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  1. Garlic Jim's Pizza

    My husband was telling me about this place. They go out of their way to make sure that their food is safe for us. I'm excited to try them out, but of course we will have to make sure they know it's an "allergy" just in case there are people there who don't want to take it seriously. Check out these precautions they have in place though! http://www.garlicjims.com/gffaq/#1
  2. Just thought I would pop in and let everyone know that after months and months (actually a year) of trying to figure out what is going on with our daughter, we have finally figured it out. All of her blood testing was negative, but after my husband was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, we decided to retest our girls. Both were negative, but the doctor suggested we try the gluten free diet anyway....I don't think she believed gluten was the cause, but it's been two months now and she hasn't had any problems with acid reflux OR stomach aches!!!! Also, the girl who couldn't handle dairy has been able to eat dairy! Every. Single. Day! I can't wait to share the news with her pediatrician when we go back in, but I'm now 100% confident that gluten was our problem! Anyway, if testing is negative and you continue to have problems, try the diet!
  3. Just thought I would pipe in here and let you all know that my husband just had an apt with his GI specialist and was told that Mcgrath's fish house is top notch for gluten free items. He said the owner actually showed him the kitchen and they have a totally separate area and totally separate pots and pans for all of their gluten free items. The owner has two daughters that are celiac as well. So this is good news for any seafood lovers! They also have gluten free beer on the menu! Cheers!
  4. I've noticed just within myself that I get really tired after having pasta or bread. A lot of times I feel I need a nap afterwards, but so far nobody in MY family has came up celiac. Like I said though, we have lymphoma in our family....so I suspect there's at least some gluten sensitivity if nothing else. As for our daughter, I have planned to go gluten free even if we never get to the GI, but of course, I feel it would be better to at least try and go to a GI specialist. Anyway, thanks for the tips. It really does help to make me feel like I'm not crazy for thinking there's a problem. LOL I think after negative results, it can discourage you a little. That is, until your child starts getting sick again.
  5. So I found the lab bill and it looks like she ran the gliadin peptide IGA AB test and the glidiadin peptide IGG AB test as well as an allergy test, a blood count test, metabolic test, Free T4 test (whatever that is), a pediatric allergy profile, thyroid stimulation hormone, celiac tissue transglutaminase IGA, Endomysial IGA screen, and a Immunoglobulin A Celiac Panel. I'm not sure what all of that means, but it seems she ran a bunch of tests.
  6. We still ate gluten after going organic. I haven't noticed very many symptoms after eating gluten from her. The only thing I can think of is that usually cakes or pastries can make her really tired, but I had assumed that was due to sugar and not so much to gluten. Especially when she's in school though, she seems tired and can be irritable for most of the day. No matter how hard I try to get her to bed at a decent time, she will usually fight sleep. Sometimes she seems to be more tired and irritable after eating gluten, but it's not consistent from what I can tell. I don't remember the specific type of test the doctor did, but from what she said it's pretty accurate.
  7. Hi all! I'm new here, but come here often to read up on things that I'm dealing with also. I'll try to make this as short as possible.... Back in 2005 I gave birth to a gorgeous little girl with red hair and blue eyes. She was as sweet as could be, but she was screaming her head off throughout most of the few days in the hospital. After we got home it continued and she was eventually diagnosed as being colicky. However, there were things that I had noticed with my diet and her behavior. Anytime I ate wheat OR dairy she would be even more colicky. It was very obvious to me, but the doctor didn't seem to be too worried about it (at that time we didn't have any food allergies in our family that we knew of) She was very low in weight and was losing weight and we had to go into the lactaction consultant to get help. They said she was the perfect nurser and did everything right....she litterally shocked the lactation consultants and the nurses we saw. However, my milk supply seemed to be too low (although now I wonder if that was really the case) I litterally had to nurse 24/7 with her for awhile. She was super colicky anyway, and I felt that if I didn't nurse her a lot she would just scream and I needed some peace. However, she kept us up every night from 5 pm to 4 am crying non-stop. This went on for three months. Our daughter also reacted negatively to formulas when we introduced them. Similac she did okay on, but she was still a fussy baby, but when we tried enfamil she would be screaming her head off uncontrollably like she was in pain. I learned pretty early on that we would stick with similac. I have no idea what the difference between those two formulas were, but it obviously had something in it that bothered her. The doctor at the time didn't suggest to switch formulas and I didn't bother pushing the issue since I felt the wheat and dairy question was kind of ignored. (although I love the doctor dearly and I think she did the best that she knew how to do) Anyway, she eventually seemed to outgrow whatever it was that was bothering her, but she always stayed on the low end of the weight gain. Usually in the 10-15%. Her doctor said she was growing steadily and she was healthy though and not to worry. She was a very smart kid though and would challenge us throughout the years...outsmarting kids who were 18 months older than her. She was CRAZY! Eventually, when she turned three she started to have massive explosive tantrums. She only had tantrums at home, but they were very violent and we had to hold her in our lap to keep her from hurting us or herself. Eventually, she started school and did fine at school, but she would wake up throwing a massive fit and she would come home from school throwing a massive fit...as well as usually throwing a fit when it was bedtime. It was extremely frustrating, but I tried not to look too much into it. We also noticed that certain food dyes would trigger her to act up as well as certain junk foods like doughnuts (she had major fits after eating this). We soon backed off of eating food dyes and rarely ate doughnuts anyway so it wasn't that big of a deal. We decided to go all organic and have been eating that way for almost two years. We did see some change in her hyperactivity after this. She can be a very hyper kid, but at the same time she gets hyper when she's tired. Anyway, around 5 and 1/2 she started to have tummy aches and acid reflux. It was every once and awhile, but I decided to keep a food journal of it. Thank God I did, because a few short weeks later her acid reflux was so bad and so intense that I was really getting worried. She had it usually after eating dairy, but not just dairy. Occasionally, she would get it from other foods too. Her doctor listened to my concerns and decided to run some blood tests on her. She did a bunch of tests....one included the celiac test (which we recently found out runs in the family and my MIL has it) Everything came back "stone cold normal" according to her doctor and her doctor had told me before the testing was done that it's a very accurate test. So I was left with even more questions. Our daughter was put on prevacid for a few months and the doctor said if she continues having acid reflux after she's been on it, she would probably send her to a GI specialist. Well, sure enough a few weeks after stopping the medicine she started to have acid reflux again. It was usually after eating dairy though...so I called her doctor up and her doctor decided that we should take dairy out of her diet for 5 months and put her back on meds for 6 months. She also said that if her reflux starts back up again after she gets off meds that we should take dairy out again and if it continues after that she will for sure send us to a GI specialist just to make sure we're not missing anything or the doctor isn't doing anything wrong. I think at this point the doctor is unsure of what to think, but she is trying to help us figure this out. I don't want to keep her on gluten, but I feel that we need a diagnosis to take it as seriously as we need to if it is celiac. Anyway, I'm really frustrated and confused. I'm wondering if any parents have had a negative blood test, but a positive biopsy. I'm also wondering if any of their symptoms have been similar to our daughters. One thing I forgot to mention (and I told the doctor this too) was that she does occasionally have floating poops that are pretty large. It's not every time she poops, but maybe a few times a week. Lately she has had a lot more gas too. So, she's showing symptoms, but the tests aren't showing anything. My MIL had no symptoms until she was 50 and she started to have post nasel drip and acid reflux. I wonder though if it runs on my side too, because we have lymphoma on my side. From what I've read that can be linked to celiac somehow? Anyway, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Sorry that it's so long. LOL I just have to tell the whole story.