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  1. What's Your Favorite Gluten Free Restaurant?

    I generally only eat at 100% gluten-free places. Thus to my delight I have a few options where I live. I also came across two on my recent vacation. Minnesota (St Paul) As Fenrir mentioned there is an awesome gluten-free brewery taproom. On Fridays Burning Brothers has gluten free foods (foodtrucks /carts) at the taproom. You know its gluten free if it is allowed in the facility. They worked with the vendors to get them in. Minnesota (Minneapolis) A 100% gluten free restaurant just opened a few months ago in Minneapolis. The Sassy Spoon has amazing and healthy choices. The owner had a food truck and changed over to a restaurant. She came from a nutritionist background and makes amazing delicious meals. Just typing this makes me want to go there for dinner. Mmmm. I think I will and for brunch tomorrow too. Even if I could eat gluten and had more choices, I would be eating at the Sassy Spoon as a first choice. Minnesota (Lino Lakes) There also is Paleo's, I have yet to go, but when I checked with them last fall, it was a 100% gluten free restaurant. If anyone goes let me know what you think. Hawaii / Maui (Lahaina) The Maui Sugar Shop organic/Gluten free Bakery - Love this place and still dreaming about the chocolate dipped macaroons. This place is hidden, but worth the effort to find. The owners are great people too. Hawaii / Maui (Kihei) Maui has the Maui Brick oven (100% gluten free) - Don't let the strip mall location fool you, they do it right.
  2. St Clair, YES! I had a very similar experience. A very unnerving and surreal experience! If someone described the symptoms I would believe they were having a stroke. I had also experienced vertigo and was seeing doctors for it just prior to being DX'd with Celiac. Prior to going gluten free I used to have migraines at least about a third of the days during the month. Since going gluten free I can count on one hand how many migraines I have had (It is coming up on four years). Just remember to enjoy life and don't let living gluten free make your world small. I'm still working at it. It gets easier as time goes by. So much easier! ~Cheers
  3. Minnesota has a 100% gluten free dedicated brewery called Burning Brothers Brewing. They currently have one commercial canned beer/ale (Pyro) that is available in MN (and maybe in WI and IA). If you are lucky enough to be in the Twin Cities you can visit the taproom which has a larger selection. Top three if I stop at my local store Burning Brothers (Pyro) ( I drink the coffee and stout in the taproom) Glutenberg American pale (Red can) or IPA (Green can *** may be too hoppy for those that drank miller/bud) New Planet Pale Ale (I'm surprised they panned New Planets Pale ale). Easier to find (bar) and drink in volume (if that's your thing) Redbridge Bards I won't touch gluten reduced beers (Omission, etc...)
  4. Maui Hawaii Experience

    Hello all, This past February I rented a condo on Maui (not for from Lahaina). I had a great experience and was able to find two 100% gluten free places to eat on the island (one a restaurant and the other a bakery). I usually mitigate all risk by not eating out, but felt comfortable enough with these two places to give them try. I also had no problem finding gluten-free foods at the supermarkets. The Maui Sugar shop Organic/gluten free Bakery was an awesome find and the owners are some awesome folks. It is in Lahainia and hard to find (I stumbled upon it because I took a wrong turn trying to find a parking spot). Most shops will actually be on Front street, but this little gem is tucked in a parking lot (if you find Panama Jacks on Front street...walk to the parking lot in back and it will be a few storefronts down in the same building as Panama Jacks back door. The treats are fantastic and so are the owners (I met each of them on separate visits and both are awesome folks). I only visited twice as I found them at the end of my vacation. I would have stopped there every day if I found them earlier. They are doing it right and earned my business (you just want folks like that to succeed). I also went to the Maui Brick Oven in Kihei. They are open for dinner. Don't let the strip mall location turn you away. Stop in and give them a try. You may find yourself grabbing a pizza to go too. There are plenty of gluten free groceries to be had in stores. There is a wholefoods in Kahului and the Safeway in Lahaina that had enough gluten free items to be fine (there was another grocery store closer to my condo that also had gluten-free food but not a as much(can't remember the name right now). Food can be expensive, but if you shop at safeway sign up for there rewards card (I think that is what they called it) and you'll get some good discounts. They also stock red-bridge if you want a gluten-free beer. If you have any questions let me know!
  5. After Celiac Diagnoses - Were You Angry?

    First let me acknowledge your frustrations and feelings….it is very understandable!!! But I can promise you it gets better. Time (to heal) and knowledge (knowing the ins and outs of living with Celiac) are two parts to the puzzle, but the biggest is acceptance. By accepting that you have Celiac, one will not be putting energy and effort into the whys!, It’s not fair! …etc. That energy is better utilized in finding things one enjoys. Celiac does not define you, but rather is only a small part what makes you….well…you. One of my favorite quotes went something like “Celiac does not define who I am, but only what I eat”. (I wish I remember who said it, because they deserve to be recognized as being awesome). I was always the guy with the glass half full attitude. However, I actual was excited to finally have some answers. I bought in it ASAP and believe that this has been the biggest difference in how I handled it. Attitude makes a huge difference. You can’t change it, so why put the effort into trying. I have my ups and downs like most people, but now it mostly ups! This is awesome group to work through every aspect of being a person with Celiac Sprue. I strongly encourage you to utilize their knowledge and support. Good Luck! Cheers!
  6. Great Experience On Celebrity Cruises..

