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  1. Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    You are so much more optimistic than I am. I admire that in you, and often wish I could possess this admirable trait myself. I am just too damn hard on myself, and often find it difficult to ignore the little things in order to allow me to enjoy the more important things. For example if I'm having a good time playing with the kids and they wind up spilling apple juice on the carpet or fighting, I have a hard time rebounding. Anyway, I appreciate the book suggestion, and will look into it. Unfortunately, I'm about to begin another semester of graduate coursework, and imagine I will be inundated with reading very soon! Work, graduate school and family just absoarb everything you know.
  2. Technical Questions....

    1. What does the "mark board as read" button do? 2. What does the number of circles underneath my picture/avitar signify? 3. My status keeps changing... Member, Advanced Member, Community Member... is there a key somewhere that will explain the differences to me? 4. What is a topic poll? Thanks!
  3. I did allergy testing for the first time last year, and of all the foods tested, the only one I came back positive for was soy. Indeed, as I stated in another post, I eat soy (like edamame) frequently, but have never had any form of rash, breathing issue or other problem. I guess I'll have to ask my GI doc. about being tested for soy intolerance. Intersting point. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Celiac, Caffeine And Sweating

    Had been off caffeine now for nearly two weeks (no soda or coffee) and broke down today and got a small diet coke at Wawa. Stomach felt horrible all evening until I came home and ate an Udi's gluten-free bagel.
  5. Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    So I have been gluten-free now for some 12 years, and have not visited the gym for 2 years (ever since my son - third child - was born). So I keep thinking that I really need to once again incorporate exercise into my daily life, but you seem to suggest that having a gluten-free diet is more important, yes? Obviously both would be ideal. My problem right now is that I have an inflamation problem in my right foot now, and cannot really walk right (much less exercise). I'm seeing a rheumatologist on Wed. morning to discuss my recent inflamation issues and joint-pain.
  6. Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    I can definetley relate at times, although I cannot say my feelings are as pronounced. I easily get caught up in what I envision to be my future success: promotion at work, completing graduate school, or simply raising my three children without them getting hurt or sick (yea, like this is ever going to happen!). But that's the problem: I often take things like this personally, internalizing things like my 2 year-old's double ear infection from last week... He started off refusing to take his amoxicilin, and this was incredibly disappointing to me, causing my stomach to turn and prohibiting me from sleeping. Anyway, it seems like celiacs often turn toward a more simple, whole-foods approach to their diet (and, consequently, their treatment). Similarly I am hoping to incorporate a more simple approach to daily life to manage my stress-level, but being a father of three kids, working full-time (supervisory level no less), and going to graduate school as well all seem to make my life a totally blurry chaotic existence. Thank you so much for sharing your story and a bit of yourself.
  7. Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    Cannot even imagine being so young and going through this. How are things for you now? Any better? I was about 29 years old when I was diagnosed. Three explanations were posited: Celiac was caused by a major trauma, surgical event or a period of traumatic or prolonged stress. The first two were (of course) promptly ruled out. At that time had been working for a boss who really gave me a hard time for about three years. I had a great deal of anxiety and insecurity, and this probably triggered responses from a very traumatic childhood as well. So I was predisposed to stress and its negative effects, and this (likely) triggered the autoimmune response. I will never know. What I do know, however, is that I am still a high-stress person and probably suffer at times from anxiety and mild depression. I really get down on myself when things do not go how I expect or hope, often internalizing those feelings rather than processing them and moving on. This - I often believe - is the source of my celiac. Tough thing to control or change. So many people (family, wife, friends, etc) have "simple solutions" but I can never seem to get my act together. This is why I am interested in this topic, and thought it would be a good way to get some thoughts and advice. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and best wishes to you.
  8. Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    Looks like quite a few people have read this, but few responses. Is it just me or are there any other celiacs out there living a high stress life?! Perhaps I just need a therapist.
  9. Thanks. I have never had any of this, but I imagine you will stil need some time (1-2 years) to see the results of your gluten-free diet and any net positive results. Good luck to you as well.
  10. Cracking Skin On Fingers

