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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sarcasm About Celiac

    Some pretty horrible people out there judging by the stories. Thankfully I haven't encountered any sarcasm from people. I wouldn't tolerate it anyway. All my co-workers have been great about it and I don't mind talking about it with them. Family been great too. I'm sure sarcastic comments would get me down at times but I try not to let coeliac disease get me down anyway. It can be hard at times but in many ways I think of it as a blessing and the kick up the arse I needed to start eating healthier. Don't let them grind you down.
  2. Back On Gluten

    That's interesting as I had a positive blood test and negative endoscopy but they told me i've got it anyway. Not really sure what the point of the endoscopy was. But I got a day off work so can't complain
  3. Endoscopy

    I had a productive evening cooking. I bought some gluten free bread flour and just followed the instructions to make a cheese and tomato pizza. It was alright for a first attempt and i could definitely improve on it. Didn't really enjoy the bread that I had for my sandwich though, but I don't think it was the freshest. And I've got some pitta bread which I'll have with half of a poussin that i got today and some of the tomato sauce left from the pizza for lunch tomorrow. I felt the same walking round Tesco thinking I won't be able to have this and that. It was hardest walking past the pastry section as i love the donuts they do. But then I got home and started cooking and I was over it. Don't feel down, concentrate on the good things.
  4. Endoscopy

    Keep at them anyway. A good doctor certainly makes a difference. My own GP is terrible and I've not met anyone who has a good word to say about her. Her advice to me was just, change your diet. It took me going to a different GP who was prepared to do anything else. Hope everything goes ok for you.
  5. Endoscopy

    After I got my results which I think was on a Thursday, I got my letter through from the hospital on the Saturday and my endoscopy was arranged for the following Monday which was a lot quicker than I expected.
  6. Endoscopy

    It took 3 weeks to get the blood tests back but i think it was only supposed to take 2. I just couldn't make the earlier appointment. That is on the NHS in the UK though so no doubt it will be quicker for other places. The NHS is free after all.
  7. Endoscopy

    Cheers, they offered me a general anaesthetic but I just opted for the throat spray for numbing which I'm glad. Went shopping for my first gluten free food today as well. Some nice chocolate macaroons and some bread for my sandwich tomorrow. I didn't think my local shop would have much as it's quite small but was pleasantly surprised. Gonna head to the bigger shop in Galashiels on my lunch break tomorrow to pick up some gluten free beer as well. Determined not to get down about it too much. I've felt down for so long over the last year or so that I'm looking forward to feeling better instead. Although I realise it'll not quite be as simple as that, I want to try and stay positive.
  8. Endoscopy

    Well, the endoscopy wasn't too bad. bit of a sore throat and a lot of gagging, but i'm pleased it's over. Just got to wait a couple of weeks for the results. Gonna try my first gluten-free day tomorrow.
  9. Endoscopy

    What about false positives? I have been preparing myself for the worst and i'm sure i'll take it in my stride. I was a chef for a number of years so i'm not worried about cooking for myself. eating out will be an issue i know. And I will miss lager in the pub and the fish and chip shop after a night out but i reckon i will mainly feel relieved.
  10. Endoscopy

    The Borders is lovely but can get a bit boring with it being so small. I wish I'd asked more questions when i was at the doctors but i guess i will find out more tomorrow. I just want to find out either way so I can start to move forward. I'm quite impatient at times.
  11. Endoscopy

    I'm in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Near England, but not in England. We're very particular about that! Reading the literature i got from the hospital it says in most circumstances, your doctor can inform you of your test results on the day of the procedure, but results of any biopsies will take several days. Does that mean that they will be able to pretty much tell from looking at the villi if they are flattened when he's doing the endoscopy? Hadn't really expected it to be so quick, I thought I'd maybe be able to enjoy one last pint of (decent) lager before I found out.
  12. Endoscopy

    it's just a local anaesthetic i'm getting so i'll be awake during it. i'll just have to brave it. Not getting a colonoscopy though. That's maybe a good thing though!! I realise this is a US site but I'm over in the UK (Scotland to be exact, home of the deep fried mars bar) Any other UK users with any experiences?
  13. Hi folks, new member. Recently had my blood test which was high for whichever antibodies it is they test for and I have my endoscopy tomorrow morning at the hospital. How long does it take for the results to come back and just how uncomfortable is the endoscopy. any information would be greatly appreciated as i don't really know much about it all. cheers