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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Choking On Food

    I need to revive this forum to see if anyone else suffers from this. I had problems choking on food (mostly meat) for years, particularly the ones before I was diagnosed with Celiac. This would happen almost every day. After I started the gluten-free diet, this symptom disappeared completely. I didn't have any episodes for over a year. WELL, now I am pregnant and the symptom is back (along with a couple other things like restless leg syndrome, etc). I don't have any other GI symptoms. My only thought is that it might be related to lack of nutrients in some fashion. I know that when you are pregnant the baby basically hogs all your vitamins, leading to muscle cramps, etc. Could this choking be due to that too?
  2. Panera's

    I do eat at Paneras occasionally. I love their Greek salad and they have a handful of soup varieties that are gluten-free. I always make the person preparing my salad change their gloves first. The smell does make me nervous too though... now I am having second thoughts. I have no where else to go though !
  3. I LIKE the Amaranth cereal!!! Love the EnivorKids, etc too, but sooo many gluten-free cereals lack any nutrional value. I wish they would make fortified cereal!! Anyone run into any decent gluten-free fortified cereal? I've tried the EnjoyLife brand - it's not too bad....
  4. Gestational Diabetes

    My follow-up exam was negative. I asked them to call to make sure the drink was gluten-free and they said the particular orange drink at my doctor's office WAS okay. I did notice a 'flavoring' ingredient on the label. I did get a canker sore shortly afterwards and have been irritable; I hope they really checked!!!
  5. Anyone have this? My blood tests were high and I need to go back for more tests next week. I was a little shocked to hear that I might have this considering I don't have any of the risks (I am far from overweight). Not sure if we have a higher risk with Celiac or not. I know we have a higher risk for regular diabetes, but I wasn't sure about Gestational....
  6. I'm Pregnant!

    I am on the verge of asking for something myself. i've gotten sick every day this week. Only another month until I'm out of the first trimester... seems like an eternity!!
  7. I'm Pregnant!

    Oh, I just ate some Fritos too! They were soooo good. I honestly used to eat so healthy. I'm rationalizing that I'm taking my multi-vitamin and will get back on the healthy track after this all-day sickness goes away! I found this about the salt craving:
  8. Ideally, I try and eat as close to this as possible: no gluten, dairy and legumes (I just happen to have reactions from these foods anyway). I try and only eat rice and potatoes in moderations. I think these foods tend to mess with your blood sugar anyway and it doesn't seem like they contain a whole lot of nutrients...
  9. Ugh! This forum is like when they sit and drool over foods on Survivor! I miss everything right now....snif snif.
  10. I'm Pregnant!

    McDonald's french fries are pretty darn good, though a tad risky. Not sure why, but salt seems to help. I am craving tons of stuff I can't have, like cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster. I never had a problem with the gluten-free diet before, but now that I'm pregnant everything I am craving is not-gluten-free!!!
  11. Rice In Restaurants

    I am DF (dairy-free) as well as gluten-free. I was disappointed to learn a lot of Indian restaurants add milk to their rice .
  12. Spots On Hands

    I had this on my hands too, it persisted even after going off gluten. It has been done for good (I HOPE) since I gave up all dairy products too. I've read that both caseins and gluten can cause or irritate eczema.
  13. Who's In Their 20's?

    That is hilarious! I was diagnosed shortly after my 30th birthday this year. It was really a blessing in disguise. I was expecting my 30s to be sort of the beginning of the end, so to speak. But now I feel healthier and happier than I ever have in my live as a result of this diet. I have fewer wrinkles, healthier hair, better posture, flatter stomach (no more bloated stomach, yay!!), more energy, sleep better, less 'emotional' etc, etc, etc... Once you start feeling better, you realize that the diet is a small price to pay for your health, happiness, and even vanity. Yes, eating out, traveling, get-togethers, etc suck if you aren't prepared food-wise, but there are far worse diagnoses to get. Can you say cancer? At least with Celiac, things should get better, not worse in time....
  14. Awareness

    I LOVE the Toyota Celiac idea! JEN - Do you have a copy of the letter you sent to your local restaurants? Your letter to your doctor was great!
  15. Hair Loss?

    I used to lose hair like crazy too. I'd have big piles in the shower, hair stuck to my clothes, hair all over my chair at work .... yuck! I am happy to report this is no longer the case. I've had the occasional week or two when this happens again, but I have a feeling these incidents are related to gluten-accidents.