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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Do Gluten Mistakes = Miscarriage?

    I remember being TERRIFIED when I "got gluten" early in my pregnancy. I suspect that the high number of miscarriages in my family is partially due to undiagnosed celiac disease. When I got sick in my first trimester I took a couple of days off of work and really focused on hydration and nutrition as well as sleeping to let my body heal as fast as it could. My doctor, who admits he doesn't know much about celiac disease, thinks that stress -physical, mental and emotional - is the worst thing for a baby in the womb. His theory is that modern societies pressures and pace make it harder to feel justified in slowing down and listening to your body. As hard as it might be to try to "breathe through it", remember that you are doing the best you can do and that is what matters. Life happens - you were trying to avoid gluten and ended up sick anyway - and once it does we just have to pray and smile our way through to the next day. Good luck to you. You will be in my thoughts!
  2. I'm almost out of my second trimester and still waiting for the energy to come back. I've been gluten-free for nearly 5 years though so I'm pretty certain it's just the baby. The worst part is that I sleep so lousy now - constantly moving due to discomfort. I have a hard time staying asleep which makes it really tough to get enough - especially while working full time. That, combined with some other symptoms has prompted my dr. to put me on early disability. Everything with the baby is fine - they just want me to be fine as well.... The most important thing is to listen to what your body and your baby need. That will be the best guide to remaining healthy. Good luck!
  3. Your Ob And Celiac

    My OB takes extra good notes because of the celiac and the office asked me to put together a one page local resource guide for when they have another celiac patient. I have taken the time to learn about my condition over the years and they respect my expertise. My OB has done some reading on his own but says that he can't see any problems with my pregnancy at all - let alone ones that could be due to celiac. My biggest challenge was the gluten-free and iron free vitamin. But I solved that with an iron free daily vitamin and folic acid. I suspect that undiagnosed celiac has something to do with the high miscarriage rate in my family. I am blessed to have missed that curse - perhaps because I have been vigilantly gluten-free for more than 4 years now. We conceived within 3 months of trying and have had no problems so far. We just found out we're having a boy and he has all the appropriate number of digits and a complete spine and all. We're naming him Owen Michael.
  4. Gf Pre Natals

    I know I'm coming in to this discussion late but I wanted to recommend Good Earth vitamins as well as remind women that you don't always have to take a prenatal - regular vitamins plus folic acid are often enough. I actually process Iron incredibly well and have landed in the ER 3 times with Iron overdoses while taking traditional prenatals. I am 18 weeks pregnant now and have been taken Good Earth iron-free vitamins plus folic acid every day with no side effects. I take them in the evening with supper and have had no nausea. Good luck!
  5. Afraid I Won't Be A Mommy

    I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! My family has a laundry list of problems with pregnancy but they all insist that they are not celiac - mostly because none of them want to make the lifestyle change! There are LOTS of miscarriages, etc. So my husband and I moved forward with the assumption that we would likely have to adopt. We decided to give it a try (figuring we'd give nature a chance at least once before fear of losing a little one immobilized us) while we researched adoption from China. A little over 3 months later we found out that we had been blessed with a successful conception. We told everyone! We figured that if there was a problem we would need their support to get over it and if not they got to share our joy that much sooner. That was 4months ago and everything seems to be fine. My dr. says the baby has a heartbeat like a horse! We go on May 10 to have the ultrasound to find out the baby's sex and count fingers and toes and all. We can't wait. My doc has told me to repeat to myself often the mantra that everything in moderation is fine and that the worst thing for pregancy and baby is to stress too much. It's a leap of faith to let all that negativity and worry go - especially since I'm definitely not a new-agey type - but it seems to have worked so far.... You and your husband look so happy in that photo - use that to your advantage. Trust in the strength of your relationship and the love in your heart and one way or another, you'll end up as a Mommy! Good luck! Megan Oceanside, CA
  6. I'm Expecting!

    Ladies, It's so wonderful to find a community of other pregnant celiacs! I am due slightly before most of you (Sept 30) with my first one. There are dozens of miscarriages and complicated pregnancies in my family so my husband and I always assumed we'd end up adopting. We'd just begun looking into those options when I got pregnant! I have made it into my second trimester and am starting to feel more confident that everything is going to be okay. We have our diagnostic ultrasound on May 10. I can't wait to find out that everything is okay and know what sex the baby is. I get so sick of calling it the baby! I have heard that babies can be diagnosed from birth through cord blood. Does anyone have any experience with that? I had some serious food aversion in my first trimester but now have little appetite at all. I make myself eat to make sure baby is getting everything it needs but haven't suffered from cravings too much so far.... I recently found a Thai restaurant near my house that has been very helpful with the gluten-free diet. Their chicken satay (with gluten-free peanut sauce) is quickly becoming a staple! Yummy - protein I don't have to cook! I have been SO TIRED! And everytime I try to cook I end up with ingredients all over my belly or with a burn from my belly hitting our cheap oven. I'm not so graceful as my belly grows... THis gets better, right? Thanks for letting me know there are a bunch of us out there! Megan Oceanside, CA (but fortunate not to have a spouse in the military like most of my neighbors...)