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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pictures Of My Rash

    Popping in on this conversation. I too am awaiting positive biopsy results. My blistering has been HORRIBLE! The question is I was on Dapsone 100 mg for one month and had NO HELP from it. In a stupid moment I ate a lot of salt last night and I can feel blisters all over my face, waxy under the skin bumps that you can almost drag out of your skin - bloody, clear fluid. What should I suggest to my derm (he's not convinced it's DH and told me to eat whatever I want last week. Not! I'm still gluten free until I know)to try for treatment? Up the dosage of Dapsone even though it didn't do a thing for me, I actually got worse. Or, what alternative treatment??? I've been gluten free for six weeks. Thanks!
  2. Celiac Cost Me Everything

    I feel your pain. My advice would be to replace your beloved pet with a new furry friend, and soon. I have two beagles and also do dogsitting. The dogs get me through each day as I am suffering with a horrible case of DH. Dogs give you the unconditional love and support like no other. I pray you gain strength from the words of support through this forum.
  3. Homebound With Dh

    Thanks for the responses! It is nice to hear from people who understand what I'm going through. I spent a lot of time at the store tonight searching for food. It takes so much longer reading every label! Sea salt is okay, right? Absolutely no iodine or salt? Dairy had been my saving grace when I cut gluten. I have tons of new blisters in my neck and the edge of my lips. Owie! My scalp and ears are full of them too. Oh, and inside my nose! I know to avoid seafood and I checked my vitamins. Any advice for my derm appointment on Tuesday? I want to come out of my appointment feeling hopeful. Thanks again!
  4. Homebound With Dh

    Searching for advice and support from educated DHers. I was biopsied and diagnosed a month ago. I was started on Dapsone 100 mg a day and putting temovate cream on my blisters everywhere but my face. I keep getting worse and worse! I've been gluten free for a month. Haven't cheated once! My blistering is the worst on my face (jawline, forehead, nose, chin, at least 30-40 blisters) which is making me very depressed and self-conscious about going anywhere. I have also removed gluten products such as soap, lotions, makeup, etc. The blisters are also horrible on my scalp and I've had those since June, inside and outside my ears, shoulders, down my spine, knees, and a few elsewhere. I've tried to eliminate most iodine and don't use salt anymore. Now I read that dairy can aggravate it too! I have lost 10 pounds and am struggling to find things to eat. I recently went through a divorce and I believe all the emotional stress with beingn a new single mom of two difficult boys has brought out the DH. (I did begin to have sores last summer and, of course, no doctors made the connection). Anyone else experience no relief with Dapsone? Any other meds that have helped? I am very frustrated and not knowing where to go from here. How do I live with this without going batty? Thanking you in advance for any helpful suggestions or steps where to go from here.