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  1. I would just like to add an update to this post from 2011. It's almost a year since my first post here. I want everyone to know that I went from hives covering my entire body (even in my ears!) and incredibly swollen face (and fingers) to completely normal again. Now, I do take an off brand of Zrytec (Sam's has the cheapest!) each day just to be on safe side. But I have had only a very few (like 3) episodes of hives since. These epidsodes only consisted of my lip being slightly swollen upon waking in the morning and by mid-late morning it was gone. I haven't taken the symbion probiotic in months (I ran out and also out of money to buy it) and I'm also not drinking the ACV (please see my previous post for more info) anymore. I want to get started again on both just to prevent any future relapses, but I'm hive free as of now and I hope it continues! Please don't hesitate to email or message me with any questions you may have on how I went into remission and have stayed that way. I am NOT trying to sell anything or back any one brand of products, so please don't misconstrue my message. I am a married woman with a toddler in graduate school for medical science. And I am so so so so excited that I am living my life with no threats of hives!!!! Good luck to all!
  2. I suffer from chronic hives and angioedema. It is life consuming! I actually thought I had beat it and it came back after 2 years. I was devasted! I have started a supplement regime that is working for me and i would be happy to share if anyone is interested. I can't believe it's working but it is! Keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps working and I stay hive free!
  3. There is most certainly a connection between Hashimoto's and gluten! Your thyroid produces hormones that control metabolism...once your thyroid is under active (or rather under attack), it doesn't produce the necessary hormones and you may develop a gluten intolerance (not necessarily celiac disease though!). Going on a gluten free diet is great for this. I have this same condition. My allergist tried to diagnose me with Hashimoto's but all my labs kept coming back within the normal ranges. But it's super obvious that SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! Normal, healthy people don't have hives and angioedema! I took matters into my own hands. I try to be on a strict gluten free, sugar free (I say I try, Im only human, I fall off the wagon here and there) diet. I also take super probiotics, Symbion, to be exact. This is to help restore my intestinal flora. And most importantly, I drink 2 tbls of raw, organic, unfiltered, gluten free apple cidar vinegar in 8 oz of water at least twice a day, sometimes 3 if i have a flare up. I cannot tell you how much better my hives are since I have been doing this!!!! The probiotics are kinda expensive, but the ACV is super cheap. It's worth a shot! No one should have to suffer with hives for any length of time. It's awful and it consumes my life. Message me if you have a questions, i would love to help others.
  4. Hives And Angioedema

    I also have these troubles. the first time I ever had hives, it was awful. My doctor never diagnosed me with celiac disease but with the Idiopathic chronic hives and angioedema. I went into remission for about 2 years during which time I got married and became pregnant. And when at 5 months old, I stopped nursing, the swelling and hives have come back. I have stopped eating gluten and also have gone on the candida diet. I take 2 tbls of organic, gluten free, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (not the kind you buy in regular grocery store!!!) in 8 oz of water. This brings my body pH back into balance. I also started taking super probiotics to help restore my intestinal flora. I cannot believe how well this regime is working! I still have a few hives here and there and a few facial swellings (this morning, in fact) but it goes away quickly upon waking, and the hives don't itch. Try this it works!!!!
  5. im confused, are you saying that weed contains gluten? or are you just saying that once you get your life back on track, then stop smoking and you'll feel better?
  6. Hi all, Im a brand new member to this forum, but I have been reading posts on and off for about 3 years now. I want to tell my story in hopes that I can help others in a similar situation. In January 2007, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, I was sitting outside enjoying the day, when I started itching under my arm. Upon further inspection, there was a quarter sized raised mark just below arm pit. The next day, it had spread to my torso and on my thighs. Weeks into this (and many doctor visits!), I was only getting worse. The hives were covering every inch of my body, even the soles and palms of my feet/hands. And then, the angioedema started in my face. Daily. It was spiraling out of control. So, my allergist put me on every allergy medication under the sun or so it seemed. Prednisone being the only med that seemed to put a dent in it. Most of the time, anyway. Ok, so after a year passed, things started to level out. There would only be a few hives in the morning and they would disappear soon upon waking and a few facial swellings a month. And then another year went by, and I had gotten married and I got pregnant. I was so worried that I would be miserable pregnant and it would flare up. It didn't. In fact, I thought it was gone forever! Hurray!!! And then I had my sweet, gorgeous, healthy baby girl. I breastfed for 5 months. Two months after I stopped breastfeding, my face started swelling again. And then, one day the hives started coming back. I was devastated! If you are reading this because you have this ailment too, then you know how hard it is. The itching consumes my entire life. I can't enjoy anything to the fullest. I describe it to others as having the 24 hour sensation of having slept in a huge fire ant bed. That usually horrifies them. It horrifies me. I thought I had this monster beat. But all is not lost! Since "the monster", I like to call it, appeared several years ago, I have done so much research into why this happens that I decided to go back to school to persue another degree in Clinical Lab Science. These are the people that work in your hospital/clinic labs that run every test your doctor needs in order to diagnose you. (I promise Im going somewhere with this story!)Now I can understand the terminology that doctors use and Im WAY more proactive with my healthcare. I know my body better too. How come I went into remission? If I had Celiac, wouldn't I always have celiac disease? I kept coming up with Celiac, but I was never tested. I called and spoke to the nurse under my allergist, and she said she didn't know why I thought it was Celiac...she said that they were trying to figure out whether or not I had an autoimmune disease by the name of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. (Oh, since I am at this time still in college, I have no medical insurance) So, I made an appointment with my GP. Once again, just as it was before, my blood work came back "within the normal range." So, still no answers. I stayed on the internet for weeks, reading website after website about chronic hives and it's associations. With all the information I compiled, I came up with a few answers. At least, I hope they are answers. I think I have my ailment narrowed down to about 3 triggers. I stopped eating all breads, pastas, etc and also try very hard not to eat a lot of sugars (this includes sugar substitutes). I had found what is called "The Candida Diet". Please look this up and give it a try if you are suffering! It's very hard, and Im not perfect, I fall prey to a piece of cake or chocolate every once in a while. Then, I found some very strong probiotics. I mean the bottle says they are super probiotics. I had to order them online. I wont' mention brand names in this post, but if you are desperate as I was, message me and i will gladly give you the name. AND THEN, I started drinking organic, gluten free, unfiltered apple cider vinegar 3 times a day (2 tbls in 8 oz water). It is nasty tasting but holy moly, Im almost completely hive free. I still have a few upon waking but they disappear quickly and they don't itch. I just want those of you to know what has worked for me, because I want to help! Please message me if you want more in depth instructions. This could work for you and none of it came from a pharmacy. It's cheap too! I am not on any prednisone and this diet is causing my to lose weight so I am looking like my old self again. I know this is a very long post. I have a lot more info I can share on why this works. and I would love to explain. Thanks for reading, B