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  1. I was my own walking slap stick comedy for five year olds--really lound, very gasey (but not gas) sounds. Very embarrassing. I"m just now getting diagnosed with Celiac, but in 2007 I cut out dairy and those sounds that plagued me since I was a kid, have almost disappeared. I only get them when I let myself have ice cream.
  2. BJ: This sounds serious, and also sounds non-celiac related. You could have a viral infection, or a condition where the protective sac around your heart has excess, non-drained fluid in it, causing pressure. I had similar symptoms when I was in the Army, and no one would believe me. I landed in the hospital with "pericarditis." My paricardium around my heart was full of fluid that had never drained from me getting a terrible upper respiratory infection while in basic training. It's a super serious condition, so go and figure out what's wrong with you. The alcohol may make you feel better because alcohol is a diuretic (gets rid of excess bodily fluids) and a pain killer. Right now I'm suffering from a zillion health issues, and am waiting for my celiac blood test results. It will explain so many things--including a compromised immune system that renders me vulnerable to odd illnesses--including pericarditis a decade ago. Go and get to the bottom of this. I hope that it's just indigestion.