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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Please Help Chronic Severe Insomnia

    Have you gotten your thyroid checked? I have hashimotos and have had lots of trouble getting to sleep. Also your hairloss matches up with thyroid symptoms.
  2. Does anybody here have hashimotos with "normal" levels(other than positive antibodies) and still have major symptoms. I was diagnosed with hashimotos and went gluten free last may. I thought it had to be celiac disease because my thyroid levels were "normal" and I was having crazy symptoms. I have been gluten free for 8 months and have definately gotten better but Im still not close to 100%. Its mostly mental issues(brain fog/etc.) that doesnt seem to go away. My question is could this be because I need thyroid medication? I have heard that with hashimotos you want your levels to be in the top 75% and my FT3/4 were a bit low. Also my TSH was like 2.2 last I checked and I heard you want it to be around 1. Could this be causing these symptoms? I dont feel normal at all and it seems crazy that low normal levels could be causing this!! Anybody have any insight or suggestions?
  3. I seem to have the same problem...i have been gluten-free for 8 months and have cut out basically everything ...the past week or so I have noticed being very gassy especially when I lie down...i am almost 100% sure it isn't a food intolerance so maybe it is the gut healing?
  4. People with hashimotos disease have had positive results on a gluten free diet. I myself have hashimotos disease and being gluten free has helped me a lot. I still have problems and I have been gluten free for 8 months so I am unsure whether I am still recovering or if I need thyroid medication. Either way being gluten free has helped a lot!
  5. So you do you feel better on the thyroid medication or you are still feeling tired/apathetic/etc? I too had a TSH of 5 one time but the rest have been inbetween 1.9-3 or so. The more I read a think about it I start to think that I may need the thyroid medication. Like I said before I was actually feeling better for the first time on the medication but then I had a colonoscopy and 5 days later I became very depressed. I have no idea if it was the medication or the colonoscopy. Could a colonoscopy mess up your thyroid? But it confuses me why I never felt better the second time on the medication. The only thing I can think of is maybe after the colonoscopy my thyroid function got worse and I needed a higher does?(And that is probably a total shot in the dark). I have an appointment next week with the doctor so I will talk to him about it. I know he is going to hate me because I have gone on and off of the medication twice already and Im sure he is going to push for antidepressants over the thyroid medication.
  6. That sounds close to my numbers skylark. My TSH was 2.2 and my free T4 was in the lower range I believe. When u say you don't feel well what do you mean. Are you still able to do things and enjoy life?
  7. Your hashimotos sounds similar to mine eatmeat4good. I will more than likely have to take thyroid medication sooner or later but at the moment my ranges are normal. Skylark: When you say you get symptoms being a little hypo do you mean youre levels are out of range...or just low in there range?(ex. TSH at 3 rather than 1) Bumblebee: I havent tryed the dessicated thyroid medication...I have only had levothyroxine(50mcg). I ended up stopping because I felt like my body didnt need it. It made me feel a bit anxious(not just at the beginning but basically the whole time)and also very tired as well? It also gave me bad acne on my back along with a few other symptoms that seemed to indicate that it was too much.
  8. I do seem to have many symptoms of hypothyroid but they could also just be from celiac as well. I am very tired, I have all the mental symptoms of brain fog/slight depression/poor memory, I usually seem to be cold(although it is winter so it could just be that). I am definately not overweight. I am 5'9 and was 150 before going gluten free and in the past month due to a very strict elimination diet I have fallen to 130 so I really need to gain some weight! I could possibly be a BIT hypothyroid but even then would that cause all these symptoms? I feel like my levels would have to be way off to have symptoms like this so that is why I lean toward it been celiac.
  9. Thats a great point eatmeat4good! Couple of questions: If it is the CC does it make sense that Im not having "glutened" episodes, but rather just feeling lousy overall? Also I need to get new pots and pans but in the meantime is it safe to just bake everything with tin foil? Also do things like plates/bowls/silverware need to be replaced or just for the super sensitive?
