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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fasting

    I would recommend a dry fast (abstaining from water as well) works for me, stomach begans to heal and remember, people dry fast all around the world (ramadan), so don't be scared!!
  2. Jail/prison

    I really doubt that a prisoner wouldn't be accommodated given that his/her condition is officially diagnosed. Prisoners are still protected by the American Disabilities Act, I'm sure
  3. How To Heal Fast?

    Eliminating basically all lectins (grains, legumes, nightshades) I have been able to start healing, and not until then really, unfortunately. But that is just my case.
  4. when I eat soy I get really spaced it out. it might be the glutamate content
  5. I just ordered an acidophilus supplement by 'Freeda' which is apparently cultured on carrot. so carrot is the only additional ingredient. nice to know there isn't some weird synthesized corn based ingredient as a filler that I'm unaware of.
  6. Guests Who Ask For My Food

    I'm more than happy to provide someone a sample of some tasty gluten-free food, if not just to prove that it is just as delicious as 'normal' food. Hate to see someone try it though and then immediately go grab some crackers or something.
  7. Calories

    maybe throw in a tablespoon of cod liver oil?
  8. Gluten Free Paranoia

    yes, I am extremely diligent with gluten, to the point where it certainly seems like paranoia to an outsider; expressing such behaviors as not using paper towels if the roll was sitting on somewhere with crumbs (could be on the edges) to using a paper towel to hold around the remote (a popular spot for those non-gluten-free'ers in my house to snack) I also shy away from close contact when eating, and freak out if someone waves their hand above my plate. (or anything for that matter) Also wash out pretty much every bowl/utensil before I use them (even if they are already 'clean').. Not really worth the risk.