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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am not in college yet but I plan on having all of my kitchen stuff (even my toaster) labeled and put into a rubbermaid tub with my name on it. I also plan on doing the same for all of my food. ( the fridge will have a container with just my stuff and my name will be on everything) I think by sitting them down and having a "meeting" to explain that you can get sick by sharing butter, peanut butter, toaster, etc then they will realize you mean business. I would even explain/share a time when you did get sick from cross-contamination.
  2. I am a senior in high school and have been looking at colleges. I think I have decided on Indiana Wesleyan University. They were (like all the schools i visited) very helpful and accomodating with celiac disease. IWU said I could even live in an on campus lodge which has a full kitchen and they will adjust my meal plan. I plan on making meals like twice a week and then making enough for three days (pasta, pizza, baked chicken, soup, spaghetti, etc). I think I will end up eating a lot of baked potatoes b/c they are cheap, fast, and yummy; I will also make a lot out of corn tortillas and corn chips. Oh yeah and it might be a good idea to invest in a George Foreman grill (those things are awesome!) Last year I went to a celiac disease conferance in Columbus,OH and they said MSG, modified corn starch and modified food starch (it will say wheat now in parenthesis if it is not corn) are all okay. But I could be wrong. Hope that helps
  3. Lactaid Anyone?

    Wow! I didnt realize how many people can't tolerate lactose. When I was two and was diagnosed with celiac disease I couldn't have lactose, but that was just because my cilia on my intestine had flattened and the tips broke off (which controls your lactose tolerance). Once my cilia grew back I was fine. I don't know how long all off you have been off gluten, but it's something to consider.
  4. INDIANA ( i thought if i did it in caps it might sound like more fun....... i dont think it worked)
  5. Hello i am in High school and since we are under the disabiliy act schools are supposed to provide us with food but my parents and i dont really trust them so instead they let me use the microwave and i eat leftovers like almost everyday another good thing is corn tortillas and i nuke them for like 30 sec and then i put colby cheese and ham in them its really good and i eat cheetos and fruit snacks and candy and chips and homemade cookies (we use the tollhouse recipe but use our vanilla and flour, substituting is great!) but thats what i eat and i am happy
  6. Hello i am almost 17 and was diagnosed when i was 2 by my mother so that is about 15 years