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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm still waiting for celiac blood results (two weeks nearly) which to be fair my GP said it would take that long. I just want to know why I keep getting these stomach pains and nausea! It's so frustrating :-( if I havn't heard by wednesday I'm going to make a appoint anyway and see if my GP can chase things up a bit. Sorry for the moan.
  2. Those In Uk......

    Are you in the UK?
  3. Those In Uk......

    How long did it take for you to get your blood results back?I had bloods done a week and a half ago and I'm getting very twitchy about the results xx
  4. Main symptoms at the minute are a dull stomache ache with shooting pains (worse if I've eaten pasta), nausea and acid reflux. As I say the symptoms arn't there all the time. I do get diahh or loose stools but it's not all the time xx
  5. But not others?? I've been keeping a food and symptom diary whilst waiting for my celiac blood results. My worst symptoms so far have been eating pasta. Today I had half a white baguette for lunch plus two things that had breadcrumb coatings - no symptoms at all!!!!! So I can eat some things with gluten but not others??? Or I get noticeable symptoms with some things but not others?!? Xx
  6. Endoscopy

    I'm very lucky in that my GP is (touch wood) very good. How did your first gluten free day go?? What are you going to eat in a day? I was in the supermarket today thinking I might not be able to have this and this etc.... Got me down a bit :-(
  7. Endoscopy

    This was only the 'routine' bloods, the celiac ones arn't back till next week as seems to take 2-3 weeks in uk. If I've not heard by next wednesday I'm going to make a appoint to see GP as if it's not celiac I need to find out what's causing this persistent stomach ache. I definately think I've become intolerant of gluten but whether it's celiac disease or not I don't know xx
  8. Endoscopy

    Blimey, that was quick!! I called my GP surgery this am re my routine bloods. Apparently my doctor has looked at them so according to the receptionist they must be ok.
  9. I've not had the results of my celiac one yet but I called my GP this morning. The receptionist said that my other results have come back ie anaemia/thyroid/liver and kidney function and my doctor has looked at them, because I havn't had a phone call yet they must be fine. So could it still be celiac, even if my routine bloods are fine???
  10. Endoscopy

    Yeah I'm in uk too so I'll expect it to take what my GP has said which is two weeks xxx
  11. Endoscopy

    Definately, I'm trying to stay positive too. Just want to know if I'm positive or not at the minute, then I'll be able to deal with it! How long did it take for your initial celiac bloods to come back??
  12. Yet another question but one I think I know the answer to, if I am positive (waiting for bloods ATM) who in my family needs to be tested? I'm guessing my mum, dad, brothers and sister. However do their children need testing, I have four neices and nephews with another on the way. All the children are under four and have never shown any signs. Upsets me to think they might be affected and in a stupid way I think it's my fault somehow :-(
  13. Endoscopy

    Glad it went ok, were you offered a sedative?? Xx
  14. I ate half a White baguette yesterday for lunch, had stomach pains all night and feeling sick :-(
  15. Endoscopy

    Sorry can't be of any help but interested to read replies as waiting blood results to come back. Bit worried re the endoscopy if I need it