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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Chills

    I have kind of a strange question. A couple times that last week or two I have been sitting in my chair and would get a wave of chills or something over and over. It kind of starts in my stomach and goes down my legs and I call it a wave because it's feels like it's almost rhythmic. I just sit there and get a cold chill feeling and it goes down my legs and then again about 10 seconds later and then again 10 seconds later. It doesn't last for a real long time but it has happened a few times recently. Could this happen if I ate one of my allergy foods? (wheat, sesame) Could it be an autoimmune response to something? Very curious as to what it is.
  2. Article In Runners World

    Thanks for that link! I am going to post the summary below. I obviously would be #3 on the list as confirmed by an allergist. I had noticed before I went gluten free that bread was my main culprit. I could drink a beer or have a rice krispie treat and not notice anything but pizza, pasta, tuna sandwich, etc would be a problem. Obviously going gluten free took out all the wheat from my diet and could be why I started to feel so much better. I know you can be both gluten intolerant and have a wheat allergy so I am nervous about re-introducing barly, rye, and oats. But man I haven't had a cold beer in 2 years so that is a tempting test right there. I am going to do some research on the FODMAP foods. Maybe it would be worth trying to avoid those for 2 weeks to see if I notice a difference. Five reasons exist as to why someone might feel better on a gluten-free diet. It’s crucial to understand which of the five is the cause in order to implement a safe dietary program. 1. Celiac disease 2. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity 3. Wheat allergy 4. Sensitivity to foods rich in FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols); wheat grains are rich in FODMAPs and those sensitive to them have reported marked improvement 5. Placebo effect (this is quite common in adults)
  3. I had a couple thoughts about an article published in Runner's World. They posted an article titled, "Are you really Gluten sensitive?" Basically the article says that while Celiac Disease exists in 1% of the population most people who say they are gluten sensitive aren't. The study took 37 people who said they were gluten sensitive and gave them a diet made in low-fermentable, poorly absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates, or FODMAPs. These foods include apples, artichokes, mushrooms, chickpeas, and wheat. They then took these same people and moved them to a diet containing gluten. The participants intestinal inflammation and fatigue levels improved when reducing the FODMAP foods in 34 patients while 3 patients showed a worse reaction to gluten. Why this article was interesting to me was that I was never officially diagnosed as gluten intolerant. But, I was diagnosed by an allergist as allergic to wheat and sesame (severaly allergic to sesame). So, I wonder if avoiding certain foods like wheat, sesame, or certain carbohydrates would be more beneficial to me than the actual gluten itself. Not hard to imagine confusing a wheat allergy with gluten intolerance. My second point is that I know several people who say they are gluten intolerant and feel better gluten free but still eat gluten a few meals a week. It drives me crazy and I finally told one of them either you are or you aren't, but if you don't do it 100% then you might as well not do it at all. Your body can't heal if you don't stop 100%. The reason it bothers me is people who do have a problem can't be taken seriously if others think they might and are willy nilly with their diet. The comments on the article were concerning as well as most comments were along the lines of that's not surprising, or yep, just a fad. These feelings come when people say they are intolerant and then a few times a week 'cheat'. If they really felt like most of us on this board did, then they wouldn't be tempted to 'cheat'. Interesting stuff.
  4. Sesame Allergy

    I posted about a week ago that I had an exercise induced anaphalaxis reaction while jogging and had to be rushed to the ER. I had allergy testing done on Monday and while they found I was allergic to a lot of molds, trees, weeds, and grasses which I knew already and knew they gave me asthma and not an anaphalaxis reaction. I also found out I am highly allergic to sesame and the sesame oil in my food that night caused the reaction I had. So, I was out of town yesterday for a funeral and I haven't had any time to look into eating sesame free yet and my daughter gave me a handful of trail mix. I took a handful and my tongue swelled up, my mouth itched, and I had hives on my arm. Read the back and yep, sesame seeds. So, it looks like I will be doing some research today to get a sesame free list. I know that celiac will not show up on a skin test because it's an auto immune response, but wheat also showed up as an allergy. The allergist wondered if my being allergic to pretty much all types of grasses made my body react to wheat the way it does. I thought it was interesting as someone who isn't diagnosed celiac to look at wheat as just another type of grass my body is reacting to.
  5. Anaphlyaxis

