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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok! Thanks! I am going to ask my doctor for a referral. =) Does the testing leave a huge scar..? They're mostly on my cheeks.
  2. Resort In Cuba, Help!

    Oh wow! Thanks! I didn't see this before I left (I left at 4 am on the 31st!), but I will keep that in mind in future travels to Cuba. I loved it so much that I am going to go back. Just for future travellers... I had an AMAZING experience at my resort! I was staying at Club Bucanaro (spelling?) by Santiago. The rep from my travel company (Hola Sun) made sure that the kitchen was serving me only gluten-free food. I had a special meal prepared for me every day (vegetarian AND gluten free!!), and while it got repetitive, it was food. And, I did not get glutened ONCE!!! I spent two nights in Santiago, and I ate at local restaurants. I didn't have the card stating what I could/couldn't eat (which is 100% nessicary if you do not speak Spanish, and try to eat out), but luckily I was traveling with Spanish-speaking people: they made sure I got what I needed. One place tried to serve me breaded bananas and meat, but that was due to my inability to speak Spanish/lack of card/lack of Spanish-speaking person. It was my fault, not theirs. All in all, Cuba is a great place to go if you're gluten-free based on my experiences. Thanks again for your advice... will for sure keep it in mind!
  3. Ok! I found someone else's post with some pictures of DH. I don't have any pronounced spots right now (they're healing from when I got horribly glutened a week ago), but I found this: http://www.dermnet.com/images/Dermatitis-Herpetiformis/picture/13631 It looks kind of like this, but a little bit less flaky and on my face. Could it be DH?
  4. Hey! Thanks so much for your reply. I don't think I can eat gluten for 2-3 months...! I'd be basically non-functional again. I think I am going to gluten myself, get the face rash, and go to the doctor and see what he has to say (or, rather, ask to see a dermatologist). As for my rash, it appears in the same place all the time within about 15 mins of finishing a gluten-containing meal. It's not terribly itchy, but it's pretty sore. It feels like extremely dry skin. The bumps are about 1 cm in diameter (sometimes smaller), and I'll get one under my eye... now, they are starting to kind of cluster on my cheeks. They're shiny-ish and red-pink. Then, this kind of really dry (subtle) white circle appears around them sometimes (it looks like flaking skin). They are pretty level with my skin, but now that I think about it, they seem a bit raised. However, I've never been able to squeeze pus out of them.... Could this be DH? I am trying to convince my family to get tested for celiac. They know they're gluten-intolerant, but they keep eating it.... Is there any chance that gluten intolerance could have turned into Celiac from mono? Anyways, lots of questions...! Any help/pointers you could give me would be great. =)
  5. Hi everyone, So, I have a suspected case of celiac. Here are my symptoms on gluten.. - Highly sensitive: I had a strong reaction to a bit of gluten in some medication, for instance. - L- shaped, oily poos after being glutened (sometimes, or just loose stools/water instead of stools) - Insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, joint pain, rapid eye movements and irritability. - Flat, dry red spots appear on my skin. - 6-month pregnant belly - 3+ days for a recovery I was "diagnosed" by a girl in one of my classes. (Uh, hun, you've got to stop eating gluten... No offence, look at your belly, and those red spots on your face!!). After three days of being completely gluten-free, I felt like a brand new person. What makes me think this is celiac rather than an intolerance is that I get way more sick now when I eat gluten than I did before going gluten-free (I suspect this does not happen with intolerances, but I am not sure). The problem is, the second after she told me to stop eating gluten, and right after my "test," I immediately went gluten-free. I went to the doctor 2-3 days later to ask for tests. It was going to take awhile to organize a biopsy, so I did blood work (which came back negative). I need to know if I have celiac or not. I suspect that I do based on what i know about symptoms of celiac vs. an intolerance (your feedback is welcome as to if this is accurate or not), but I want to know for sure. However, I have been gluten-free since May, and I don't want to go back in time with my recovery if it is celiac. So, I've heard of a few options for testing... the first being the biopsy. However, I'd have to destroy my digestive system, and any recovery that has taken place will be negated if I do this. Secondly, I heard about a test for the skin lesions. However, mine only appear on my face (in clusters of 1-10), and they are flat and dry (rather than puss-filled and itchy as I heard most celiacs get). Anyways, I really want to know, but I also don't want to eat gluten for 2-6 weeks!! So, here are my questions: 1. Is there any chance the skin test would work? 2. Is there a stool test? (Could I eat gluten a few times, and then do a stool test?) 3. If I ate gluten for three or four days, is it more likely that I'd get a positive blood test? Any thoughts? Any help/insight you could give me would be great. I suspect it is celiac, but my family doesn't believe me... this is important because I am worried they won't take my allergy seriously when preparing meals, but also because I think my mom has the same condition (but refuses to go gluten-free): if I were to get an affirmative diagnosis, she would be more likely to follow a gluten free diet. Oh, also, if it makes any difference, I am in Toronto, Canada. Thanks in advance for your insight!
  6. Resort In Cuba, Help!

