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  1. My ex husband has a timeshare in Aruba, my son,17 yrs old, has celiacs and goes there every summer. He said it's actually to eat there because he can eat all the grilled meat and vegies. They just don't use marinades on it. They stay at the Playa Linda in Aruba. Happy Wedding!!
  2. My son had genetic testing done for celiacs. Our insurance did cover it, but it couldn't be done at a regular lab, we had to go to the hospital lab that does the prometheus test for celiac.
  3. My son 17, has been gluten free for over a year and a half now. His pain and cramping only went away a few months ago. It takes time to heal. Are you taking any natural supplements to help the healing process?
  4. You could try Extreme XXL they are pre made shakes by American Body Buidling 980 calories each. My son uses them without a problem. They are gluten free but are whey protein so it does have dairy.