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  1. Hello: Has anyone had H pylori, a stomach bacterial infection? I have been tired a lot the last couple of years and it was getting worse, along with more and more intestinal problems. I got diarrhea from eating too many dairy products. Lactose supplements helped. When I started going to bed all day from an all over not well, fatigued illness, I finally quit eating wheat and that helped. After a month I started experiencing debilitating bouts of nausea, which sent me back to a different doctor. He is having me tested for H pylori bacteria, but have not gotten the results back yet. Research on the net is helping. I stopped taking antiacids and started taking pink bismuth and powdered acidophilus to control stomach upset and nausea. This is helping. I'd really like to hear from others out there that have had this infection. It seems like it is related to food intolerances. Thank-you! booga