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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've had it on my hands for as long as I can remember and, when I was younger, it was on my knees also. Since being gluten free it has all but disappeared!!! It only comes back (with a vengeance) when I've been glutened.
  2. Alcohol

    Huh. I've been saying, for me, it's the opposite. Alcohol just doesn't seem to have the effect it had before. I feel like when I do drink, I can drink a lot more and still not catch a buzz like I used to. It's like my body metabolizes it differently or something now. My husband, of course, tells me I'm wrong but I swear it's the truth. The last time I had a few cocktails, I had Three Olives Grape vodka - which I confirmed was gluten free via their website. I don't know what got me that night (because I made my own dinner) but holy moly did I get glutened BAD. I'm to the point that I just don't even want to drink anymore....and that STINKS.
  3. I am SO glad to hear I'm not the only one. Just this week I was thinking of posting this very same question. I'm 44 and have been gluten free almost a year. I keep getting these HUGE zits on my chin. So bad that my husband even comments like wow, that thing is going to need a name soon! I wash my makeup off every night and only use high quality makeup so it's not like I'm using junk. I just don't get it. I figure it must be diet related somehow. Hopefully it will get better!!!
  4. I'm in Upstate NY too! Where are you? I'm about 10 minutes East of Albany.
  5. Disney

    Just came back last week from a week at Disney and they were FANTASTIC with gluten free requests. Everywhere we went they asked when we went in if any of us had any food allergies. I have celiac, my husband has diverticulitis (no seeds or nuts). The CHEF actually came right out to the table to go over the menu with us and told us what we could/couldn't have or what could be modified for us. We liked the San Angel Inn in Mexico (Epcot) so much we ate there three times! Unfortunately, we didn't do so well with the no seeds/nuts request when we ate at the Rose & Crown (UK in Epcot). Chef came out, told hubby what he could have (he wanted a reuben sandwich). When it came out he took a few bites, looked at the bread and said he thought it had seeds in it. Sure enough, it did. The manager could not do enough for us! They comped our meal, gave us Fast Passes for the day, loaded hubby up with bottles of water (that's what the doctor said to do...drink as much as possible to help push the seeds through) and were going to call emergency services, but really there was nothing they could do so we told them no. Overall, Disney was FANTASTIC for gluten free!
  6. I have had terrible tendonitis in the past in both of my elbows, so bad that I couldn't even squeeze the toothpaste tube! I tried everything from the brace to the cortisone shots and nothing solved it. The ONLY and I mean ONLY thing that solved it was acupuncture. Since going gluten free I haven't had any flareups which has been great!
  7. Key West Recommendations

