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  1. I've never used better batter before but I've read alot of blog posts about it on a blog called "gluten free on a shoestring". The writer seems to swear by better batter if my memory serves me correctly. She even has a note about it at the end of most of her recipes. I've been using alot of gluten-free Bisquick myself lately. It makes really good banana bread and pancakes. I've even tried the pizza crust recipe and found it to be pretty good but not as chewy as I remember pizza to be.
  2. I think the brown rice would work nicely. Just last weekend I used brown rice in a cold salad that I brought to a barbeque. I roasted a few chicken breasts, then diced the meat, and added it to the cooked rice with some shredded carrots and finely diced fennel. I dressed it with a citrus vinaigrette. I made the dish a day ahead and was very worried about how it might go over since most of the guests were not on a gluten-free diet. Everybody loved it. I think the flavor profiles that you mentioned (tomatoes, cucumbers, & basil) would taste even better than what I put together. Go for it, the brown rice will hold up perfectly even if made a day in advance.