    I don't believe I'm as strict as you. Definitely not, but I do a pretty good job with my diet. I buy a great deal of my gluten-free items from Wegmans or Whole Foods (almost all of which is labeled gluten-free). I also label my containers so if my wife uses these items for the family, she knows not to double-dip . My foot problem is simply put: inflamation and (periodic) pain, primarily in my great right toe metatarsal area and bottom of foot. No diagnosis yet, but lots of of failed treatments and imaging. To be continued...
  11. Cracking Skin On Fingers

    Oh, fish food is almost entirely gluten! But this brings me to my other post where I questioned the difference between celiac disease and standard allergies. I am not allergic to wheat and some other grains by way of my allergy testing, but do have the autoimmune response to these same grains. So I'm guessing that my skin acts as a sufficient barrier when I touch gluten, no? I also make my kids plenty of sandwiches, etc. If there is any possibility that coming into contact with gluten is detrimental, I'm probably in big trouble. Just another note, I do have my own "gluten free" cooking pots & pans, utensils, etc., but do share correll dishes and such with my famliy. G-d help me if I open something up here. I am being much more vigilant now with my gluten-free diet, but still share some utensils, and so on.
  12. Wow. Again I don't know what to say. I don't want to come across as if I'm complaining too much, but really do appreciate getting all this feedback from various people. The engaging conversations alone are quite ameliorating. Most of my doctors give me 10-15 minutes - not even a dollar a minute per copay! I often wonder if they really care. As much as my own story is debilitating to me on a very personal level and on a daily basis, reading posts like your reminds me just how much I have to be thankful for. Yes, comparatively speaking I am not really in bad shape. It is just that ever-nudging reminder that 5 months ago I was pretty much normal and symptom-free... For me not being able to walk normally is the salt in the wound. And on top of that, I think my kids and family suffer more as a result than I do. I really do have no idea what it means to be in pain, and to have "serious" debilitating issues. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "Der gute Mensch in seinem dunklen Drange ist sich des rechten Weges wohl bewusst" (A good man in his darkest hour is alwasy aware of the correct path. - loosely translated). Having all of you to share thoughts, stories and daily experiences with is quite comforting, and with a little faith leads me to believe I'm on that "correct path". Thanks and warmest regards.
  13. My foot is still the same! Just refuses to get any better. In the morning it's good, but as the day progresses (depending on how much I am using it) it worsens. The fact that it only gets worse during weight-bearing activity (walking) tells me that the inflamation is not likely to be the result of anything autoimmune going on in my body. But who knows?! I can't tell you how disappoionted I was upon receiving the results of my MRI - no stress fracture, only mild edema (1st and 2nd metatarsals and bottom of foot). I'm wondering if it is an incredibly microscopic fracture which hasn't been picked up through imaging. Of course all this does not explain my other symptoms! I have been on Zyflamend, Biosil, chelated multi-minerals (including zinc and magnesium), flaxseed oil, and glucosamine with MSM now for 5 days. Today I am starting to feel less joint-pain and stiffness. Unfortunately, however, my eye soreness/dryness still persists, and I had a mild headach throughout the day today. Fatigue has also been an issue. Definitely seeing my rheumatologist next week and will arrange for a lyme titer test. We'll see.... On a positive note, my baby son said "mommy" today. Daddy's little boy has his priorities straight.
  14. Perhaps this is not the best forum to discuss this in, but I'm wondering if anyone has come to any conclusions about the relationship between those individuals diagnosed with celiac disease and being simultaneously burdened (behaviorally) with a high-stress lifestyle. I welcome any discussion here. Thanks. -Greg
  15. Thanks for sharing your story. Reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with "mysterious" symptoms that none of my doctors can seem to get to the bottom of. Praying that things work out soon, and wish you the best as well.