    It wasnt a bad experience, just wishing that since i can always pre-order my breakfest and dinner in the main dinning room they would also do it for lunch (these are made in a designated area of the galley to mitigate cc risk) On some ships only the buffet is open for lunch and since I'm not comfortable with eating at the buffet I just skip lunch and eat a protien bar. I'll be on the Celebrity Reflection this coming winter and expect to have an awesome time. This will be cruise #5 since dx and the cruise lines are getting better and better regarding accomidating a celiac diet/safety each time. Cheers!
  7. Dunkin Donuts In The Office Today :(

    This is a great community and they will support you when you feel weak or down, provide you with great information and it is also comforting know you are not alone in your gluten-free journey. It is very natural for one to want something they no longer can have (especially a a tasy donut). Every Monday my team has donuts. I enjoy a coffee or water and a gluten-free protien bar or yogurt. I find it easy for me as I have bought into staying healthy after years of being sick. It is more of attitude or belief change. It's not what I can't have, but focusing on what I can have. Although you can eat a gluten-free donut, you may just find that making healther choices of snacks aides in your recovery (think banana, apples, yogurt...etc). Cheers!
  8. Great Experience On Celebrity Cruises..

    Hello Laura, I'm glad you had a positive experience. May I ask what ship you were you on? The staff and knowledge make all the difference in how comfortable one is on a cruise. My wife loves cruises (and now so do I). I feel I can travel again knowing I'll have safe (and even hot) food. My first cruise I brought a full suitcase of food, now it is mostly just snacks. I've had mostly positive experiences on all the cruise lines I've been on (Celebrity, RC, Princess and NCL). I believe Celebrity was one of the first cruises after my DX. I had a headwaiter/ Asst Maitre'd (I think his name was Marcel) he was pretty amazing. I was even able to take a galley tour to see where my (and others with special diets) were made (made me feel more comfortible). I just wish all meals were available including lunch. I still can't get past the Buffet hang-up, but good on you ( I hope I get there one of these days)!!! I'm taking another cruise most likely on Celebrity this coming winter. Thanks again for sharing! ~Erik
  9. No need to worry if you are prepared, it takes some planning and knowledge (comes with time and experience) as it will not be as easy as before going gluten free. It also depends on your comfort level of eating out. When I travel I carry safe gluten free food with me on my carry on (Laura bars, almonds...etc and twice as much as I'll need just in case there is a delay). I will book hotels that I will have access to a microwave and fridge (either a room with a kitchenette or a hotel that will deliver a small fridge and microwave to the room). I look for a wholefoods (usually book a hotel near one) and swing by a get food for my stay. Note: you can find gluten-free food at almost all stores now (not a huge variety,but it is getting better)...I just prefer wholefoods. Another very helpful thing to do is contact the local GIG/Celiac support group prior to going, so you are armed with information from people that know the gluten free diet and the local area. Most if not all are more than willing to help a fellow Celiac/GInC. Awesome folks. Contact me if you ever travel to the Twin Cities and I'll give you a list places to eat and where to get gluten-free food. Cheers and goodluck!
  10. I was so hoping to grow once going gluten free, growing yes.......just wider, no height. At 43 i can still dream though!
  11. Anyone Sail Carnival Recently?

    Hello Christine0125, I have not traveled with Carnival, so I'll be interested to know your experience upon your return. Since being diagnosed last year I have been on two cruises (Princes and Royal Caribbean lines). Both were similar in that you you notify them of your dietary needs prior to the cruise and on the first day (maitre d' upon boarding and again with the headwaiter on the first nights seating). I always avoided the buffets because of potential cross-contamination issues. Royal Caribbean actual listed the gluten free options (but do note that folks use tongs from other dishes that contain gluten). So get there first or ask them to get you some from the kitchen or skip it and eat your own food. For dinners you will preview the next days menu and select what you would like to eat (the will prepare it to your dietary needs). I still do not understand why they don't do that for all meals, as it seems to be the safest way to prepare food(I hear that Norwegian might do lunch too). The cruise lines and staff in general are really accommodating, I'm still getting over my upbringing in Minnesota where you do not ask people to go out of their way for you (I know...I'm my own best advocate...still working on it). I'm still healing and am risk adverse when it comes to food, so I happen to travel with a lot of safe food. Have fun and enjoy the cruise!!! Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and I look forward to hearing about your Carnival cruise.
  12. Almost One Year Gluten-Free!

    Congrats pianoland on the upcoming one year anniversary! I'm a month away myself. Your positive attitude shows in your post and will help others see that a diagnosis of celiac is not a negative thing, but a life change for the better. Keep sharing your knowledge and positive attitude!!!!
  13. Endoscopy

    KMMO320, Sometimes the unknown is scary, we tend to image the worst. This is easy to for me to say, but have no worries! If they put you under for the procedure, you will not even be aware that it took place. The pre-endoscopy setup for it takes longer (explanation of what will take place and prep). Once in the room and on the table they gave me the anesthesia ( I started a countdown, I think I made it to 97). Next thing I know I'm waking up in the recovery room. Just make sure to have someone in the recovery room with you that can talk to the doctor after wards if you have questions (I'm still a little fuzzy on the conversation that took place). After the appointment I went home and slept the rest of the day away. Best wishes!!!!
  14. I strongly encourage you to use your writing skills to help work through this new diagnosis. It will help you process as well as help others that follow(and even those that came before). Stay active in this community(great folks with a ton of knowledge) and create a blog if you have not done so already. Good luck! FYI.... I have found New Planet's Off Grid pale ale fills the craft beer void. It's nicely hopped and NW donates a portion of their sales, so I'm saving the world with each beer I open too. That's a win-win!
  15. If you like a hop heavy beer, off the grid is awesome! I always buy one 4pack of off the grid with each 6 pack of new grist /red bridge(quality has it's price, but the beer budget is tight). I enjoyed bitter ( with a pine note) ales prior to my DX, so when I finally found New planets OTG I cleared the shelves at the store. I think I'll go have one now. Cheers.