  10. Thanks again for the responses! Skylark: I was prescribed 50mcg of levothyroxine which is a generic I believe. I was prescribed by my endo who said "I doubt this will help your symptoms". All my thyroid tests are in the normal ranges other than having positive APO antibodies. With all the tests being in range it leads me to believe that the thyroid couldnt be causing such severe symptoms? Also I am a younger male/my thyroid isnt swollen or uncomfortable/and I have no goitors or nodules so this is another reason that I believe that my thyroid wouldnt/shouldnt be causing all this trouble. I am hoping to set up an appointment in the future with a team of doctors to help me figure this out because ive had what seems like every test known to man and my doctors right now seem to be stumped. Eatmeat4good: Your right it could be CC issues. Its tough because I want to move out and have my own place with my own cooking supplies so I can avoid all traces of gluten but I feel stuck with this mental state I am in. I need to talk to them about cooking with flour and getting my own cooking supplies. That being said I feel like I am not super sensitive because when I was feeling a bit better I was doing everything the same...cooking with shared pots and pans,etc...if anything I am more vigilant now about CC issues. These are some of the reasons that I keep bouncing around about other possible problems:P
  11. Thanks for the responses! Before I went gluten free I was put on zoloft for a while and it didnt do anything for me. I know that there are a lot of different medications and I just used one but deep down I just feel that it is something else. I have never had depression or anxiety before until the last few years when the symptoms started to show up. Eatmeat4good: I do live in a gluten house and they do use flour. I try my best to stay away when they are cooking. We also share pots and pans but I use tin foil to bake things and make sure items are completely cleaned before using them. Its weird because my "glutened" symptoms seem to be bloating and gas but I can never seem to pinpoint things. I have been wondering lately if my symptoms are taking days to show up because nothing ever matches up. I felt like I was possibly getting a bit better a couple weeks ago(very slightly better) but the last week I have felt very lousy. I never have those "good" days its kind of just bad and more bad.(That being said it is nowhere as bad as it was before but I just feel like Im existing rather than living life) I am so confused what to do because I did start to feel better 3-4 weeks after starting on levothyroxine. This was 2 months into the gluten free diet and I also cut out dairy/soy at the same time I started the medication. Right when I thought everything was figured out I became VERY depressed again so I stopped taking the medication.(Sry I know i went over this in earlier post) After a month off the medication and not feeling well I went back on the medication. After 9 weeks on the medication I felt a bit worse.(felt better after 3-4 weeks the first time) So I decided it must have been the diet that made me feel well after all. Now everyday that goes by I am trying to figure out what to do and if I am going down the right path. Am I crazy for thinking that the diet made me feel well? If so why dont I feel well now(5 months later/ Did the thyroid medication mess me up that bad?) Or does it sound like I need the thyroid medication? If so why didnt the thyroid medication work the second time? Sorry for all the rambling and questions! I just feel like this is the only place that I can talk about this...most everybody else is tired of the situation(As am I!!!) and thinks I need to be on an anti-depressant. If I do that is fine but I want to cross out other options first as the AD didnt seem to work for me the first time around.
  12. Yes... I have been from doctor to doctor. I was diagnosed with hashimotos with positive APO antibodies but all of my thyroid levels are normal. I took thyroid meds in july/aug and started to feel better, then at the end of august things got very bad again so I stopped the medication. After a month of not getting too much better I decided to take the medication again. This time I took them longer and didn't feel any better..maybe a bit worse. So I stopped the medication again and decided it must have been the diet that was making me feel better the first time. So now it has been a month since stopping the medication and 4 months since feeling better and now I'm starting to wonder what to do:(
  13. Ive been gluten free for 8 months now and Dairy/Soy free for about 6 months. Cutting out gluten definately helped with a lot of my physical symptoms and also eliminated the harsh mental symptoms(Panic attacks, deep depression) but it seems like I havent really been improving past that. I still have brain fog/slight depression/fatigue and am starting to wonder if this is the answer. I wonder because I diagnosed myself. Like I said being off gluten has definately been benificial but I still feel mentally disabled(not working/want to move out on my own but afraid to). So my question is this: I know recovery can take a long time but has anyone experienced this? Has anyone experienced slow to nonexistant improvements with their mental state through recovery? I feel as if I hit a plataeu about 2 months in and havent mentally progressed from there. Im starting to wonder if there is something else causing this mental state and its getting so frustrating!!
  14. I've taken thyroid medication twice for about 2 months each time. My levels are all normal other than positive antibodies. The reason I started taking the medication was more so out of desperation rather than need (endo prescribed me but said it probably wouldn't help any of the symptoms). I have been gluten/dairy/soy free for quite a while now and I'm starting to wonder if the thyroid medication messed up my recovery. Does anybody have experience going on and off thyroid meds? How long did out take for your body to readjust after stopping? I stopped taking the medication a month ago and don't seem to be feeling much better:(
  15. Help

    Its been a month since stopping the thyroid medication and although I seem to be feeling a bit better its not by much. Does anybody have any idea how long it could take for my body to readjust? Would it be back to normal after a month or could it take longer?