    Good advice everyone, thanks. I will start carrying both with me and I will also make sure they test for fish with my allergy testing. You would think fish and veggies would be okay, but who knows anymore. I am going to have everyone test the practice pen with me to make sure my family is comfortable with it. Thanks again.
  6. Anaphlyaxis

    I now one two epi pens and carry one with me at all times. I am going to see an alergist asap but I believe I have to be off of the steroids and benedryl before I can. I grew up with asthma and allergies to pollen, mold, and rag weed. As an adult, those things seemed to fade in my 20's and then about age 30 I started to feel sick all the time again. Finally figuring out the gluten was causing my issues I seemed to be healthy again and for 2 years I was problem free until Sunday. Needless to say I am feeling a little bummed that I am back to stage 1 considering no asthma attack or allergic reaction as a child compared to this. Wheezing and itchy red bumps are nothing now.
  7. Anaphlyaxis

    I had a question for the board. Has anyone ever had an anaphyaxis (spelling?) reaction to gluten? I am not sure if gluten triggered it but Sunday night I had dinner (salmon, sweet potato casserole, green beans) and an hour later went for a jog. I was running and my chin and lip started to feel numb and swollen. So I cut my run short and headed home. Started to feel itchy and so I went to wash my hands and looked in the mirror and WHOA! My face was swollen like Will Smith in 'Hitch' when he eats peanuts. Look down and my hands, forearms, and legs are swollen and red. I paniced, my wife sees me and panics, we throw shoes on the kids and we are off to the ER. I don't think it is exercise induced because I am a 20-25 mile a week runner and this is a first for me. Maybe I breathed in something in the air? I started to think about what I ate that day and wondered if the glaze on the salmon my wife made could of had gluten. Needless to say I am on edge and will be seeing an alergist (again). Has anyone had this happen to them?
  8. My six year old is going to be tested with a blood sample this week for Celiac. I was wondering what your thoughts were because her symptoms don't seem celiac related but gluten free seemed to help them. She had a rash all over her stomach, legs, bottom, back, and forearms. It isn't the celiac rash and the doctor described it as discoid eczema. She wets the bed almost every night at age six and has extreme anxiety. We started a gluten free diet about 3 months ago because I was gluten free and figured what could it hurt? Well, the rash started to clear up within a few weeks after she has had it for months. She stopped wetting the bed after about a month gluten free and she used to have a lot of issues at school including shouting matches with other kids, issues with paying attention, to almost panic attacks to dramatic improvement in behavior that the teacher is really stunned by. Well, we took her to an allergy specialist for the rash and she wants a blood test which means 4 to 6 weeks of gluten again. It has been a month now and the bed wetting is back, the rash is back, and the anxiety is starting to come back. We decided we don't really care what the results say, she is back gluten free after this. My question is, are these symptoms normal for kids? Bed wetting, eczema, anxiety, attention issues? She really doesn't have any GI issues at all.
  9. Thanks everyone. nvsmom, it is interesting you said bright kids because she is a very bright kid (I know everyone thinks that about their kid). She actually gets in trouble during reading lessons because she just reads the words when the other kids are supposed to be sounding them out and we were told by her teacher that they don't have anyone to pair her with for reading because she is so far ahead of everyone. I don't think she is gifted because she is average in other subjects. We were considering seeing if she could move up a grade or two for reading because she reads at about a 3rd grade level in Kindergarten. I have heard about bright kids having trouble 'sitting still and shutting up' as you put it. shadowicewolf, that sounds like her. She can't sit still and focus. I can't either, but I was actually never in trouble because I was so incredibly and horribly shy as a kid that I never spoke to anyone unlike my daughter who talks to EVERYONE and wants all the attention. Jestation, thanks for sharing I will keep an open mind before I dismiss it. 1desperateladysaved, let's hope so because I am not going to medicate my child at 6 years old. I am hoping we can overcome this. My other daughter is a model student and we never have issues with her. You would never guess they were sisters, they look and act nothing alike.
  10. 2 questions for everyone. My 6 year old daughter is on a gluten free trial right now that we started 3 weeks ago. My first question is that she was having behavioral issues in school with talking, not paying attention, very anxious, and arguing. Each day they can have an outstanding day, great day, good day, think about it day, or parent contact. She has had 1 outstanding day in 3 months and many parent contact and think about it days. The teacher thought she may have ADHD and we were considering seeing someone about that. I am diagnosed gluten intolerant and told my wife we should try gluten free first. Well in the last 3 weeks she has had many outstanding days including 3 of the last 4, she is less anxious at home and listens much better. How many of you noticed a sharp contrast in behavior with your children? My other question is that she shared a snack with a friend at school the other day and I got a call from school saying she had a fever and the chills or 'shivers' as my daughter called them. I told the nurse about her food trial she was on and this was the first time in over 2 weeks she had ate gluten and she didn't think gluten could cause a fever and chills. Anyone have experience that it can? Thanks.
  11. Pain In Back

