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  1. Thanks for all the advice! Yeah I think I'll make sure to drink enough (though I don't really think I'm dehydrated) and maybe get some probiotics. Eating less sugar would be a smart thing anyway too, I could start by reducing soft drinks. So far I'm really not having any physical symptoms in the sense that I feel great. But in case that changes, I'll get tested for all kinds of things, including celiac.
  2. My tongue has been coated for about a month and it's not getting better. It's white / gray mainly, and especially in the back of the tongue, and it smells bad if I don't use special toothpaste often enough. There are also small 'bubbles' in the back of the tongue. And the middle 'ridge' is sometimes widened and hurts in contact with sour food. Also the tip of the tongue is a bit sensitive when it comes to sour food. I tried apple vinegar and cleaning the tongue, but it doesn't seem to go away. Now what makes me think this could have anything to do with celiac disease? I recently switched to a vegan diet which increased my average consumption of gluten about tenfold I would guess. Could this have 'kicked off' the disease? Additionally, I have about four times found small amounts of light blood on the toilet paper after pooping. Somethings stool does seem a bit greasy, but I haven't had any strong diarrhea, and I also haven't lost any weight. Those last two facts seem to speak against celiac, but the other stuff may fit. Regarding vitamin deficiences, I've been careful with planning my diet and I'm already taking supplements, so it's highly unlikely that the symptoms are just becuase of a deficiency, and maybe it is possible that the supplements could be hiding some symptoms of a malabsorption. What are your thoughts, is celiac disease a possibility? Or what else could it be? I don't know of anyone in my family that has celiac... Would it make sense to try probiotics for the tongue?