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  1. I've decided to leave this forum because nobody ever really listens to what the problem is and provides useful answers. Everyone seems to want to prove what they know is over and above everyone else. It is not conducive to healing, or healthy conversation, or progress in the physical problems that a lot of us are left with. Good luck to you all and perhaps just answer the question next time.
  2. BTW, in chinese medicine a pulse disappearing, means it is faint... my daughter was not DEAD. Please stop being so melodramatic.
  3. I'm too tired to respond to your comments above. It works for me. I don't come on here to be questioned on my tests and how i go about getting an idea of what I can and can't eat, I came on here to ask if anyone has problems with starch and inflammation/itchiness possible IgG type reactions. I guess now you'll be telling me that because I haven't had a biopsy I should eat gluten.
  4. Honestly.. (please don't take umbrage at this), the 'science' community has so many holes in it, it is reminiscent of a sieve. You should have a listen to all the interviews with the top Gluten scientists/researchers and professors from the Gluten Summit last year. Where does the quote from above come from? From the Science of testing link you put below. You cannot take as given what anyone in the formal healthcare chain says. A good example is my son reacting to egg 7 hours after eating it when he was 7 months old. The NHS consultant said it could not have been an allergic reaction to egg as it was too long in manifesting (second exposure btw), then when my daughter had her near anaphylaxis to something she ate the A&E doctor said explicitly that it was likely something she ate whilst she was away from home with her Dad, which was over 36 hours previously. I questioned her on this and she said that it is very common in children to have this delayed kind of reaction... so who am I meant to believe, the consultant, who technically should know everything, or the A&E doctor who was younger and very aware of the constant discoveries in the field of IgE and IgG allergies. I actually said that I was IgG sensitive to a number of foods, to which she said... well that is allergy. And yet another doctor, on asking for my daughter to be properly tested for this compound, said IgG was also allergy. I have had two conformations in different forms of my IgG allergy to milk and since eliminating it have felt 100% better... one was pulse and the other was IgG protein sensitivity assay. My ex. boyfriend had a really rough day at Christmas a year ago, felt like he was going to have a heart attack. Two months later he did the IgG test and guess what he reacts to? TURKEY! Traditional medical science is very keen to lambast theories on IgG testing... and in a way I agree it is not 100% effective because if you eliminate a food you won't get a reaction - as my GP told me numerous times so it missed a raft of my sensitivities... which were picked up by the acupuncturist. And as for limiting children's food.... I don't do that, I just go with my instinct with my two. If they avidly don't want to eat something, I think that often that is a sign they can't handle that particular food, if they have an allergic reaction that food is out, if they can't poop while they drink milk, I experiment by taking that out and challenging it. My kids are not great eaters, as I suspect and have yet to confirm that they both suffer from eating gluten, but I haven't cut it completely out of their diets yet because I don't want them getting the severe exposure symptoms that I get. Mother's gut instinct is very often right.
  5. http://www.pharmacology2000.com/Histamine/histamine.htm If you scroll down to Organ system effects you'll see that with histamine release the entire cardiovascular system is affected, including blood pressure. Here and article stipulates that IgG can also have an anaphylaxis type response. http://www.usbiotek.com/Downloads/information/criticalReview.pdf I'm sure that many of us have eaten some foods then found it difficult to breathe, had asthma type symptoms, then poorly tummy, I know I have! I don't think it is as simple as saying that a pulse test is ineffective and unproven, when you look at the whole body changes for both IgE and IgG reactions - particularly bad ones such as the reactions a lot of us may be experiencing. BTW, the pulse test is not as simple as detecting a raise in pulse (which is common when we eat food), it is more complex. Often when I'm tested for a food my pulse will slow down or even completely disappear - such as happened when my daughter just held a food that she extremely allergic to (she was in A&E with the last oral ingestion reaction) up against her cheek in a plastic bag! The tests had to be stopped for 10 minutes because her pulse just disappeared.
  6. No I agree Irish Heart but at the same time I have had formal IgG tests which came back negative with things I know make me really sick like chocolate, GLUTEN, Eggs, soya, fish, dairy etc etc. The pulse tests did diagnose these, though the IgG test didn't, so I kind of trust the pulse better. Interestingly the dairy did not show up on the pulse test first time because I hadn't eaten any for months, then showed up when I had eaten it for a few months. And the IgG test came up positive for that because I was eating it at the time. So even if there are no papers (which I'm sure there are if you look at different terms rather than pulse) it 100% does work for me.
  7. No, starch in foods. I've been off most starch except 1 Banana now for nearly three days and feel very hungry but much much better, much less achey and toxic feeling. I've been eating potatoes, rice, rice and corn pasta... all gluten free. I'm not intolerant to any of these (the IgG test even didn't show them up), so the only thing I can think of is something to do with the starch. Could it be Mast Cell activation? How would that happen?
  8. I can't have chocolate either in any form so I totally commiserate!
  9. Yes, the yeast thing we check for regularly. It's not showing at the moment but has done in the past. I think it may just be that too much starch my body cannot cope with digesting. Am looking in to the SIBO possibility.
  10. I get what your saying ,but she does pulse tests on me which tell her whether or not I can tolerate foods... she has been spot on with everything else. It might be SIBO or a virus perhaps that's feeding off the starch?
  11. I know it sounds nutty but I've been feeling off and bloated, puffy, poorly tummy and generally just not me over the last couple of months. The only change i have made is eating starch in the form of potato crisps, some corn/rice pasta, plain white rice even though my acupuncturist says I can tolerate all of those. The only thing I can think of is something to do with the starch. Does anyone else have this... or a similar reaction? I have been starch free for the last 24 hours and even though I am starving hungry I feel much less puffy and toxic.
  12. Hello. I wonder if anyone has tried a soil base probiotic and what were their findings... did they have to start out gradually, and were the results better/worse? I have had to stop taking a standard probiotic because it really does not seem to be helping me... in fact making me worse! I would like to really start to do something to heal my gut and wonder if this might be the right path to try. Does anyone know which ones are best and most reliable... I'm in the UK so a UK supplier would be good.
  13. Question is how long did it take for your gut to be healed? I have been on a 'clean' diet for nearly three years and still have problems, though admittedly not as bad as previously. However I still react to a bunch of things and I think that maltodextrin in my probiotic might be the next thing.
  14. This is amazing... to see that there are so many other things that we are reacting to... some of which are way away from gluten. I was wondering if any of you had had a reaction to the components in probiotics. I'm not sure how they make the cultures for dairy free ones. Does anyone know?
  15. Hi everyone I thought it might be interesting for us all to list what we are intolerant too in addition to Gluten as so many of us seem to have problems after cutting gluten from our diet - we might be able to experiment on cutting certain foods based on the findings. It might be interesting also to find out what symptoms you had with them which lead to you sussing out you were intolerant. Here's mine: Eggs - heartbeat/heat/irritability Dairy - heat/irritability/massive water retention Soya - heartbeat raised, water retention Corn - hearbeat raised Rice (? TBC) - heartbeat raised Fish - itchy, water retention Shellfish - itchy, water retention Coconut - raised heartbeat, high irritability Palm oil - heat, high irritability, water retention Potato? - water retention