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  1. The bean bread is not the bread I was reviewing in this article. The bean bread is a small 1lBS round bread that is unslices. The Smart Carb # 3 bread is 1.75 LBS Sliced large loaf bread that is low carb and high protein.
  2. I am so happy to have to started my blog on Celiac.com. Since I have started my gluten free diet one of the most important things is to find a bread that is not filled with starch and white rice. This was so important for me so that I did not gain weight when making the complete change to be gluten free. THe problem with so many breads today is they are packed with potato starch and tons of carbs. Over the next few months I will be researching low carb gluten free breads by many different bakery's and posting my results on my new gluten free bread blog. The reason I am focusing on bread is because bread is that it is the one thing I though I was going to miss most but as it turns out that is not the case. Written By: Heath Squier Check back soon for my bread reviews!