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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ice cream is not good for anyone's digestive tract. It is cold, and is made with sugar and milk. I would not consider it food at all, especially for a celiac. I have no idea why there is a line through everything I type
  2. yes dates give me a migraine, and I spend the next day trying to squeeze battery acid out of my ass
  3. Just wondering what the experts say. I am currently away from my personal kitchen, two weeks now, my guts have been upset, and lots of headache. I have been pretty careful and it just now occurred to me that I have been smoking an occasional djarum clove cigar (my friend that I am staying with smokes them) they taste like candy. Not looking for a smoking lecture. Anyone with similar exp. or actual knowledge ...I will of course stop smoking them, as they are definitely an unknown
  4. googling around, I find (claims) that some figs are dusted with (oat, or wheat) flour to keep them from sticking together, perhaps labeling laws in greece are not so strict. It seems like i can can eat anything i want as long as its not something i want
  5. Ok guess im not alone, I ate some organic figs yesterday and felt like I had been stabbed in the gut and punched in the heart. The package lists one ingredient only...figs. It was one of those discs of figs from greece with the nice old lady on it. I thought maybe it was the high sugar or the seeds causing havoc. It was the most painfull reaction to food I have had, ever.
  6. maybe the chocolate is contaminated. You are talking about eating small buckets of refined sugar too, and depending on how fried you are this may be taxing an already taxed adrenal system? Ice cream does sound good though, i'm goin to get some
  7. My two questions are: Could untreated celiacs lead to a ruptured appendix? and: Are there any other measures (in addition to abstaining from wheat) I can take to speed my recovery? I am currently five days off gluten, though I did have some corn products that seem to have fouled things up a little. I am taking: L-glutamine.....seems to be helping probiotics......definately helps pancreatin...... seems to help I will look into colostrum! thank you all for the response!
  8. I have known for two years or so that wheat is messing me up, but I would start eating it again after I started feeling better and kind of forgot about it. Plus I like to believe that the body can somehow heal itself of anything. Or that maybe God is looking out for me. Three weeks ago my appendix ruptured, but I was so used to having pain in my abdomen, that I waited 3 days before letting someone drag me to the hospital. iv antibiotics/opiates for a week/ antibiotic pills and vicodens for another so here I am kind of feeling like I am about to die, and not to sure that I don't want to. similar to many here, my life has been a study in pain I know the appendix is attached to the small intestines, which are where the celiac gnomes hang out and trash stuff. Any thoughts on a relationship there? The lady at the healthy store recommended l glutamine to help restore the lining i take some probiotics that I know help, and pancreatin any other suggestions other than the obvious strategy of avoiding the glutoids I have not been clinically diagnosed, there seems to be little point in that I have researched all this celiac business, so I know the basics of it pretty well. I do not want to die from eating toast< that would be so lame
  9. I have the Hunger

  10. thanks for the suggestions! I wish it was as easy as that, I would happily accept
  11. Than you for all the explanations, I feel like my body is responding pretty quickly to the absence of gluten and processed foods so I don't think I will need to go to the extreme of the stage one gaps diet (although I might try it the next time I am breaking a fast). It has only been a week and I am feelng improvements in many areas. In the next few weeks I will be heading up to the SF bay area where people are a lot more conscience about... (everything) and I will be able to find healthier supplies. In the mean time, is there a better cooking oil that you can think of that might be commercially available?
  12. I will! I think the products you listed are somewhat fermented? Perhaps that makes a difference.