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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 32 yo female. Since about high school I've had a "bad" stomach. Had upper GI barium swallow and it was fine. Was told I have IBS. Later in life I attributed it to anxiety. Went to the doc for that and I've been on meds pretty much constantly since (except when I was pregnant, and once when I decided I didn't want to "depend" on meds) I go through periods of feeling fine and feeling like crap. I posted on here one other time asking if its possible to just be sensitive to gluten? I seem like I don't always get sick when eating gluten, that's why I'm not sure what's going on. I know I would have to get a test for it to be definitive. I seem like I can eat bread ok sometimes, sometimes not. Pasta out of a box makes me sick for days, but frozen tortellini with cheese in it doesn't. I had barley soup for lunch today and by dinner was having cramps, and really bad diarrhea, that was pale in color and floated. I don't know if this could be gluten or something else. Maybe it is IBS? I seem to have some neuro symptoms, but maybe they're unrelated? I just don't know what to do so I thought I would ask here. Thanks for reading
  2. I've been eating weight watchers brand yogurt. I had a coupon so I tried it. It is actually gluten free. I didn't buy it for that reason but it is. Actually before I bought that, I always stuck to yoplait. So none of the yogurt I was eating had gluten. Adding to my first post, whenever I would make pasta at home, I'd always have to go to the bathroom a lot for the next few days. I thought it was the tomato sauce but now I'm wondering if it was the pasta!
  3. I know this probably gets asked a lot so I apologize, but I figured everyone in here would have the most experience. I'm wondering if this could be a gluten intolerance, or celiac. It doesn't seem severe. Here are my problems. I've always had a "bad stomach" In high school I had all kinds of tests done, upper GI etc and nothing was found. Looking back now I'm sure it was the beginning of anxiety, which I still have but I'm medicated. I started trying to eat better and exercise recently. That included a pretty low carb diet. Lots of chicken, yogurt, cheeses etc. Well Thursday night, I decided to make some soup out of broth I had frozen. There was no meat in it, so I decided to add noodles for some bulk, along with mixed veggies. Friday I was horribly gassy and had several very large bowel movements, which were pretty light in color compared to normal. Friday night before I went to bed I felt very nauseated. Saturday I had more large bms. Not diarrhea though. I didn't feel completely better until Saturday evening. The other thing that happens is that I sometimes feel jittery after a bm, like my blood sugar is low. I feel weak, sweaty, etc. Saturday night, I had eaten 30 minutes before, had a bm and checked my sugar (I had gestational diabetes with my son and still have the meter). It was 135. Like I said I had just eaten. So my sugar was not low. Saturday I did eat a sub, on a regular roll so that probably didn't help. Sunday and today I've cut back on my carbs and I feel better. It seems like I can eat SOME carbs, like a sandwich on a regular roll, or a few pieces of pizza without getting REALLY sick. I still feel sluggish and yucky, but I always just blamed that on the carbs. I don't know if it's all connected but I just feel horrible. This has happened before where I have a bm and right after I feel like this. What could cause that? Could it be related to the carbs I ate after not having eaten many for a while? Could it be gluten intolerance? Does that do all these things??