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  1. Sushi Rice... Again

    Thanks all! The waitress made it sound as if it was something in addition to the rice wine vinegar, because I tried telling her that rice vinegar is usually fine for me. She said it was another seasoning that they add to the rice. I agree with you that this was shocking, as a Japanese friend's mother had taught me to make sushi and there was definitely not wheat in anything we used. I am glad to hear that many of you still have had positive gluten-free sushi experiences, and I will continue to ask and give sushi another chance elsewhere. In fact, now I am curious about another local place (BlueC sushi in Seattle) which has a gluten-free menu, and wonder if rice seasoning has fallen on their radar since I have gotten sick there before. It would be a terrible thing if we had to knock another food group off of our dining out experiences!
  2. Sushi Rice... Again

    Thank you for your replies. Yes, I understand that the soy sauce and crab often have gluten, but when in doubt I often just went for a cucumber or avocado roll, and I always bring my own soy sauce. It was the sushi rice itself that I am asking about because this was the first I had heard of this issue.
  3. Sushi Rice... Again

    This past week I went to a sushi restaurant, which I always have believed was a safe dining option for a celiac (have been since 1997). I was told that the sushi rice was not gluten free, and that the same would be true for all of the restaurants making sushi! (gasp.) The wait person told me that it was due to the seasoning they put in the sushi rice which contains wheat. I could have a bowl of rice, but not the rice they used for their sushi. This is the first time I have ever been told that the sushi was not safe, yet there have been several occasions where I have left Japanese restaurants not feeling 100%. Has anyone else had this experience with sushi rice? I've looked at some of the earlier postings and several said they also believed sushi to be a "go to" meal for dining out, so is this a new issue or something we have not been fully informed of in the past? I appreciate your input. (I am new to this forum and this is my first post.)