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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Soda

    Does anyone know if ven the diet cherry vanilla dr.pepper is ok? I had a reaction to it. Wondering if anyone else had?
  2. I tried some of the chocolate Peanut butter last night and my heart was racing all night! I feel aweful this morning too...wont eat that again!
  3. Thank you guys so much for replying. I am going gluten free today! I Live on an island in Alaska so gluten free will definaely be a challenge! Can anyone tell me what ice cream is gluten free? I Love Ice cream!also...does anyone know if starbucks mocas are...i have my doubts but its worth a shot...thank you !!!
  4. Did your heart race? Mine can get so bad i cant sleep. It beats so fast and can last til morning. Most of the time i wake up with my heart racing. Sometimes i wake up in a sweat with it racing.
  5. I havnt drank any alcohol in over a year. It causes my worst symptoms and just wasnt worth it! I was not diagnosed as having diabetes because my fasting and glucose tolerance test were normal. I even had the 5 hour GTT and it was fine...confusing to me.
  6. I started having problems about 2 years ago. After i drank alcohol i noticed my heart would race at night. I would also sweat and my temp would actually go up. I finally went in to my doc and i went through a heart monitor for a week which did show my heart racing at around 120-130 . They also did a glucose monitoring thing they put in my stomach for a week. It showed my blood sugar would rise at night sometimes in the 200's and stay up till the morning then it would sometimes crash to about 50. I have had hypoglcemic symptoms most of my life. All of the times my blood sugar was high at night i had had alcohol that evening or alot of carbs.I had glucose tollerance test which was fine. My doctor also did blood tests which shoowed i had a very low ferritin level and my gliadin was high( almost tripled i think). She told me i probably have celiacs. I didnt want to belive it because i didnt want to have to go gluten free. She has put me on metformin to see if it my blood sugar but it has not helped my heart racing. I wish i could find someone els with my symptoms because it would be so much easier for me to accept. When i eat an offending food it is not an instant reaction. Sometimes i can feel my heart pounding right away and sometimes its not tilll the middle of the night. Some of the worst foods for me are popcorn, subway sandwiches, pretzels, ice cream, . The wierd thing is if it is celiacs could a reaction be to raise my blood sugar? Also, i have had this type of reactions to foods without gluten...i am so confused. Recently i also had some bad ankle pain to where i couldnt walk and they did a bone scan and could see bone loss pretty bad! I had more blood work and had low vitamin D. I am also hypothyroid. Sorry so long! I hope someone can help me.
  7. My doctor is trying to convince me to do the endoscopy but i am so terrified. I had one done when i was 15 and i remember it!!I remember having to swallow the tube and everything. Can someone tell me it is different now and no sweat....i know i need to have it done but just thinking about it brings on panic....
  8. But did you only have heart racing when you ate certain foods?Other than that my heart rate is fine. Thank you for such a quick response, i see i came to the right place for answers!!
  9. Ok, i am new here and i hope i can find some answers. This is my story...In luly of 04 i was very sick and was given some antibiotics,after taking the antibiotics i noticed I was getting heart palpitaions very often. I then started noticing i was having these palpitations everytime i had a drink(which was normally a margarita) or whenever I ate sugar. I went to my doctor in dec of 04 and she ran alot of tests and i had an echo and ekg. The only abnormal results on my bloodwork was i was anemic(for the first time in my life!) and my gliadin antibody was high...25 with neg being<11,equivocal being 11-17 ans pos being >17. I do have all of the abdominal problems, i have been diagnosed with severe reflux since i was 14 and had a scope done and diagnosed with 6 ulcers in my esophagus. I am just wondering if anyone else out there gets heart racing from foods they eat? Could my heart be racing from gluten?Laying down also makes the palpitations worse and sometimes i sweat and am very thirsty.