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  1. Sweet rice is used for its starch so a good substitution is tapioca flour, potato starch, or corn starch but seeing corn starch is already in the receipe try tapioca or potato. I would also have to agree with using super fine rice flours otherwise they do tend to be gritty!!
  2. Hello, I am new to this site but have been eating purely decadent ice cream for a while it is my only sweet that I buy. Most of what I eat I make in my kitchen because I can control the ingredients and contamination probability. In reference to your post I have no problems with it but my nephew does his symptoms are similar to yours, in his case it is the guar gum and the carob bean gum. Both have been know to cause intestinal problems. I do make a version in my kitchen with arrow root instead of the gums and he loves it and has no problems with it. Celiac disease is different for everyone, I am so sensitive that I can no longer even tolerate any kind of dairy products even the ones that are gluten free. I hope this helps... :-) Kymberlye