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  1. I Hate Potlucks!

    I understand, my old work use to have potlucks all the time. My boss even wanted to have a potluck on my last day even though I couldn't eat anything that was brought. She then said "you could bring stuff for the rest of us!" Yeah like I have time for that! My coworkers also used to tell me they were going to sneak gluten into my food. That is until I told one of them I would sue him for trying to kill me. I know it's pretty much a worthless threat but they didn't say it again. Needless to say I'm glad I'm not at that job anymore! My best advice would be to make something that smells amazing for yourself. People will want to share but alas you only have enough for you!
  2. Yeah that is what I found, another website I think it was a Gluten Free GiGi website that said she had contacted Folgers and they told her about the barley malt being a source of flavoring. I also normally drink the green mountain k cups but the store was out so I bought something else. Big mistake I guess.
  3. I drink other types of coffee without any problems.
  4. I recently bought a different type of vanilla flavored coffee than I normally get. The box said nothing about any allergies so, stupidly, I figured it would be ok. However, now I'm thinking it glutened me. This whole week I've had headaches. This use to happen to me before going gluten free and usually lead up to a massive migraine. Anyways, I at first was thinking the headaches were just the stress of starting grad school but the headaches just kept getting worse as the week went by. Today I have GI symptoms, body pain, of course a terrible headache, I'm breaking out, and nerve tingling/pain. All of these are typical of a gluten reaction for me. The only thing I can think of it the different brand of coffee. I've gone over anything else that could have done it and this is the only culprit. After looking it up I found a site that said Folgers (the brand I bought) flavored coffee's may have barley malt in them but because it's such a small amount they of course don't have to disclose this info. What I'm wondering is in anyone else has had this happen? I'm also curious about if people have reacted differently to barley gluten than they do to wheat gluten. I know if I get CC'd by wheat gluten my reaction to it is fairly quick and extreme where as this reaction and one other time I got CC'd by barley, the reaction took days to happen and was rather tame. Or if maybe because the barley in the coffee flavoring is so tiny it took a while to build up in my system and cause a reaction? Thanks for any help!
  5. Thanks for the replies, it really helps hearing other peoples persectives. Justlisa, I agree with you. I try as hard as I can to make my celiacs a non issue. Sometimes though some things are just not avoidable, for example what started his thinking was that I wouldn't kiss him goodbye one night because he has just eaten a pizza. I didn't want to risk it and he was not happy about it. I get that it sucks but what am I suppose to do? Again, I get your point and I try hard as I can to make my food issues a non issue with others but I can't accomidate everything.
  6. Changing Tastes

    This is true, I took out dairy initally as well and now I don't like the taste of milk at all. I have small doeses of cheese but dairy milk is just gross to me now. Also potato chips taste so salty now that I can't eat them. Frankly I'm glad I've lost the taste for certain foods, makes it easier to stay away from a lot more.
  7. Not that I would wish celiacs on anyone but it would be kind of nice to have a family member that unerstood my plight. But like other responders said my family is denial. I'm pretty sure my mom has it but she won't get checked for it. That is a neat discovery for you though!
  8. I know I don't post on here often but I'm thinking that you guys are the only ones who will understand this. Today I found out that the real reason my last boyfriend broke up with me is because I have celiacs and he knew it would affect him too. I'm no sad about the loss of this guy and obviously he isn't worth it but I'm heartbroken over his reasoning. I try so hard to make it so that my celiac's dosn't affect the people around me but I'm getting sick of doing that only to have them turn around and use the slight inconvience as a reason not to be around me. This was also a problem with my last roommate which is one of the reasons I live alone now. I just don't understand it and I'm so frustrated that I can't sleep. How does everyone else deal with this? Am I just being to sensitive? Should I just accept that people are jerks? I already isolate myself quite a bit because I'm shy but I'm not sure how many times I can be told I'm an inconvinence before I just give up and not form any new relationships at all. That sounds drastic I know. I'm just really frustrated, not sure where to go from here.
  9. My local grocery store (safeway) has starting putting little signs by things that are gluten free. The other day I was buying some Wolfgang Puck soups some of which are specifically labeled gluten free. I grabbed a few of the ones in which the store had labeled gluten free but I was in a hurry and stupidly did not read all the labels on them. Well today I went to go eat the hearty vegtable one and after a few bites saw what looked to be barley. I quickly went back and read the label of the soup and it was in fact barley. Now I'm just waiting around until I get sick. I alreayd have a cold so the added glutening is going to make it that much better. I'm pretty upset with myself for not reading label but I'm also mad at the grocery store. I know the three that I picked out all had these little green signs under them stating they were gluten free. Ahhh I'm so frustrated. So for future warning don't be dumb like me and trust a store to correctly label things. :/
  10. Celiac Means No Coffee?

    JustNana, Thanks for the apology. Everyone else, thanks for the adivce. I'm glad other people on here are good at researching all this stuff.
  11. Celiac Means No Coffee?

    Sorry that I don't spend my entire life on this board. Did you actually read what I wrote? I was asking if anyone else had heard of this notion. I never said I believed it.
  12. "Don

    The article doesn't say that there is gluten in coffee. It says there is a protien in coffee that can cause the same harmful effects as gluten does in people with a gluten issue. I'm not really sure why everyone is disagreeing with this guy. I do think I need to see some more research before I give up my coffee, however, there are still people who says celiacs is a fad. If we are on this forum we know celiacs is NOT a fad.
  13. Hey Everyone, So I read this blog today that basically says a protien in coffee can cause the same harmful effects as gluten can. I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard this or knows anymore. I'm a little upset about it. :/ Here is the blog http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/gluten-issues-or-celiac-dont-drink-coffee/
  14. Starbucks Update

    Ahhh, that is no good. I love the caramel macchiatos I drink them a lot without my normal gluten symptoms. Now this makes me wonder if some weird stuff that has been going on is because of my getting more hidden gluten. :/
  15. A Bread Maker

    Hey, so I recently my mom bought me a bread maker. I told her I wanted one with a gluten free cycle (which I know they have because my sis-in-law has one) but after talking to a friend of her's with celiacs and doing some research, my mom got me a zojirushi home bakery mini. It makes smaller loves of bread which would be good for just me. Now the instruction manual it came with has a recipe for gluten free brown rice bread. But I'm wondering if anyone else has used a bread maker to make so bread and what you guys use? Any other recipes would be appreciated. Thanks!