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  1. Hi!, I'm new here, gluten free now for almost 2 months and wondering if I will ever be able to eat anything other than Breyer's lactose free vanilla ice cream without having diarrhea the next day, but it looks like maybe not....which is okay, just good to hear others' experiences. I would like to clear up a couple of misconceptions from posts above. I am a (retired) family physician, and I will upfront make the disclaimer that this is not medical advice for anyone, and you should always consult your personal physician on health matters. First, though, lactose intolerance is not an allergy. The idea of gradually introducing lactose into your diet will not help the lactose intolerance get better. If it were and allergy, that strategy might work. But it will only give you more diarrhea and gas. Second, the enzyme lactase is not produced by bacteria in your small intestine. the enzyme lives in the brush border of the intestinal lining cells, which are the ones that can get wiped out if you have celiac disease. Hence, no brush border=no lactase enzyme=lactose intolerance=diarrhea. I hope that is helpful.