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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm beginning to think soy is a bigger problem for me than gluten! I've got to check every med I take now for soy, which will be a pain! I'm worried about my vitamins (. Thanks for responding!
  2. Anger

    I'm sorry you had to find that out at such a stressful time . Don't get discouraged- it takes a lot of trial and error to get the hang of it. Don't beat yourself up. I was 100% gluten free for like 2 months, feeling awesome, and then ate soy sauce and messed it all up. I was so disappointed and sick that I pretty much screamed at anyone who talked to me for two days straight! If I am not feeling well, whether it's from gluten or something else I'm intolerant of (like soy), I get really jittery and paranoid. It's like a weird caffeine high. I don't know if it's normal, but that's just one way some systems cope with the intoxication I guess. I'd say my worst symptom of all is brain fogginess. I'm also in college and sometimes I find it's like pulling teeth to get me to sit still and concentrate long enough. It's like there's a bubble around my head. 1) Indigestion is one of those symptoms that I seem to battle nonstop no matter what I do. My doctor told me to take Zantac twice a day (150 strength I think) and Prilosec (that's basically what Omeprazole is, isn't it?) once a day for a while to soothe the irritation, and top it off with Tums if necessary. It works really well as a bandaid, but it's kind of expensive and obviously doesn't solve the problem :|. 2) You definitely could be experiencing withdrawals. That's a major dietary change. For a while your body is going to be detoxing. You should start to feel a lot better the longer you're on the diet.
  3. Thanks for your reply guys . I've actually been mostly dairy free for a long time. The puzzling thing is when I had my colonoscopy/endoscopy thing the doctor said he could tell I was "severely lactose intolerant". I hardly ever eat dairy and when I do it's in small amounts with a lot of lactaid supplements. I guess I have to quit it altogether since my stomach is so damaged :|.
  4. I really don't want to be a baby and whine, but sometimes it's just so hard to cope. I swear no matter what I eat it makes me sick. It could be the mildest, most friendly thing for the stomach and I end up with bloating, gas, and terrible acid indigestion. I just don't know what to do at this point. It's not a matter of "will it make me sick?" it's "how sick is it going to make me?" I've had pretty much every test under the face of the sun, from endoscopy to colonoscopy to a billion different types of blood work, and everything is normal. In fact the doctors say aside from me being constantly ill, I am the healthiest person they've ever seen. I'm running pretty low on hope here. I don't know how much longer I can deal with day after day of joint pain, fatigue, and headaches. I've been on a very dedicated gluten free diet for just under a year and yet I still feel terrible. I just found out I am more than likely intolerant to soy, which I've also cut out of my diet, yet I still feel like dirt. What can I do ?
  5. Another thing to consider is keeping a food diary. If you have any other food intolerances and allergies, especially if you choose to go gluten free, that would be a good way to rule them out.
  6. You have a lot of the same symptoms I do. They're pretty text book celiac symptoms. I know 100% that I have the disease and my blood panel was negative. As someone mentioned, your best option would probably be to try a gluten free diet. Try it faithfully for a month or two and see what happens If you eat gluten. Thatll be more accurate than any lab work, believe me. Remember though that it can take a little while for the gluten inflammation to leave your system entirely, so don't give up after a week or so. Good luck!
  7. New Here- Pregnancy Caused Celiac?

    You may have been experiencing celiac symptoms without even realizing it for years! Unfortunately celiac can be dormant for a long time. When I was 16 I contracted a very bad virus, and ever since then I've been experiencing severe celiac symptoms. Before then I had a lot of health problems, like allergies, lactose intolerance, supposed IBS, which now I realize were probably the beginning signs of celiac. Have you had a lot of seemingly unrelated health issues? Is this your first pregnancy? It would be very wise to have your baby tested when they are born because celiac tends to run in the family. If you have even the slightest worry that you may have it I would get tested ASAP. It could save you a lot of worthless, time consuming doctors visits. I wish you and your baby the best of luck!.
  8. Ugh I didn't think about vitamins and stuff. I need to keep my food log regularly. Thank you !
  9. Because she is so young chances are her system hasn't grown weak enough to show symptoms internally. I was about age 11 (after I started my period) that I started having signs of celiac, but they appeared slowly. I was about 20 when the symptoms got too bad to ignore. First I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Then IBS. Then allergies. Then fibromyalgia and sleep apnea Then this then that. It wasn't until now, when I'm almost 23, that doctors found out what was wrong. If it would make you feel better to have a second opinion, definitely get one! It's her health, so it's always better to be safe than sorry. However, as someone already mentioned, a positive blood panel is pretty much 100% accurate. Even people like me, who are sure they have it, don't always show positive on a blood test. Though your daughter may not be having stomach complications yet, chances are as her stomach gets weaker and weaker over time she'll begin having intestinal and digestive issues if left to eat gluten. I'm sorry she has to go through this, but on the bright side there are lots of gluten free options and allergy friendly options out there. Thankfully as time goes by people are becoming more educated. Best of luck <3
  10. Probiotics

    Has anyone used Phillips' Colon Health Probiotics? Are they gluten free? I can't find the info any where.
  11. Thanks guys <3 It seems like no matter what I eat these days I get a tummy ache
  12. I self-diagnosed myself with celiac just under a year ago. I went on a gluten free diet, and for about 5 months I felt incredible. I suddenly had energy, my stomach aches were gone, and best of all I didn't need to sleep 15 hours a day. It was such a dramatic change that near strangers noticed a difference! However, for the last couple of months I've been feeling quite ill again. I have terrible burning stomach pain, like acid indigestion, that's bad enough that I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Of course they both came up completely negative for anything, save the fact that they discovered I'm severely lactose intolerant (which I already knew). Anyway, I'm beginning to think I have an intolerance to soy. I take in quite a bit of it between soy milk, ice cream, the gluten free baked goods, and coffee, so I've switched to coconut and almond milk and am trying very hard to cut soy out of all my food, which has been excruciatingly difficult. My question is what kind of intolerance symptoms do you guys have with soy? And how long do you think it'll take to get it out of my system? I've read that soy reactions can linger up to 4 weeks. I just need an idea of when I should consider the fact that it may be something else besides soy.
  13. Coping With Gluten For A Screening

    Oh, yep I just saw that. I really am a little stressed for what to do. I need to have the colonoscopy done because I have a gut feeling (no pun intended) that there could be more going on there than just a gluten thing. I may as well have the endoscopy biopsy done at the same time. But like you guys have said, who knows if one week is going to make a difference? Why make myself miserable for a week if there's a big possibility the test will turn up negative? Maybe I should get a second opinion before I do this. It's so hard to find doctors that agree on (or know about) celiac disease issues.
  14. Coping With Gluten For A Screening

    Well I definitely know that I am lactose intolerant >__<! I learned that the hard way when I was about 13 :3. As far as nightshades... I try really hard to stay away from them (but I love potatoes (!!) because they do not sit well. I'm allergic to most of them, and the ones I'm not allergic to give me muscle aches, fatigue, and exacerbate my acidic stomach pains. I'm a little afraid I may have some other food allergies (I've been tested for allergies 3 times). I have ENOUGH food allergies as it is! I wouldn't be able to eat anything with another food allergy!
  15. Coping With Gluten For A Screening

    I am having both a blood test (to check other things as well as gluten intolerance) which the doctor said would probably come up negative. I'm also having an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Would a week's worth of gluten not be enough for the endoscopy? I figured my stomach lining must still be damaged if I am still feeling this sick.