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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I like FAGE Greek yogurt. I just buy the plain with zero fat and add a bit (or a lot) of honey, preserves or fresh fruit to it. Plain, it tastes like creme fraiche/sour cream. With additives it tastes like thick flavored yogurt. If you are counting calories, watch some of those brands already mentioned. They are be really high in fat and a small tub (5oz) can have upwards of 2-300 calories, especially if they are also flavored.
  2. I loved Larabars before General Mills bought them out. My faves were the nut and chocolate ones. Now...they're just not as good anymore<sad sigh> So far KIND bars are still made by their original maker. They are tasty, but they stick to my teeth like crazy and that's annoying. I have to pick, brush and floss after eating one lest I go around with a nut skin for piece of dried fruit stuck to my front tooth...
  3. I am beginning to suspect that my intolerance/allergy is to wheat only and not gluten. How would I go about fleshing this out? I've been gluten free (or so I thought) since April 2011. Now I find out from another thread that I've been regularly consuming malt with zero ill effects. I know for sure that wheat is a problem. When I went gluten-free many, many symptoms "magically" went away and I felt much better. Then I accidentally ate something with breading on it and I got sick. The breading was wheat, corn meal, salt and pepper only. Where do I go from here? How do I go about experimenting with barley and rye? Or should I just keep on keepin' on as I am now? I surely do miss real beer (hint, hint)!
  4. Vitamin D Deficiency--Poll

    During my last physical (a year prior to going gluten-free), my doctor said my levels were low. How low, I don't know because I didn't think to ask. He told to me to start taking 2000IU's a day and get re-checked in a year. That was in April of 2010. I haven't been back, nor have I been very good about remembering to take the stuff. I don't suffer from any symptoms that I know of, but I've never looked them up either. It's funny/strange to me how many of these posts I read that mention something that I have or have gone through. This gluten intolerance had a lot of rammifications that I NEVER expected.
  5. I felt results almost instantly--within 24 hours. I've noticed more subtle positive changes as time has gone by. Instantly I lost my nightly stomach cramps. Over the next couple of months (it's only been since 04.21.11 for me) my migraines lessened and are all but gone now; the dark circles under my eyes have lessened; and I have fewer aches and pains. I've also got some relief from my IBS, but it is not resolved.
  6. I'm having the opposite problem. Without 2-3 doses of psyllium/day, I don't go. With the psyllium, I'm going 2-3/week. Daily or multiple times daily is beyond my comprehension...
  7. What happens to the texture, thickness and curl? Will I lose my soft, thick, curly hair? That would be a bummer...
  8. This would be a wonderful "perk" of going gluten free. I'll be checking my hair daily now...
  9. I mean this in the kindest way: you need therapy. A therapist can help you sort out the reasons you are unable to go gluten and dairy free. A medical doctor might also be in order--that person can help you identify all of the foods you can and cannot eat. I think you are fighting both physiological and psychological impluses. If you continue to follow your urges...perhaps some in-patient therapy is in order. You are fighting an addiction and if you can not fight with knowledge and will power alone...an in-patient setting will control your access to foods you shouldn't have until the impulse control is better. Best wishes to you.
  10. Gallbladder Woes

    I had mine out in emergency surgery about 4 years ago. It "failed" in the "on" positon--that is it over-filled(and attempted to continue filling)but would not empty. I had no stones and never had an issue with it prior to it failing. I had an 8 hour ultrasound to determine that it was broken and needed to come out. It's an easy surgery. Even though mine was emergency I was able to have it done laparoscopicly and was back to work in three days. I had it out on a Friday and went to work the following Monday. The doctor suggested I take a week off of work, but I didn't need to. Admittedly, I was quite sore the first couple of days back. I can only tolerate fried and spicy foods in moderation. I don't eat too many fried foods, so no biggie there but I dearly love my spicy foods. This weekend I ate a really, really hot pepper and immediately threw it up. It was so good going down, but my body immediately revolted <sigh>.
  11. I've found the psyllium to be useful. It's not habit forming nor it is a chemical. You can take it for life, it's a natural fiber source; the husk from a seed. It also made me gassy when I first started taking it, but in time that lessened back to normal. For what it's worth...the gas that I have now is less smelly than pre-psyllium. TMI, I'm sure! I prefer the bulk because it's cheaper and not flavored with sugars, sugar substitutes and other crap. With Metamucil and the generic equivalents, you have to take a larger dose to get the same number of grams of fiber due to the fillers. My natural grocery store carries pure psyllium in bulk so that's what I buy. It takes some getting used to--the nasty thick liquid. I find it better in smoothies, which are supposed to be thick. It's said to also help control blood sugars, manage weight and cholestrol. One possible precaution...it is a grain therefore some could be allergic to it.
  12. I think I wrote this exact same post a week or so ago...constipation hit me hard at the 3 month mark. Umm...no pun intended. I was nearly ready to go to Urgent Care when things started happening. It took several doses of psyllium(over a week's time); several doses of mineral oil and two doses of regular laxatives to get me going. I hate, hate, hate using laxatives; they are so harsh and make me feel unwell. After that one bad week of not going, I've been okay. I've tried to up my intake of water and fiber rich foods (hard to do without wheat fiber). I'm eating lots of beans, fruits and vegetables. I've also stayed on the psyllium powder: two doses a day followed by a tall glass of water. I'm going with the plain, because I can buy it in bulk. Good luck and if you stumble on anything that works, please share!
  13. Hiding Personal Information

    Whew! I just had a panic that all of my info was out there for all the celiacs of the world to see. I'm very relieved that this is not the case. Don't get me wrong...I have no fear of celiacs (I may be one myself)--I just value my privacy!
  14. Here's hoping for your "get out of jail free" card!
  15. I love my Silpat--nothing sticks to it. Rice cooker and slow cooker are well used. Burr coffee grinder and French press equal morning yumminess. I like my Magic Bullet...it's a handy lil' thing.