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  1. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    Thanks Everyone! I just want to note: a "feeling of attacked" is different then saying you "were attacked". You cannot dispute someone's feelings. That is the problem with email, blogs, forums where tone is implied through the eyes of the reader. It was not the fact that someone asked for where i read something. It was the fact that it was followed by something i took as implying i was stating something that was implied to be factual. I have no problem to kindly clarify that I did not have a source of where i had read that ... or even to explain that it was quite some time ago... prior to joining this site. That is where my feeling of being attacked stemmed from. And I replied with factual data that I found... weirdly, not relating to my question at all. The reply to that was then followed by with "perhaps you should read up.". I do find it sad that we have spent so much time disputing something about french fries when my question was solely about milkshakes. I do find skylarks reply on why the Mc D's website has the data it has and how it relates to the level of gluten and how it affects the average person with a gluten allergy. That was very valuable and great information to know. I, however, like was referenced am unfortunately super sensitive to gluten, so for me... french fries from Mc D's is a no-no. I do appreciate all the links and data that people did find for me. That is what make this site unique with the ability to pool everyone's research and then make it available for others to read when doing research as well. I always find this site to be a source and wealth of knowledge and opinions of which I value. Yes, you probably will always find someone feeling defensive to replies in this specific forum as your working with people finding information about products they once loved or stating something they believe is true. I am one that loves it when people do show the links where they found their data. It's never easy to hear negative things about items you once loved. Sort of the "it can't be true" syndrome.
  2. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    Thanks Mommida -- i love your wording of "enjoy at your own risk" -- so the truth!! :-)
  3. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    skylark -- and thank you for the link directly on the shamrock shakes - that is super helpful and much appreciated!
  4. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    skylark - that is the whole reason why i decided to ask on this website. Because there ARE crazy things out there. And yes, i've always found this site supportive. I just feel like this is the first time that i've had replies from people where I felt like i was being attacked. No one likes to feel like that. Your reply was a much better way of wording what I believe Lisa was trying to say.
  5. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    my question is about Shamrock Shakes, not french fries. I get sick when I eat them -- that is enough for me. I was just replying to your message indicating that their french fries are gluten free and implying that i posted something that was not accurate by saying i read it somewhere. I was simply asking for support and information... regarding the shamrock shakes. Perhaps you should read up as well. ;-) My purpose of my topic is to get information on if anyone has had a reaction to having shamrock shakes.
  6. Mcdonalds Shamrock Shakes

    I do not remember where I read it which is why i'm asking on here if anyone has any info. I've always found this site to be supportive and informative. I disagree with Mcdonalds having dedicated friers and that they are gluten free. I am slightly offended that you imply that I would ever put information on here that is not accurate. McDonald restaurants are franchises and each one runs slightly differently. http://www.glutenfreechickie.com/2011/02/mcdonalds-fries-gluten-free.html In regards to their french fries and hashbrowns being gluten free - I went to their website directly and it confirms on their nutrition data sheets that they are not. It states the following: French Fries Potatoes, vegetable oil (canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor French Fries: Potatoes, vegetable oil (canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor [wheat and milk derivatives]*, citric acid [preservative]), dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (maintain color), salt. Prepared in vegetable oil (Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness). Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent. CONTAINS: WHEAT AND MILK. http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/getnutrition/ingredientslist.pdf or go to http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/food/food_quality/nutrition_choices.html and download the PDF file (first link) Last time I had them (french fries), I got terribly sick. Ingredients do not always tell the whole story... Cross contamination is huge, especially for people like myself who are incredibly sensitive. Whether it be from the company that makes and processes the mix for them to the individual restaurant, cross contamination in my book huge.
  7. Anyone have an experience with eating Mc Donalds Shamrock Shakes? I read somewhere that the mix for the shamrock ones did contain wheat. Although pretty much anything at Mc Donalds I usually stay away from as even their fries depending on what other things they fried that day in the oil they use causes me to get sick and hivey!
  8. I tried the bread for free because my friend is a consultant and i agree -- YUCK and yes it fell after it came out -- not worth the money. I didn't try the popcorn seasoning because i gave it as part of a christmas gift. My kids love the home fry seasoning on baked fries in the oven. I LOVE the garlic grapeseed oil. I think it's hit or miss if something will be good from them. I was excited about the scampi blend stuff and it's pretty much tasteless in my opinion. I asked my question because my friend gave mea $50 GC for christmas to get the large garlic grapeseed oil but right now if you spend 50 you get that half off so i was trying to decide what to get ... and most importantly something i could eat. I ended up getting stuff i already know is okay so far... the rancher rub seasoning i love in soups.... and i'm trying out the taco seasoning... and more home style fry seasoning mainly cause my kids love it (and anytime i can get them to eat something that isn't a corn dog or mac n cheese i get excited!! they are 2 and 4)
  9. Has anyone tried Wildtree's products before? They have a list of their items that are technically gluten free -- but not gaurenteed and then they have their actual gluten free line. The spices i've tried so far are the home fry seasoning and garlic grapeseed oil. I have not had a reaction to either. I received a gift certificate though for Christmas and am curious about the Alfredo mix? It is on their list of "gluten free" ingredients or as they put it do "not contain gluten"... anyone have a reaction or know more??
  10. I am a total stuffing in the bird type of gal! ;-)
  11. good tip on the four loaf pans!! i will definitely try that!! fingers crossed! thanks for the useful tips!
  12. thanks so much pricklypear1971!! are all of those mixes you buy and make? i've tried the redmill white bread -- came out horrible... maybe i didn't cook it enough though -- outside was browned, inside was soggy. although i like your cornbread idea!!! GUMBO... yumm! Do you have a good gluten-free recipe for that you'd like to share ;-) I'm from Green Bay, WI so good gumbo recipes, gluten-free or not are hard to come by! :-)
  13. to be honest i've tried some of the bread mixes to try and find a bread recipe to substitute and they taste horrible and turn out gooey? maybe i'm making them wrong.....any suggestions on a good gluten-free bread brand?
  14. Does anyone have a good gluten free stuffing recipe? My family has a specific recipe we always use --but since finding out i have a gluten allergy this year I'm going to have to find an alternative to use this thanksgiving! thanks in advance!