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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just A Vent- In Laws Are Making Fun Of Celiac

    People feel uncomfortable with Celaics because they don't understand. I have always said it would almost be easier if I broke out in a rash when I ate gluten so I could show people what happens to me. Don't explain yourself to anyone, you don't have to. Let them laugh, who cares what they think! Let them think you are a freak or a hypochondriac or completely crazy, whatever. You are healthy and that's all that matters.
  2. Help Healing After Accidental Glutening

    I haven't found the charcoal pills but I would think that they would be for RIGHT after you get glutened to curb your reaction rather than to aid in healing. I take asidopholis and something my herbalist gave called "colon cleanser" that helps after I have been poisoned. Basically though, I have found that there is nothing you can do but take it easy and wait it out. Good luck.
  3. Oh I hear you! My Mom jsut recently said, "You did have a lot of stomach problems as a kid. I never thought to ask the doctor." You never thought to ask a doctor when your kid had to lie down after every meal? Just be thankful we figured it all out when we did.
  4. Restaurants Near Disneyland gluten-free?

    Awesome! I will check it out!
  5. I agree, I feel light headed even walking into a bakery sometimes. I can't order a coffee from a donut place because the flour is everywhere and I will react to the coffee. I usually react within an hour to any Gluten but I know people that react after 24 or 48 hours. Check the salsa for cross contamination, did anyone use it with their flour torilla before you put some on your rice? Hope it gets settled soon!
  6. Spouse Is Nonsupportive

    Oh no! It is so frustrating when people just don't get it! Everything said so far is totally right, eating gluten-free doesn't have to break the bank. Hopefully, it will make you feel so much better that your husband will have no choice but to agree. I agree than an actual do diagnosis from the doc would help immensely too, some people are just really black and white about the whole thing and need the diagnosis. Also, try to think that it's really hard for him to see you so uncomfortable. I remember my husband being so frustrated because he wanted to fix it for me, and for a husband, it's hard when they can't. Be patient, it sounds like he loves you a lot so he will come around expecially if you start feeling WAY better! Best of Luck - A Freaking Celiac
  7. So my husband and I are taking the spawn to Disneyland next week. I have contacted Disney and they were VERY accomodating with places on the park that my Gluten Free self can eat, I have also prepped the hotel to let them know that I am coming. My problem is the in-between. We will be on foot for most of it, does anyone know what restaurants "GET" Celiac's in the area around Disneyland? Thanks a Bunch! A Freaking Celiac
  8. Cleaning Counters/utensils

    I did all the same things. I do still feed my kids regular bread though so I am pretty hyper vigilent about cleaning the counters - I use soap and water. Also I have my own cutting board (it's red and the rest in the house are white) only I am allowed to use my cutting board/knife. We also invested in a new sanitizing dishwasher to keep everything clean between uses.
  9. What Do You Do When You Know A Reaction Is Coming?

    I take a couple Acidophilus capsules and tonnes of water! I have started taking it before eating out now just as a precaution. The charcoal is interesting though, might have to give it a try.
  10. Struggling :(

    Hi there, Listen, it's not easy living the gluten-free lifestyle and I think its ok for us to have a little pity party every once in a while. It sounds like it's getting to you though. I agree with raven, you should talk to someone. Maybe quit drinking for a couple weeks, it isn't helping with the sadness and it might help you clear your head a bit. Keep your chin up, it's going to be ok. Oh and as far as the person who tried to poison you goes? Never speak to them again! Sorry you are having a rough time. This too shall pass.