    Hello Celiac.com community. The last few days I have had pain in my back on the right side right below my rib cage and have been light headed a lot. I know this is where the kidney is located and have been researching some stuff on kidney infections, kidney stones, etc. The thing is, I don't have any of the typical symptoms of blood in urine, pain urinating, fever, etc. I drink a lot of water, so I don't think its dehydration even though I do feel thirsty more often than usual. I just have the pain and headaches/light headed feeling. So my question is, do you think this could be Celiac related? Does anyone have any experience with kidney pain or feeling lightheaded for long periods of time? It probably isn't Celiac related, but just wanted to throw it out there.
  12. 1 Year

    July 8th was my 1 year anniversary of going gluten free. I remember the day because it was one of the worst days of my life. I was diagnosed on July 7th, so I went out to eat thinking I would start tomorrow so let's go out with a bang. I had a malt with a big cheeseburger and onion rings knowing I would never have them again. So, Friday rolls around and I felt horrible and my anxiety was to the point where I couldn't sleep at night and felt like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. As I was walking down the hall I felt a weird 'pop' in my head that felt almost like a little jolt of electricity and I lost my vision for a second. I still don't know what that was but it scared my to death. I went home and cryed like a baby and my wife of 6 years had only seen me cry once and I think I freaked out my 4 year old daughter when she saw me. I told my wife something strange had just happened to me and I know something was very wrong. Little did I know that 2 weeks later I would begin to feel less anxiety and 1 year later I feel very calm besides an anxious moment here or there. Anyone else think we should get coins like the give out in AA saying, "1 year clean"?
  13. When Was Your Celiac Triggered?

    With me I believe I always had slight auto-immune issues because I had asthma and used to have to get shots every week because I was allergic to trees, ragweed, mold, and pollen. I was also so skinny that I used to drink those 2,000 calorie weight gain shakes in high school and was 5'10 and 130 pounds despite lifting weights and eating everything in sight. I triggered it severally at age 30. I truly believe and anti-biotic did it. I had my yearly sinus infection and after my antibiotics ran out I was miserabe for months on end. My stomach sounded like boiling water all the time, I couldn't sleep, I had uncontrolable anxiety, and anemic. After 2 weeks gluten free I already started to feel better. Anyone else have issues with antibiotics?
  14. Curious About Genetics

    Interesting to see everything from Native American to Northern Africa to Ukraine. I guess by this time most of us have had a variety of different nationalities mixed into our genes.
  15. Curious About Genetics

    Thanks Karen. I have been on this site for a year but missed this one. I thought it wasn an interesting thought, but I guess with all the forums and all the people on this site it doesn't surprise me this has been covered already. It's like an episode of South Park where every idea that they came up with has already been done on the Simpsons because after hundreds of episodes of the Simpsons almost everything has been covered.