    Key West is our favorite vacation destination on the planet! We LOVE it there. That being said, I haven't visited since I've been diagnosed but in all honesty I don't think you'll have ANY problems. There are SO many good restaurants and so much seafood available. I know the next time we go I don't even feel the need to research beforehand where I can eat. For happy hour to go Alonzo's A & B http://www.alonzosoysterbar.com/, which is right on the water. During happy hour the appetizer list and drinks are 1/2 price. We also LOVE the Schooner Wharf Bar http://www.schoonerwharf.com/. The last time we went our favorite place was Mangia-Mangia. They make their own pasta, but I just looked at their menu and there are plenty of gluten free options available too http://www.mangia-mangia.com/ You can also go to the Eaton Street Fish Market and order whatever you want out of the case and they will prepare it for you. Last time we were there I got several stone crab claws and pink shrimp and took it back to our room and stuffed my face. http://www.kwseafood.com/ If you're looking for a place to stay I can't recommend the Key West Bed & Breakfast highly enough. We won't consider staying anywhere else. My husband has stayed there at least a dozen times over the years. http://www.keywestbandb.com/ Hope that helps!
  8. I was watching a Dr. Oz that I had DVR'd yesterday and there was a woman on complaining of bloating and terrible gas and I started SCREAMING at the TV to TEST HER FOR CELIAC! I'm with you when it comes to that! I wish EVERYONE had to be tested!!! I think Celiac is definitely becoming more mainstream and a lot more people are aware of it, so hopefully the undiagnosed ones will figure it out like we did. But yeah, there are a few people I'd like to drag to the doctor kicking and screaming and draw their blood myself because they just won't go no matter what I say!
  9. Patience grasshopper. I was the same as you when I first started and thought I'd feel better immediately. For me, the BIG noticeable changes started at the 3 month mark. In between I had patches of feeling ok and having hope and patches of feeling downright lousy and thinking there MUST be something else wrong with me! Just stick with it, have patience and see what happens. I'm at 4 months now and I can honestly say I feel like my body has completely changed. I'm no longer bloated, don't get migraines anymore (unless I get glutened), my mind is clearer, I feel stronger, I sleep better, I am not literally EXHAUSTED 24/7 and I've lost 10 pounds! It's been a long road and even at four months I don't think I've seen the best of it yet! I'm hoping to improve even more. I'd LOVE to get rid of the crappy DH on my hands - that is starting to clear up though!
  10. Last night my hands were very swollen and I noticed that the vein on the top of my hand (between my index and middle fingers) is also very swollen. We checked my feet and they look ok. I've had swollen hands before, but never the vein and it got me nervous. This morning the hand swelling is a little better, but the vein is still swollen. Of course I Googled it and I am either about to burst into flames or it could be something as simple as too much salt! I did see a lot where it mentioned autoimmune issues, so I'm wondering if this is a Celiac thing? Does anyone else have this? Any ideas on what the cause is? Oddly it's on the right hand, which is the hand I get my DH on.
  11. I had a reaction to the mini Reese's peanut butter cups and vowed to never touch them again!
  12. I feel so bad. My dad knows all about my gluten issues (yet he won't get tested himself). Anyway, last night he called me and told me he made meatloaf and made an extra one and wanted to bring it down for us for dinner. I asked if it had any bread in it. His response? "Yes, I put a tiny amount of Italian bread crumbs in it, but it's not enough to bother you." I seriously almost lost it. I said I was sorry, but there was NO WAY I was eating it, that ANY amount would bother me and I can't have ANY bread crumbs, bread, gluten, etc.! I feel really bad for having to tell him I wouldn't eat it, but geez.....he KNOWS that I can't eat that! I guess it just goes to show no matter how vigilant we are some people just won't get it. <sigh>
  13. Gluten Free Disney

    I forgot one of my clients works for Disney and the last time I was at her house I noticed several gluten free cookbooks in the kitchen, so I emailed her and asked if she had any suggestions. She sent me this website and OMG, it is FANTASTIC. I'm printing everything out as we speak! I feel like I hit the jackpot!!! http://www.glutenista.com/walt-disney-world-gluten-free.html
  14. Gluten Free Disney

    We are going to Disney (Florida) next month! YEAH!!! CANNOT wait! I must admit I'm a little nervous though. I don't like going to new restaurants anymore knowing we will have to grill the waitress or the manager to find out what I can/can't eat. I don't like knowing my usual options are a bun-less burger or a salad. I have done some research (thanks to what I read on these lists) and contacted our hotel and made sure we have a room with a microwave and fridge. I will be bringing some of my own snacks for the trip down so I don't get desperate in an airport. The hotel has sent me the menu for the breakfast items so I know what I can/can't have there and I've printed out the gluten free menus for restaurants in close proximity to our hotel (we are not staying on Disney property, we're staying near the Maingate East). So, for anyone who has done Disney gluten free - do you have any tips? Any places we should avoid at all costs? Any places we should definitely go to? Thanks so much in advance!!!
  15. Wish I Knew What Got Me Xmas Eve

    I wish I knew what got me Christmas Eve too! After church we went to my MIL's house and she had out munchies for everyone. I was good and steered clear of the crackers, etc. I had cheese, a handful of nuts and a glass of egg nog (which I suspect she was miffed about me insisting I read the label on before I'd drink). I got glutened and I have NO idea what did it. We are suspecting the nuts as they had salt/seasoning on them. I'm with the other poster who suggested it may have been the pre-stuffed bird that got you.