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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am the wife and mother of three with celiac, and we have a gluten free home (I only eat gluten at restaurants). So I have a sense of your dilemma. Sometime my husband orders things fried with gluten, and he ends up payin the price later. The part that might be helpful in terms of a reframe was that If you wanted him to be weak you would have him eat gluten, as that is what it would do. You love him. You want him to be healthy so you can be together for a long time. Easiest way is to be gluten free too when you are together. If he can't see that it is a sign of love on your part, maybe he needs to speak to someone who can help him come to terms with his celiac.
  2. My pediatrician does do a blood test every year just to make sure the kids aren't getting gluten from someplace - but we don't do it to confirm celiac but to make sure they aren't having any antibodies from food we may not realize has gluten. This is important for my son, who has few gastrointestinal reactions to consuming gluten even though he has celiac.
  3. Both of my children had similar blood test results. My daughter did have the endoscopy to confirm because he was the first in the family to show signs. But my son did not because by then we knew his sister and father were celiac. The pediatrician was okay diagnosin him without given the family history. We have not had problems with schools or anything the only thing I worry about is when he gets old enough and has to register for the draft, as celiac means he can't serve - so he may have to do it then. But I am hopin there are less invasive confirmation tests developed in the next 16 years! College won't be an issue, as long as the doctor prescribes a gluten free diet the housing and dining will have to accommodate (my husband managed campus food service for almost 7 years). If your son does have to undergo the endoscopy, it is not that bad - my daughter handled it well and didn't remember anything because of the anesthetic.
  4. My daughter was diagnosed at 21 months, and so we kept my son gluten free until he was 12 months. We started him on gluten and within two months he was showing celiac signs, so he was diagnosed then. It is definitely possible especially with the family history and those symptoms
  5. Amy's makes a pretty good gluten-free Mac and cheese, and there are a number of good gluten-free pizzas out there. My daughter really like the Rudi's multigrain bread, although we make our own as well using bob's red mill flours. Betty crocker had gluten-free Cake and cookie mixes, which my kids make with me. Ian's has a decent chicken nugget (although pricy) and you can always make your own with gluten-free breading and a deep fryer. Most Oreida brand French fries are good. There are also some good children's book about eating gluten-free or wheat free that might help-I actually guest read to my daughters preschool class at the beginning if the year so all the kids know and can help. Hope that helps!
  6. The smoothie ingredients could be getting cross contaminated at the plant. Are you using a shared blender? That could do it too. Also, many people with gluten issues have trouble with casein, whether permanent or temporary. Maybe try no smoothies for a few days, them try some without the possibility of cross contamination.
  7. Glutened...or Paranoid?

    It doesn't sound unreasonable that you could have been glutened. It sounds like how my daughter reacts to even just a little cross contamination.
  8. Me and my family are going to be in the Fort Myers area for Thanksgiving. Which are the best grocery stores for gluten free shopping? We're staying in a condo so will be able to do much of our own cooking.
  9. My 4 yr old daughter is pretty good about recognizing what she can't have, and then we swap gluten-treats with safe treats and I bring the gluten treats to work. I live in a small town and most of our neighbors know us and and the kids gluten issues, so they look out for them.
  10. Both my kids were really young when diagnosed (<2) but my daughter especially was STARVING when eating gluten. Used to wake up at 3 am to have a full meal because she wasn't absorbing nutrients. Now that she is 2 1/2 years gluten free, she eats about normal. While his behavior maybe reinforced by his peers and his age probably contributes, I would bet the celiac is a strong factor
  11. Frustrated And Ready To Cry!

    As the only member of my house who can eat gluten, I am saddened by your husband's response. It did take us a while to figure out what he and the kids could and couldn't eat, as well as how to avoid cross contamination when we were eating out. I have found that honest communication (honey, I feel frustrated when you point out foods I like but THAT WILL CAUSE ME INTESTINAL DAMAGE) seem to work well when done frequently.
  12. @nvsmon - thanks for the reply. While I am disappointed that he is going to struggle to with celiac, my daughter seems to be living with it extremely well and I hope my son follows suit. We are so lucky that we have good doctors (their pediatrician is great) and a really great daycare (they actually noticed and suggested the testing because they had seen my daughter develop symptoms). I'm very much a "make lemonade" kind of person.
  13. Cold Pasta?

    I strongly recommend Quinoa pasta - we live on the Ancient Harvest brand
  14. That is what I was thinking - we'll see if the pediatrician is on board tomorrow. My thought would be I would rather do a genetic blood test first at this age given how unreliable they are with kids so young. My daughter has a violent reaction to being glutened, and my son seems to be developing a similar reaction.
  15. Are you anemic? Low iron has caused severe fatigue in my husband who has celiac