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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Need Lunch Help

    I'm a truck driver and kind of in the same boat. I've been living on McDonald's fries for lunch for three weeks and I know that isn't good for me. Some claim I could get CC from McDonald's, but I've been lucky and haven't yet. And I realize it's a temporary thing until I think of something better. One thing I have been thinking about was getting a soft sided lunch cooler and one of those re-usable cool paks. I want to mix up some tuna salad and eat it with Scoops. I could also have some rice cakes with peanut butter and bring some veggies.
  2. Pictures Of My Rash

    The second and fourth picture is hives. Urticaria.
  3. I, too, have this. Never really had a sense of smell that I can remember. My wife smells for me. Ever since going gluten free, it's has gotten a bit better, but only a little. I get tired of people asking me if I can taste. yes, I still have tastebuds. Crash
  4. Soups, Soups, Boy Does It....

    I like the chicken corn chowder. Ate it with some corn tortillas and it made a good meal.
  5. Good Reaction To Celiac Disclosure

    I don't know your situation at work, but I work in a warehouse. Last week my boss bought us lunch, chicken wings, one of my favorites. He actually asked the place providing the wings if they were gluten free. I didn't ask him to ask, he just did. They were and we all had wings and had a great time. I doubt he would have bought me anything special had the wings had not been gluten free, but it was really nice that he asked. CRash
  6. I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

    I'm not trying to replicate things I would eat, if I didn't have my gluten intolerance. I'm discovering new things to eat. The other day I had some tuna salad that I put in Scoops. It was pretty good. I eat alot of corn tortillas. I use them like I would bread. Is it as good as bread? Not really, but it's different. My wife made some gluten free chili, I dipped my tortillas in it. It was damn tasty. I don't see my gluten free diet as restricting me, I see it moving me in different directions. Before I discovered my gluten intolerance, an allergy doctor told me that I was allergic to beef. I went 4 years without eating beef, only to discover that it wasn't true. Compared to not eating beef, not eating gluten has been easier for me. On the other hand, since I've been gluten free, we've had two birthdays around here and that means lots of cake. Did I have some? No. But I ate twice my weight in ice cream. CRash
  7. I remember that the sky was as blue as I had ever seen it. Blindingly blue.
  8. Let's have some fun. We all have given up some food that we love. I think if we talk about it, instead of just being angry, it will make us all feel better. From looking at the other threads, it seems like pizza is well loved by most people here. But there is something that I have been craving lately. I was reaching in the cabinet for something, I think peanut butter, when my hand pulled out a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli. For some reason, I have been craving it ever since. The little pasta pillows filled with that gooey meat stuff and that weird sweet tasting Boyardee sauce. Pure comfort food. Hard to get my mind off of it this week. What are you guys craving? What do you miss? CRash
  9. I'm Miffed - Need Advice

    This is how your life is from now on. You can either let this disease run your life or you can eat beforehand and have a good time. You're taking it personally because you feel that if they wanted you there, they would have it somewhere more gluten-free friendly. It doesn't sound like they are. But, if I wanted to go, I wouldn't let this stop me.
  10. I have floaters. It's weird. I hate them.
  11. Drugs And Celiac

    We're asking us how to take drugs? Really? This site seems to be about getting well. Do yourself a favor and quit taking drugs.
  12. No Negs Just Pos

    Some probiotics have wheat. Be careful.
  13. This is exactly what I have been fighting for 10 years now. I was on 4 Zyrtec, then 4 Allegra a day, 50 mg of Doxepin, 600 mg Ranitidene and tons of other meds. I was, at one time, taking 14 pills a day just to control the hives. I quit gluten, now I'm down to 1 pill a day. I'm feeling 1000% better.
  14. Gluten Free And Loving It.

    Ok, today, not so great. Had a hive on my back last night, went away this morning, and now two very small ones on my head. Also, a bit of depression this morning. Is this some sort of gluten working through my system, since it's only been like ten days, or am I on the wrong track? We ate dinner at a restaurant last night and although what I had was supposedly gluten free, I have my doubts. I had to explain to the waitress what gluten is. Energy was decent today, not as good as yesterday, but not as bad as usual. Also, thanks everyone for the comments and good tips.
  15. How Did Your Doctor Tell You?

    My doctor didn't tell me. I will be telling him.