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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I called the company and they said there IS gluten..they thought in the modified food starch..
  2. Me and my husbands have different toasters, and if hes eaten anything w/ gluten I don't kiss him LOL. If I lick a envelope, I have a reaction..Some celiac people say they don't, but I do..I read the labels, and if in doubt call the company. I use a laundry detergent that doesn't contain gluten, toothpaste and shampoo, too.
  3. Actually I eat a lot of different things..One morning I make my own fruit smoothie, sometimes gluten free waffles/pancakes, eggs,rice chex..sometimes I just want some toast w/ SKIPPY peanut butter, or gluten free jelly...and they make great gluten free oatmeal and I add blueberries or a banana..
  4. Thanksgiving Dinner

    This year I am making stuffed turkey w/ gluten free bread, or I may try a corn bread stuffing, green bean caserole..yes u can make it gluten free!, sweet potatoes in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, gravy for our guests(I have gerd and cant eat gravy of any kind), relishes, etc..for dessert a chhesecake w/pumpkin pie on the top(w/ gluten free graham cracker crust), a chocolate cream pie(for my son and me.. ), and a apple pie for the guests..There are gluten free rolls, but I dont like them..so there ylou have it.
  5. I have a reaction to Pantene..Actually I just figured that out! (slow learner?) Suave, Dove products are gluten free products, too! I was diagnosed 5 years ago w/ Celiac..I have had the dermatitis for years..Never figured it was the Pantene until I stopped. Is there a hair coloring that is gluten free?..
  6. I was diagnosed with Celiac 5 years ago. I have always done pretty much my own cooking(no packaged things, etc.)..I find that the food you buy that are gluten free arent neccesarily good for you. Once in awhile a muffin or whatever(pkgd gluten free) are good, but all in all they are not that good. I make my own food, and to avoid any cross contamination I just dont eat out. I drink one glass of milk a day and see no problems so far..eat more fruits and egetables..and i eat leaner meat..
  7. Celiac And Reflux (Gerd)

    I found out 3 years ago I had celiac and have stuck w/ the diet religiously..In November I became very sick and excess acid coming up. I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks..My throat was burned and couldnt eat anything..went to a GI and was told I have no hernia, ulcers, tuimors, etc. butthat I have Gerd..Im trying to stick w/ the Gerd diet, but he has me on Lasprazole(twice a day)..I feel better somewhat, occasionally having problems swallowing. I am wondering what vitamins I should be taking for Celiac, seeing as I was told no vitamins w/ Gerd. Also, I read on your forum that I shouldnt take Lansporazole for a long time, but he has me on it indefinatly..HELP!!
  8. Acid Reflux

    I have had celiac for a few years, and had it under control. Then I had what I thought was a asthma attack.I couldnt breathe at all. went to the dr and she said i have (had)pneumonia, asthma,celiac,fibromyalgia. started me on prednisone, biaxin,singular,and of course blood pressure meds. I bloated so much i couldnt eat. to make a long story short i lost 12 pounds in 10 days, very weak.vision blurry. so then she suggested mylanta 2 to get me to eat..i went to a different dr and he showed no tumors/etc in my throat and nose, chest xrays shows no pnemonia, heart good. but because of the acid reflux in my mouth(the acid was fillling my mouth extremely) caused my throat to be "raw meat" he told me to stay on broth. My stomach felt like it was in cramps, and I really felt like I was going to die. Then I was sent to a Gastriologists, and he said "eat,eat,eat" and couldnt believe I had been on broth for 4 days, prior to that I hadnt eaten food in about a week. He changed my acid reflux meds, and today --2 days later- my acid is almost gone, I can sllep more than 2 hrs(with head elevated), and am trying to get my weight up. I am having a upper GI in 3 weeks. I am trying to think what CAN I eat with both acid reflux, celiac, and fibromyalgia. Can I have Skippy Peanut butter(I believe thats gluton free)..but contains oils which I was told people with Gerd couldnt eat..I am getting tired of rice and white food..would broccoli, green beans be okay? what about the fruit? PLEASE help!!!
  9. Banana Nut Bread

    I used Bobs Red Mill Baking flour, and mine turned out great. It says on the package to add xanthum gum. I used my grandmas recipe, and it was real moist. I also use Bobs in my pumpkin bars..they are great too, but man did they rise! Mustve been the xanthum gum!
  10. Banana Nut Bread

    I made banana bread using my grandmas recipe..Instead of the usual flour, I used Bobs Red Mill..It says to add xanthum gum to the flour. All the other ingredients stayed the same, and it came out great! Even my husband didnt see a difference.
  11. Help With Canned Beans!

    Tonight I was going to make chili..I read the ingredients on the chili seasoning.contained wheat..I pulled out my chili beans..said it contained chili powder. I called the company and they said "Oh, Yes! If it doesnt contain wheat, barley or rye on the label it is gluton free!" I said "Yes, but it contains chili powder." "well, It must be gluton free." So in other words, I guess any chili beans have gluton? As far as regular beans, I have had no problem and I use Bushs all the time..just no chili beans..
  12. I feel like I am falling apart..I was diagnosed w/ celiac disease almost 2 years ago and if anything everything else is falling apart..arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, etc..and now allergies are taking over my life. If I go outside I get lesions; In fact, I get them everywhere..Im wondering if its my laundry soap, shampoo, etc..I have heard people say if you dont ingest it, it wont hurt..Im very careful to eat gluton free, but no matter what I do, my body looks like I have measles. Now I hear corn contains gluton, as well as rice..so now Im trying that..drives me nuts!
  13. I found out last year I had Celiac after testing, bloodwork, you name it..I felt so bad I couldnt eat anything, stomach bloated, and I couldnt keep food down. I always had colitis,bronchitis, migraines..you name it..When I first got the gluton out of my system I lost 30 pounds(kept it off), and felt ALOT better..But now the strange thing is my tongue looks like skid marks and is sore..Still being sure to go gluton free, my migraines have returned and I feel cruddy most of the time..So again I am eliminating more things, and get depressed..Now I found out not only Celiac is hereditary but I also have familial..is ths somehow related? Whats going on? Im nauseated and dizzy most of the time. My doctor added B12 to my other vitamins, flax seed oil, but no change. Any suggestions?
  14. I have the same exact thing..I thought I had this celiac thing down(found out a year ago), but I still have low grade fevers that come and go..and I also have a below normal temperature normally. I also occasionally get blisters on my tongue..I never heard of Wilsons to be honest, but is it w/ celiac or instead of celiac..because I am tired, skin allergies, joint pain..and just cant think.
  15. Some shampoos contain gluton..I always loved Pantene, but it cause my scalp to have itch spots..but using suave shampoo you get nothing..