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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh, and i'd love to surprise him with some wonderful gluten free food from his home, but I do not speak the language. He has a brother that speaks English, but will only do so IF he is in an English speaking country. Yeah I know, he's an ass. I don't think he will be of much help but I may try. I had to call him once for an emergency. He would listen to me in English but would only reply in his tounge. The whole coversation was absurd. I swore i'd never speak to him again.
  2. I don't know if all the doom and gloom stuff will work with him. He's the kind that would much rather live a shorter happier life, then a miserable long life. Honestly, I can't really say as if I would blame him or not. His doc told him the risk of Lymphoma was very very small even if he continued to eat gluten. And most of the stuff i'm finding online concurs. Keeping him "happy' and gluten free is my goal. He does not scare easily. I found a few articles that say the jury is out on whether or not "silent" celiacs even have to adhere to a strict gluten free diet. if he reads that I can forget about it lol. I'm gonna start slow and work my may up. I have an order of Gluten free beer on the way that supposed to better the the Redbridge he already tried and hated. baby steps I guess..
  3. So Gluten free pastas and bread in Italy are actually better then what we have in the states huh?? That is encouraging news. Can it be ordered online? His entire family lives in Syracuse and would be happy to ship us some goods. Oh my, this could be very encouraging news. Thank you all so much.
  4. Oh, and no problems w/ health insurance. We have plenty of that.
  5. He is the lone Celiac in the family. We have no kids, but his parents and his many brothers and sisters along with dozens of aunts, uncles, and cousins and so forth all live in Italy where testing is basically mandatory. All are negative except for him. He did suffer from severe Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis at one point in his life, but both went into spontaneous remission many, many years ago. I will try to convince him, I will. It would be so much more helpful if these Gluten free foods tasted better. But ick, they were really really bad. Especially the bread. I ordered a case of some gluten free beer and i'm hoping it will taste better then the redbridge we tried the other night. Or local pizzaria once had a gluten free pizza that was supposidly fairly good but wouldn't you know they discontinued it due to lack of sales about one week before his diagnosis lol. Cruel fate indeed.
  6. Well, it's just not going to happen i'm afraid. I guess we will just have to wait out the risk and pray for the best. My husband is an avid beer lover. He works in the industry and even has a very expensive home brewery that took years for him to perfect. Plus he is pure italian and pasta is a must and a staple in his family. We loaded up on some Gluten free beers, pastas and breads in hope's they would be tolerable. But they were quite bad to be perfectly honest. I wanted so bad to persuad him they we eatable, I couldn't pull off the lie. They were awful to be blunt. The Beer was flat and watery and without flavor. Funny thing is, he would have never had any clue he had celiacs if he hadn't went for an unrelated problem. It's a life ruiner. very sad.
  7. Hello everyone. My husband was recently dx w/ Celiacs and to be honest, a gluten free diet is probably not realistic. His dx came as an accident and he really had no dibilitating symptoms at all. He was being checked because he had bloody diarrhea. Well the cause of that ended up being something else, but during the testing phase he did test positive for Celiacs. So my question is, if he continues to eat Gluten should he expect to see symptoms someday soon? Do some people w/ celiacs continue to eat Gluten and never expierence symptoms? Thanks for any advice.