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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. If you have any chance of having a bacterial overgrowth causing the diarrhea, DO NOT take anti-D meds. It keeps the bacteria in your intestines, which is counter productive.
  2. PLEASE...if you even suspect bacterial overgrowth, go to a Gastroenterologist and beg for a stool sample to be sure. While you're at it, have him do a Celiac panel too. I was self treating for gluten intolerance, and turns out I had C Diff for 8 months! The only thing that kept it from becoming horrible were the probiotics I was taking. Being off gluten for so long, I feel amazingly better in many ways. But the doctor wants me to remain gluten free while healing. PS...I beat the C Diff with Flagyl, but still nervous about a recurrence. Keeping gluten free and will stay on probiotics, specifically Florastor and Culturell for the forseeable future. Good luck....but don't wait to see a doctor like I did!
  3. Why not a rice stuffing. There are plenty of recipes around. It would probably be best NOT cooked in the turkey, but a separate casserole dish. I have found that using brown sushi rice holds up really well in soups and rice salads....kinda has a barley texture. Pre cook it first though.
  4. I just posted on another thread....PLEASE be sure to have a stool test. I am now being treated for C Diff, a nasty bacterial infection in the intestines. I was on Cipro for three UTI's in a row, and it caused this bacterial overgrowth. Have you been on antibiotics in the last several months? I'm not a doctor, but MY advise is to start on a good probiotic right away.
  5. PLEASE get a stool test, it may be something else. I made that mistake, and 6 months later did something about it and I'm currently being treated for C Diff, a "lovely" intestinal bacterial infection. I have to admit, I do feel much better having been gluten free all this time. Last week, my celiac panel came back negative, of course.
  6. Beer!

    I hope you are taking a probiotic daily. I am currently being treated for C. Diff and had it for quite awhile before being diagnosed. The only thing that kept it from reaching dangerous levels were the strong probiotics I started taking when symptoms began. My last day of treatment is today....I hope it worked (crossing my fingers).
  7. I got my press in the supermarket in a neighborhood with a high hispanic population. Actually, I have learned to love this store....all kinds of goodies. When you master tortillas, move on to arepas!
  8. Have you had a stool test? I just had one after 9 months of misery (needed to know where every bathroom was) and found out that I have a C diff infection. Seems that your problems started when in the hospital as many of those infections start. A blood test is not enough, please get checked for bacterial and/or parasitic infections...and don't wait any longer.
  9. I've got a C difficile infection and will be treated for 10 days with Flagyl and probiotics, which I have been taking for months anyway. If I wasn't taking the probiotics, I think I'd be a lot worse! Blood work for gluten intolerance not back yet, but I feel a heck of a lot better without gluten. Wouldn't it be nice if that is all that was wrong with me for the past year? sheesh...
  10. Just came home to a message from my doctor....one stool sample came back positive and he wants to treat me right away. Positive for what I don't know yet, but at least that may be all or part of my problem. i have to call him tomorrow.
  11. Back this past February, I had two pints of draught Blue Moon beer (wheat beer), and the next day spent over an hour in the bathroom. My first thought was that the beer was bad as I never has this problem before. Two weeks later I had the same bowel urgency (loose but formed stool) and spent another hour in the bathroom. Long story short as this repeated every two or three weeks, I decided to go gluten free in May. This decision was based on having Hashimotos, osteopenia, low D, and elevated homocysteine. I felt better immediately for the next three months and had the bonus of losing 8 pounds. The last month or so, I'm having the bathroom episodes all over again. Still gluten free, and strict about it. I haven't cheated once. I went to the GI doctor last week and he has ordered blood work for Celiac and IBS. He didn't think it was IBS but is checking anyway. Also, stool samples for bacteria since I had recurring UTI's over last fall and winter...around 4-5 of them using Cipro each time. I went to the lab today and hopefully will have results by late next week. I LOVE this doctor. He is open minded, thorough, and current with gluten intolerant issues. I just hope that at least of these tests shows something. Thanks for "listening".
  12. Gluten Free Miso

    I went to my favorite Japanese restaurant, mentioned my gluten issues, and they wouldn't serve me their miso soup.
  13. My nails are not peeling anymore....after 6 months gluten free.
  14. Waffle Iron Blues

    Could you "clean" the iron of gluten by making several batches of gluten-free waffles and throwing them away....and by the 3rd batch or so, the next batch would be safe? Sounds reasonable...
  15. at Big Lots! I was just in the store to browse around and found a large display of Bob's Red Mill products, both gluten free and regular at very discounted prices. Perhaps they are in a Big Lots near you...sounds like an ad, doesn't it?