    Hi everyone, I am going to a resort in Cuba... and I am terrified that I won't be able to eat anything, that I'll starve, that Ill get sick, and that I'll be miserable. Anybody have any advice, or experiences with cuba? (Or, resorts in general)? Thanks, Samantha
  7. I used to have a white tongue before going gluten-free, and now it's gone. I don't know if it is related, though...
  8. Doctor Needed In Toronto

    Hi all, So, my pharmacy poisoned me by giving me prescription medication with gluten in it by accident. I asked them to contact my doctor, and get another prescription. My doctor sent them a message back saying that I needed to go in to see her to get another prescription. I can't go until Tuesday, and I need the medication every day... The pharmacy has been trying to reach my doctor all day, and I got the same reply: She has to come in to get them. The pharmacy even explained that it was their mistake... they've given me enough medication for tonight, but told me to seek another doctor tomorrow. They said what she did wasn't really acceptable...and they hoped that she just didn't understand them. Due to the nature of the drug, it is possible that she is worried about addictions/me selling them on the street, but I told the pharmacy to tell her I'd bring them back AND see her on Tuesday. So, I've concluded that I need a new family doctor; I want one that I can work with... not one that just lets me be glutened for a weekend. I wasn't able to get out of bed all week last week, and I was being glutened every day (even though I've been preparing ALL of my food organic/at home!!!). So, I am annoyed. Does anybody know of a doctor (preferably female) in downtown Toronto accepting new patients?
  9. I just called the pharmacy... Apparently, the brand they gave me is generally gluten free, but sometimes it might not be (?). Celiac disease is listed on my file, so it's pretty annoying that they didnt check. Oh well. At any rate, they were both helpful and apologetic, and offered to give me two pills for tonight from a company that is gluten free for sure. And, tomorrow, they'll contact my doctor, and ask for new medication for me. Phew. Hopefully, that's the only issue. I am trying to get my partner to use her own toaster, but she thinks there isn't enough space on the counter..... to which, I replied, "We will get rid of the blender!"
  10. The first few months are the hardest. I guess, feel lucky that you got diagnosed early, and that you didn't have to get really sick before people started to guess at what was going on (some of the guessing has ended in multiple diagnosises for many of us.. unneeded medications, tests, and lost years of health). You'll be able to eat out of your home again, and at your friends'/families' houses as well. It took awhile for me to adjust to my new diet, and it took my family and friends even longer! But, it will hopefully happen. And, once it does, you can work with them to prepare or plan foods that you can eat with them. Start finding foods that you enjoy that you actually can eat. In fact, you might discover new foods that you never even considered eating before. Good luck! We're here to support you!
  11. ! I think I figured it out! I just got a new prescription of Xanax. Maybe the generic form is not gluten-free!
  12. Thanks for your reply, and the Rice Milk tip! As far as I can tell, there have been no changes in my diet/lifestyle since I started feeling worse... I was actually vegan before I realized the celiac thing, and I've never really been one for milk. But, thanks for the Rice Dream tip!! I'll stay away from it. I am going to get my partner to brush her teeth after gluten... and, no new toiletries, no new home repairs, and my pets are eating low-grain food (lower grain than they were eating before, but I'll switch it up to grain-free). I am taking Lamictal and Xanax (for the horrible side-effects that the allergy caused for my mood), but I am in the process of getting off of them since they are no longer needed... thankfully, I've got a bit of an addiction going on now after years of unneeded use... Does anyone have any experience with Xanax or Lamictal? Or, suddenly feeling sick without any notable changes? Thanks so much for pointing out some of the things that could be causing a reaction... I am going to go through all of my current products tonight to see if I need to do away with any of them. Any more tips would be appreciated...surly, my doctor will not be of any help to me.
  13. Milestones gluten-free Menu

    Awesome! I will check it out.
  14. I used some Aveno lotion as an experiment once on my legs; it's main ingredient is wheat. I became incredibly itchy. I would suggest staying away from all products with gluten if you notice a reaction/if you could accidentally ingest it.
  15. Hi everyone, I am feeling horrible still. I was diagnosed as either having celiac or a severe gluten intolerance in May by elimination. I get sick from even a crumb.. Like all of you, I felt like a brand new person once I figured out what was going on. Anyways, I've been really careful. I've avoided going out for dinner for the past month (mystery sicknesses were emerging), and I've started buying only organic food. Now, I've been getting really sick lately. No gluten. And, I am cutting out soy (I am a vegetarian, this breaks my heart!), all nuts, and dairy (but, I've heard that goat's cheese is generally OK - is that true for most of you?). Yesterday, I slept all day. Today, I slept in, finally got myself out of the house to school, and now I am incredibly tired. I want to go home and sleep. Did anybody have a period of recovery followed by feeling really sick? (without eating Gluten)? Did anybody develop allergies not directly after - but a few months after - cutting out gluten? Are there any other vegetarian foods that some of you have had reactions to? Any help/direction you could give me would be great. I don't really trust doctors anymore (it took them 22 years to even guess that was what was going on !!!), and I don't have any idea about what is going on..