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  1. Where I Stand And Taking One

    It has been a while since my last post. I came home from medical school to think things over, but it has been the best decision for me. My head is screwed on straight and I am really focused. It has been an interesting few weeks. I came home to stay with a family member with Celiac, who was diagnosed 1 year ago. It is mind boggling just how little she knew about her condition and the danger in her everyday eating habits. It really saddens my heart that doctors do not educate patients more on this condition and refer Celiac patients to Celiac nutrition specialist. I have had only a couple of days where my stomach symptoms have resurfaced, but all and all I am doing fantastic. My ankles have not swollen. It is an everyday victory when I look down and they are normal, well what I am slowing getting used to as normal. The hardest struggle has been not following along with others. As mentioned before I am living with a family member with Celiac. Her daughter is also very contentious as well, but still I have to think twice when they hand me things or when we cook. The other battle has been that of the rest of the family constantly saying "oh I doubt this has gluten in it." I remember one afternoon when one tried to hand me gummy vitamins. I said "no thank you I can't those have gluten." The response, "no way" as he proceeded to read the ingredients low and behold the 7th on the list "WHEAT." So word to the wise be courageous, cautious, and careful for yourself. Doubt everyone and trust nothing, because at the end of the day your the one that gets sick while they complain and moan about you not feeling 100% up to par. Be Brave! I know we can do it!
  2. Their Normal Finally!

    Celebrating the small stuff again today. My ankles look normal for the first time since coming to the Caribbean. So excited!!!! Now I just have to keep them this way. My biggest tell tell when I get into gluten is my ankles instantly swell like crazy. Which is followed by fatigue and depending how much I got into what feels like the flu. Today is day three out of the fog of my last reaction. I know it is bound to happen again...but enjoying for the moment the energy and feeling of being almost normal.
  3. The Beginning Of Me Taking Charge

    [b][size="4"][font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][/size][/b] [b][color="#800080"][font="Comic Sans MS"]It has been a long road to this season of my life. The journey thus far has been wrought with what seemed like bad luck, but really just a string of now explainable events. Gluten has been, behind the scenes, controlling my life. Now it is my turn to take charge, and this blog is how I am going to do it. I recently moved to the Caribbean for medical school, three week prior I solved the puzzle, and my doctor confirmed it. I have Celiac Disease. At first it was oh I can do this no bread or wheat, got it. Very quickly now I have discovered it is much more than that, so much more than that. Currently I am fighting the acceptance that I have this and will always have it. In addition, I feel like I have hit a brick wall. I don't know how to feel about it. I feel like it is a life long sentence like some serious disease that most people recoil at the sound of, yet those around me, more so my family, seems to think oh simple just change your diet. To me it is so much more than just changing my diet. Being a huge foodie, that pleasure in life is now severely retarded. Fast food is pretty much out of the question, and I grew up on the stuff being that my mom works for a major chain. Every social gathering and family event is like a field of mines when it comes to gluten. Not to mention it is constantly being brought up when I have to politely turn down food, is another hard aspects of all of this. Food has always been my weak point, the guilty pleasure I could not control, and now that has to be extremely controlled. I have so much more to share but for today I will leave you with this...victory number 1. the grocery store here has gluten-free bread, pasta, oatmeal, pancake mix, and a Kraft products. Victory number 2. I called the company that makes Zegerid and was told it is Gluten free, and thank God because it is the last acid reflux medication that works for me. I hope to find support in others on this site and use this blog as a healthy way to vent and share my victories.[/font][/color][/b]
  4. Never thought about the tooth enamel. I am soo new to this. I have very sensitive teeth. And the nails thing. Wow!!! Things just keep adding up.
  5. 2 Weeks In.......

    I am 27 and feel your pain. The short version: IBS since I was little, arthritis at 20, migraines at 22, mild depression, gallbladder removal at 24, and chronic fatigue, then in 2009 the massive bilateral pitting edema started and the heavy testing began. The "IBS" has caused several severe intestinal infections nearly hospitalizing me every time. I have spent so much time and money and not too mention tears trying to loose weight. Nothing has ever been notably wrong except for the emergency gallbladder removal. After some sudden weight gain the was unexplained and more crazy swelling I went to an Endocrinologist. Nada!!!! I am soo exhausted at this point. I see my blood work and consistently my Vit D levels are low the nurse says nothing until I ask about it. After all the money, pain and mostly the emotional pain. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! GLUTEN!!!! Spoke to my GP about the mirage of symptoms and the Vit D.! Bingo!!! Now the hard part I moved to the Carribean for medical school with no Gluten free guarantees, no oven, and no one who understands!!!! I keep getting into the gluten some how, mostly because I am reluctant to give up everything. Brendygirl your post really helped. I don't feel so inadequate it really is hard. My roommate eats gluten and we share dishes occasionally or drink after one another. I didn't even consider the shampoo and toothpaste. Thank you! I am having worse and worse reactions every time I get into it. Now instead of slugging through the day I feel like I have the worst flu. So I have been attempting Gluten free since the end of July...here is hoping I figure it out soon. Any support would be greatly appreciated, it so hard being in a small distant country away from family and all that is familiar, but no challenge is to big to get through right. I CAN DO THIS! i think?