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  1. Ok here is the deal my sister is a type 1 diabetic she had some blood test done a few weeks ago the were routine test she wasnt having any problems. I am pretty worried because a week ago my sisters nurse called and said that my sister was going to have a biopsy when we asked why she said she tested positive for celiac it was a shock to all of us because we had no idea and more importantly my sister has NO symptoms. She got the biopsy done today and when i asked the doctor what her blood test results were he simply said she was 25. 25 what anti bodies? He said the average person is suppose to have less then 1. I was so confused and worried that I didnt have time to think everything was going so fast. The doctor was confused because he said "your people never get ceiliac disease" I guess somalis or africans in general don't get celiac as much. Also NO one in our immediate family has celiac or has any of the symptoms. Regardless my sister has no symptoms 95% of what we eat has wheat in it or gluten. We eat pasta on a regular basis probably 3 times a week if not more. I would imagine someone who is positive would get sick after eating gluten. I constantly ask if she has any stomach problems and she says no she hasn't changed her diet at all and she feels perfectly fine she's tall and she's normal weight. After the biopsy the doctor said that everything looked "great" what the hell does that mean? its just hard because my sister already has diabetes an I've seen how much she has struggled with it and adding celiac would just make things harder. Has anyone been diagnosed with celiac diesese that didnt have any symptoms? Also what are the normal levels of anti bodies?