself with books and talking with people on this website etc... anyways i just wanted to share some good news for once! I hope everyone gets better too. take care surfer.