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  1. Dude, from a guys perspective i feel your pain. What i just read right there was story of my life lol ive gone through exactly what you did. The girls, the having to bring it up, basically it taking over your life. I remember this one time i was at school and this girl had these brownies and she was literally putting it close to my mouth and im like uh, no thanks. I didnt want to tell her cause she'd think im crazy and i didnt want to go through the whole process of explaining. Anyway, i turned it down and she kept saying "why? just eat it" and i would just put her hand down. A few weeks later it happened again. Coincidentally she had a bag of chips that had gluten in them and she offered. I said no im fine, and she was like "oh my god, you never eat!" and i had nothing to say but to smile it off. On the inside, i felt like crap. Sucks we cant enjoy something so small sometimes. When you meet a girl that has celiac, keep in touch. I already have a girlfriend but if i ever meet someone who has the disease i would probably be all over her lol id love to be friends with you if you want? remember you have a whole family here, im not on much but seeing this post makes me want to actually be much more involved (:
  2. Well first of all, i found this board probably around the time i was diagnosed. I lurked around for a few months, up until i did something i completely regret. And now about two years later im back on here. I took a huge turn on my life, and ive been gluten free for about id say a month and a half? It was hard for me. Even harder than it was when i was eating gluten. I was diagnosed with the disease when i was 14, it was a very low point in my life. I dont really want to get into how it all started, but i was depressed. very. I had just graduated from middle school going onto high school that summer. It mad was mid 2009. Ive had a break up, few family things going on, and one of my favorite idols pass away. By august, i had dropped to about 80-90 pounds. I felt weak most of the time, dizzy mostly. I remember i didnt really have my realization that something was wrong with me when i took off my shirt so i could shower to leave to the hospital that day. I could see my rib cage, i could see the top of my spine, and my stomach felt pressed in. I just remember tearing up. Fast forward a few months i had started to eat normally. instead of small snacks, i grew onto larger foods. But all of this turned the wrong way, i completely ignored the disease for a good two years. There was times when i told my self i was going to stop. I had stayed away from a certain foods. I tried not to over do it but i still ate things like pizza, burgers, (ect.) cause i couldn't help it. I saw it everywhere and something told me to eat it. I did feel bad, there was times when the thought "You're killing your self." came onto me. "You're putting your life at risk." echoed. Something odd about my self is that i did not have sever allergic reactions like most of the people on here. The only reactions i had was rashes on my abdominal area and my arms. Every here and then i could feel that i was being glutened. I could feel the food not wanting to go down, its a feeling i cant explain but it felt like it WAS there in a uncomfortable way. I guess this is what kind of made me keep going. This went on until eventually it came back and striked at me. I had started to get acne on my chest, im curious to know if this happened to anyone else. I do know that there is different reactions. But it started slowly and it was something i didnt think was going to take over me. It spread over time on my chest. It killed me to even look at my self and know that i cant be seen with these. I felt like there was now more being taken away from me. From there on more realization came onto me on why i should stop. It IS difficult. But i tell my self that this is what makes me learn life. No one is going to live life without struggles. I've had my times when the disease gets the best of me. I've had my times when i grab something only to read the words WHEAT on the labels and feel my eyes water up. But i feel this is only the beginning. And i have all of you guys of this community to be with. I think you guys are amazing, i see some people have been gluten free for nearly a century and im just like, wow. I look up to them. I really dont want to write so much, but i hope theres people out there who have been in the same situation. All of you are practically now my family, because of this website i will now try to expand the way i eat and think. I hope to find everything i need to not let my self down on life. Because i know everyone on here can help me. Theres a lot more i have to say, but i feel like i should stop here. Before i end this i just want to say sorry to all of you guys, i feel like i betrayed/disrespected everyone who has this problem. I can say that i will put a stop at this, i honestly dont want the worst in my life. Im looking forward to this board. Thank you for reading.