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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Candida The Cause?

    I don't mind the die off symptoms so much if it means that the garlic supps are actually working. I can hang for a few days not feeling all that great if it means I'll feel much better in the future. Good to hear you recovered well using the garlic. I don't eat a whole lot of fresh garlic, even though I don't seem to have much problems with FODMAPS (wheat/gluten aside). I figured the capsules would be more concentrated and anyway they don't leave any odor afterwards.
  2. Candida The Cause?

    Have you tried Kyolic garlic for the candida? I don't like the idea of long-term prescription anti-fungals either, but the garlic does seem to be helping. I am even going through a mild herxheimer reaction due to the die off symptoms of the yeast (bloating, borborygmus and last night out of nowhere a raging headache).
  3. Candida The Cause?

    I suspect there may be a connection as well, and I am only diagnosed NCGI (not celiac disease). I am currently battling this myself (was taking enteric peppermint, which didn't seem to be enough and just switch to the garlic capsules). I was also diagnosed SIBO a few years ago and have been on about 4 rounds of antibiotics since, which helped with the SIBO, but also probably put me at risk for candida overgrowth. I also had heart palpitations (going on 5 years or so with those and they got MUCH worse in the last year) and a naturopath advised me to start taurine supplements because apparently the yeast depletes this amino... and bingo! Heart palps are completely gone. Good luck getting a conventional doc to recognize candida overgrowth though... my GI doc didn't take me seriously and he was one who DXed the SIBO.
  4. I "4th" Green's ... I also like New Planet Pale Ale, but that's the only of theirs I"ve tried. I didn't like Redbridge at all when I had it... just didn't taste enough like beer to me.
  5. Thanks. Doesn't really definitively answer anything, but makes me feel even more unsure about eating the rice-based products. I guess we'll all die form smoething eventually, but I really don't want to eat something that I know could potentially be poisoning my body. Argh.
  6. With all the recent news about rice and arsenic (you are now supposed to wash rice before cooking to remove some of the arsenic) and, more recently, the rice from China and Taiwan that is contamined with lead.... are gluten-free products containing rice (rice flour, starch, etc) safe to consume?? Rice seems to be one of the most commmon "substitute grains/carbs" (along with potatoes)... I'm wondering if the processing of rice when gluten-free packaged foods are made makes it safer, or would it sill be unsafe to eat?? Apologies if this has already been asked... I didnt' see anything on a quick search.
  7. The correct answer if you have Celiac actually diagnosed is none, as others have posted. Having said that, plenty of people engage in unhealthy activities, knowing they are doing themselves some potential harm (e.g. smoking, alcohol, etc and I ate both ice cream and a chocolate bar last night after dinner, so who am I to talk?). The real answer to your question is that there is no answer. Everyone is different. I am not DXed celiac, but gluten intolerant (sensitivity, or whatever the correct terminology is these days). I can eat substantial gluten (like one slice of pizza or a sandwich on regular bread) approximately 1-3 times/month without getting GI and other symptoms. However, I did have symptoms (GI and other) before I went gluten-free (unlike you I have something that I can use to gage the effects on my body). edit: oh, and as an addendum I would add that if you really want to "cheat", then why not save cheating for times when you may have no other choice (like when traveling or something)? Just a thought...
  8. tennisman, if you think your depression could be related to vit. D have you tried light therapy yet?
  9. Thanks for the info from everyone. I ate hard cheese (aged parmesan) for a couple of days earlier this week and started back in other dairy (yogurt, cream) yesterday... so far no bad reactions or anytning new, so I'm assuming dairy is not a major issue for me.
  10. I have tried allergy meds: Benadryl, Sudafed, etc. None if it helps. I've had this chronic phlegm/pnd for about 15 years now and I'm not exxagerating. It started when I was in the Pacific Northwest and I've since lived in Southern California, and now the northeast and I still have it. If dairy turns out not to be the culprit, then it is something I can live with, but it really is a head-scratcher for me. One thing I know for certain: the phlegm started after I had mononucleosis in late 1996. I recovered from the virus fine, but the phlegm has remained ever since.
  11. Started eating hard cheese (fresh parmesan, etc) yesterday morning. Been about 24-36 hours and so far no ill effects. I guess I will re-introduce other dairy tomorrow and see what happens. It's not looking like dairy is a major issue for me (aside from drnking a full glass of milk, which I haven't done in about 20 years).
  12. I finally went dairy free last week. It's been almost 8 days and so far I have not noticed a real decline in the symptoms I was having (chronic phlegm/post-nasal drip, etc). I'm going to give it another day or two and then re-introduce hard cheses to see if they bother me. If no problem there, then I'll go back to my nomral gluten-free diet and see how it goes.
  13. You can try taking fish oil to see if it helps. Apparently DHA (specifically found in oily fish like salmon or fish oil pills) is supposed to help with joint pain (among many other things). Not sure how long you would need to take it to see if it works though.
  14. I've taken Align 2 or 3 times in the past and, for me, it is like an expensive placebo. It did absolutely nothing at all to help, but I also experienced no side effects.
  15. So, you need dairy, gluten, and potato free? I've had some of the ice cream substitues that weren't too bad (coconut milk and almond milk stuff). I also ate some chcolate chip cookies last night that were gluten free, but not sure about the dairy... here they are: http://www.drlucys.com/cookies/chocolateChip'>http://www.drlucys.com/cookies/chocolateChip Looks like they have potato starch though.