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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I find that for sore joints or muscles if you rub some hemp oil on the affected area it will take pain away also if you take a drop or to of canna oil under the tounge.. I prefer to eat a cookie..and last but not least you can smoke it..now I found it helps to be in a MMJ state. But besides that it helps with weight loss, pain or sorriness, chronic nausea or severe cramping..these are things that I use it for and the best thing is it natural. Cieliacs affects me even if I'm not having an attack because my stomach line amongst otherthings inside are worn down and permanently damaged. Take from this what you will..it's not for everyone.but if your like me and hate pills and doctors..then it might work.
  2. Well I have to tell you that after all the medication (pills) I'm am significantly more comfortable and my quality of life is better that I'm not taking pills. I get that cramp in my stomach like have to poop. And it's a constant thing even when I don't have to. I spend most my time in the bathroom. With the MMJ that time is reduced. Although it's not a cure all it helps with chronic pain. And what not
  3. No I'm not getting gluten..what it is is that my stomach lining is messed up because my ciliacs i went undiaognosed until I was 25...so my stomach is permanently messed up...I don't smoke MMJ befor I go to work and there lots of strains and the ones I like are considered working meds...it gets up and go..that's a commen misnomer about MMJ..when you smoke or eat a cookie or brownie tour not assed out for hours...I am able to get rid of nausea and stomach problems and go clean my house or go out and play with my kids when they get home or what ever....
  4. I will tell you what I've tried and what works for me... I've tried pepto , Xanax , aspirin , Dramamine almost everything u can think of to get rid of the constant feeling of the need to go to the bathroom..also the nausea for me in the mornings is the worst..it almost keeps me in the bathroom..but thankfully I live in a medical marijuana state..I either smoke a little or eat a cookie and my nausea and discomfort are gone....
  5. I mean medication sorry my spell check auto
  6. Ok thank you but I'm asking is how people cope with the discomfort and pain..what mess are u using if any
  7. Sounds like a ciliac attack...try eating special brownie or cookie...
  8. Hello been gluten free me and my 2 little ones for 5 years now give or take a month...I work 12 hour days at a steel mill..and I have to take alot food to sustain me the entire day and and that puts a drain on the fridge at home...so what I do is I stalk up on things I make in a hurry like gluten free chex cereal and...dried fruit is a big one... Let me do an inventory of my cupboard and I will get back to you... What state do you live in???
  9. Hello from Michigan. I have been diagnosed now for about 5 years..2 out of 3 of children are also celiac..ages 5 and 7 my 7 year old is high functioning autistic.. I have found that it is incredibly hard to explain to little kids why they can't have mcdonalds hamburger like their older brother... Any way that's me and I started this because u wanted to know what people out tree are using for treatment...or what ever..my 60 year old has it bad as well and I got it pretty good..just looking to share ideas and get some new ones...