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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had been making my own juice and then bought the Naked Juice in mango. I also bought their green machine but noticed the picture of a wheat stalk at the last second, searched the web and found out wheat grass has gluten. So I didn't drink it! I guess I will assume this is all normal and just keep trucking.
  2. New But Been Lurking

    My aunt, who has gluten issues, said that if you get diagnosed with celiac you'll have a hell of a time getting health insurance. I pay for my own policy now and they're already cranky about sinuses (had sinus surgery in 2004 but anything to do with the head now they won't pay for if it could remotely be sinus related). So I think I may just do elimination and if I feel better keep avoiding gluten.
  3. I've had lactose intolerance for 25 years. I've been sick a lot starting 25 years ago too... I mentioned celiac to the doctor's nurse and she said if you avoid it and feel better then keep doing that. Well gee thanks. She thought gluten only caused cramping and diarrhea. I think I know more just from studying these boards for a few day.
  4. I did at the time and thought it was ok, but now I'm wondering. I didn't check each ingredient against the Internet. The bottle was also picked up by the trash on Monday and I can't find it again online. It was World Market's organic hoisin sauce. Would these symptoms be normal though for someone that had gluten or normal for getting off gluten? Would you go back to feeling bad some days even though you didn't have gluten?
  5. I started juicing Friday night, added ground turkey, rice on Saturday and Sunday and felt much better. I made a stir fry using organic hoisin sauce from World Market Sunday night. Monday I still felt good. Tuesday I started to have less energy and felt 'heavy' like gravity was boosted to 2x. Today I feel heavier like gravity is 3x. Is this normal for going off gluten or did I accidentally get gluten in there somewhere?
  6. "naked" Juice

    Ugh, so Green Machine has gluten? I just bought a big bottle of it!!
  7. Deep Sleep Since Going Gluten Free

    I didn't realize this was a gluten free thing! I've been sleeping so much since I started gluten free. And it's good sleep too!
  8. I couldn't lose weight no matter what I tried before, but since juicing and eating fruits/vegetables/meat/rice I've been losing 1 pound a day. I was 5'5" and 260 when I started so I have fat to lose. I'm going this to feel better though!
  9. I read in another thread about memory issues, muscle twitching, blurry vision and I have all those as well. It's been a joke that I have the memory of a goldfish (about 2 seconds), my legs and arms twitch and wake me up from sleeping, blurred vision off and on. I'd rather go off gluten than go back on it. I never want to be in as much pain as I was. It was HELL. I hope I keep feeling better and better. I started juicing Friday night along with adding rice, meat. I think I'm weaker than normal from lack of calories but I still feel about 3x better than I did before I did this!
  10. I didn't know those were also symptoms! When I go to sleep my arms and legs jerk around and even wake me up. Bad memory has been a joke in my family for a few years, stiff neck I thought was due to computer work, my vision gets blurred off and on. I can't believe so much can be affected with this.
  11. New But Been Lurking

    Do we really need an official diagnosis though? Can't we just go off gluten for the rest of our lives? For as absolutely horrible I was feeling, I don't ever want to eat gluten again even to get an 'official' diagnosis!
  12. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm beginning to wonder if I might have a gluten problem and possible Celiac disease. I have been tired and not feeling well for years. But last summer I could still walk over a mile. Now I'm happy to get to the car. I'm severely lactose intolerant but I'd get sick sometimes even when I hadn't had milk. I was diagnosed with low vitamin D last summer. I started feeling worse a few months ago and it has gradually gotten to where I'm in horrible pain all over in the morning, stiff, hard to walk, dead to the world like a zombie. The pain and stiffness would get better after 1 or 2 hours. I could go to work, sit all day, go home and lay down. I'm 41! I finally went to the doctor last week and my sed rate is elevated to 39. He is not concerned but suggested a sleep study due to my not getting asleep/staying asleep and feeling like hell. I have 2 aunts and 1 cousin that are off gluten due to sensitivities. So I started juicing and in just 3 days I have more energy, I sleep better, the pain and stiffness are nearly non existent. Could I have celiac disease? Did any of you have elevated sed rates and similar symptoms? I looked up celiac disease and these are all symptoms I have: Abdominal pain, bloating, gas, or indigestion, Constipation, Decreased appetite, Diarrhea off and on, Lactose intolerance, Nausea sometimes, Stools that float, are foul smelling, Unexplained weight loss (only 5 pounds the last few months), Bruising easily, Depression or anxiety, Fatigue, Hair loss, Itchy skin, Missed menstrual periods (except very heavy the last 2 months), Mouth ulcers (comes and goes), Muscle cramps and joint pain. Thyroid and rheumatoid markers/tests are normal. Since my doctor is not concerned and thinks nothing is wrong, I'm trying to diagnose myself!