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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well that's another thing, I haven't officially been diagnosed. I just knew that I had a bunch of the symptoms and decided to try the diet. Also I guess when you heal little by little you really don't notice it.
  2. Just a little update on myself. I have been gluten free for about a month now. It seems like my issues are a little better but not a lot. Still pretty constipated and the bloating/pain is still there a little while after meals. My wife and I started walking a lot and that really seems to help with the gas (lol). Tonight for instance I ate one baked pork chop and some cabbage with vinegar and about an hour later here comes the bloating and stomach pain. I have really cut down on what I eat and I went from 206 to 182 which is good because I needed to lose some weight. Also my blood sugars are a lot better but like I said I walk a lot and don't eat as much so that's a given. Any advice on what I should do next or is a month just not enough time to see a difference?
  3. I am a type 2 diabetic and I also take 500mg of metformin twice daily, that alone will make you feel tired. It makes me feel tired anyway. When I read that you took steroids and it made you feel worse my jaw hit the floor. I had an ear infection back in June and after several attempts to cure it with antibiotics they finally wrote me a prescription to take steroids for 5 days. Those were probably the worse 5 days of my life. I got extremely constipated (always had issues with constipation before that but never this bad)and had zero energy. My blood sugar shot up to 361 once but I was able to keep it under 200 for the most part while on the steroids since I was barely eating. Since then I have found this site and have been gluten free for about 3 weeks now. At first I felt great but have been tired again lately. I worked really hard on Saturday outdoors and think I may have over done it. My leg muscles have been sore ever since. I just think my body is weak from years of not knowing what was wrong and its going to take time to heal. I decided today to cut out soy and lactose as well. Honestly my trust in Doctors is pretty low right now as I'm sure yours are too. It seems they have the perfect cure for you 20 seconds after you enter their room. They are so quick to write you a prescription and ignore you when you try to tell them what you're dealing with. I'm sure there are some great ones out there, I just haven't met him/her yet. I can't believe they misdiagnosed you as a diabetic, well yes I can too.
  4. Same thing here, off and on pain in my left ear. Seems my pain is also in my cheek as well. I was actually treated for an ear infection a few months ago so maybe its completely unrelated, I'm not sure. Had a checkup with an ENT about a month ago and he said that the infection is completely gone and I should not be having anymore symptoms. I told him about the ear pain, pain in my cheek and the light nagging headaches and he was clueless.
  5. Don't feel bad, my Doctor is clueless as well. I mentioned celiac or gluten intolerance to him on Monday and told him I had been on the diet for a week or so. He looked at me and said I didn't fit the description of someone with either disease because they all have diaharrea, not constipation. He then told me we could test for it in two months when I come back for labs. I think I'll take the two months to find a new doctor instead.
  6. Mayo Clinic -- Symptoms

    I feel your pain man, I have the exact same problem. When I eat its like my food gets to a certain point and just stops. Two or three days go by and I'm so miserable that I have to take laxitives or something to clean me out. I was also diagnosed with gastroparesis a few months ago and was told to take reglan, I flat out refused and never got the prescription filled. I have enough issues without medications causing me even more problems. Are you avoiding soy and milk as well? I've been gluten free for about a week or so and really haven't noticed any difference. The pain and constipation are still there. Hopefully relief will come soon. How are you cooking your fish, baking it?
  7. So I went to see my regular doctor today for a checkup and decided to mention celiac to him. He knew exactly what it was but told me that caliacs don't have constipation issues, only diaharrea. I go on to tell him about this site that I ran across while searching for my symptoms online and he's like, well we can do the test the next time we need bloodwork from you. Before this I had just mentioned that I have been gluten free for about a week or so and that didn't seem to matter. To me that clearly tells me that maybe he doesn't know as much about this as he thinks he does.My plan is to stay on the diet and hope for the best. So my next question is, how many on here had severe constipation problems? Also did your gut hurt as soon as you ate, a few hours later once it reached your intestines or what? Any other symptoms? Thanks for all the help in advance!
  8. Right now, everything that I eat still bothers me. I'm sure it will take my intestines a while to heal since I've been sick for so long. I read somewhere else on here about the fries at McDonalds containing gluten so that's why I mentioned it. I guess for now I still need to eat whole foods and not eat out at all until I get better. As for the trail mix I meant to say the nuts were bad and the m&m's contain milk so its probably a good idea to stay away from those at first too. Should I run out and buy a new toaster and pots/pans just for me? I was wondering if I could line them with aluminum foil for now while baking or making toast? At least until I find out if this diet is helping me at all. Also what are you guys taking at first to help with the pain and inflammation? I'm taking zantac twice a day. Pepto helps too but causes constipation and I don't need any help with that lol.
  9. I honestly feel that God led me here and I really mean that. I am a 33 y/o male and I've had issues with my stomach as far back as I can remember. They have gotten quite a bit worse over the past two years. I have a dull aching pain in my lower right abdomen, pretty much all the time. Its not as sharp when I am standing for some reason. Also I have always had problems going to the bathroom if you know what I mean. Seems I have to take stool softeners or laxitives. The Doctor told me to eat more fiber, put me on colace, told me to drink more water and eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. I did all of that and had zero improvement. Also I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic about ten years ago. So if it turns out that I have this disease as well it will really cut down on what I am able to eat on a daily basis. Lately I am always tired, I can sleep for 8+ hours and get up and it seems I'm yawning again two hours later. I've also been having some headaches and pain in my left jaw. Up until lately I never got headaches. I've noticed some joint pain in my left knee as well and lower back pain. Some sinus issues too and again I've never had any problems with my sinuses. I have been mentioning my constipation issues to doctor's in the past and they all pretty much ignore me. Also they say the lower pain in my side is probably coming from the constipation. Its frustrating to say the least. A few months ago I was hospitalized for being dehydrated. Just before that I was treated with sterroids and antibiotics for an ear infection. It has since cleared up but I still have a fullness in my ear, kinda hard to explain. They did a CT scan of my stomach and all tests came back fine, they did a ton of blood work as well and didn't find anything. An upper endoscopy showed that I had gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying), my blood sugars have been perfect for two months now and I am eating smaller meals but the stomach pain is still there which leads me to believe that I also have celiacs. After reading a ton of threads on here its like a little light bulb came on in my head. To know that its not my imagination, there may actually be a reason why I feel like I'm 80 instead of 33. Why I am plagued with all of these other health issues. I have been gluten free for about a week or so I thought. I'm still learning and seeing that some of the things that I have eaten over the past few days probably still contained gluten, McDonalds fries and trail mix from the grocery store to name a few. Tomorrow I will start eating nothing but meats, fresh fruits and veggies and see how it goes. I'll lay off the milk, soy and nuts as well. Just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for putting this awesome site together. I'm not looking forward to cutting out the gluten but if it means I will feel better it will be worth it for sure. Sadly I don't have any type of health insurance at the moment because I am not working so having a lot of test done is out of the question. I'm hoping my issues will go away in time with the new diet.