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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks all, for your replies. I discovered that those that are intolerant to wheat are also intolerable to Bromelain. And sure enough, I cannot handle taking Bromelain. So I was thinking that perhaps there are other plants/herbs that give off the same reaction.
  2. Hello, Welcome , I'm not a teen but greetings! I'm from TO Not many Cdns on this message board.
  3. Hello all, Does anyone know if camomille is safe for celiacs? Is there any info somewhere that lists which herbs that could be reactive for gluten intolerant individuals? I'm getting more and more scared about what I can touch or eat. Please help!
  4. I have a few questions about yeast. I'm confused as to whether all yeast are naturally gluten-free or there a different types of yeast. I want to do more baking but not sure which yeast is safest. I recently used the Active Dry Yeast, and I did not react well to it, tremendously bloated. Has anyone else had any negative reactions ? I've recently seen a gluten-free product that list the ingredient as "gluten free yeast", so does that mean that some yeast not gluten free? Can anyone explain what yeast is , how it's made, and what types are used out there? Is yeast generally a bad thing for Celiacs? Have I been using the wrong product for baking?
  5. Breadmakers

    VydorScope, Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who speak languages other than English, and would not turn away from looking in to a product with a "foreign" name. You are lucky that you have had success with your bread machine of your choice, while not having to spend as much $. I agree with much of Jaten's reasoning for the purchase. While there is less confidence out there about how long other brands will last, I think many are thinking that it isn't worth the risk to try a brand that may only last a year for example, and then have to go to the trouble of buying another one, spending more money in the long run.
  6. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    I was at a major grocery store chain, and they were giving out samples of a new brand of potoato chips. I asked "do they contain gluten?" The demonstrator said "oh Yes , it contains potatos. you cannot eat them!" I was at an somewhat upscale contemporary restaurant downtown, and I order a duck dish, which they specificially said they could make without any gluten. They served me the dish, a toasted french bread on top. I was at a health food store , they were cooking up samples of tempeh, in a stirfry, to offer people to try. I wanted to try but told the server that I cannot eat gluten. Then he attempted to make another batch using another sauce, in the same skillet, that was used to make the regular batch, that contained gluten.
  7. Thx for the tips. good to know that Giovanni is gluten-free, I'll had that one to my list. California Baby , didn't think of using baby shampoo, good idea. I love the Aubrey skin care line, shampoos look good too. A general question: I find that my skin was particularly dry, before going gluten-free. Did anyone else find that?
  8. Going To Toronto

    Hi Jefferyd, I'm familiar with the area too, and psawyer has summed it up well. There is another awesome place I love to go to, called Restoran, it's a Malaysian restaurant, located at the SE corner of Major MacKenzie and Bayview, in the same plaza as McDonalds. They serve the best south east asian food. It 's family run business, and the owners understand the meaning of "gluten free". Not everything is gluten free, so make sure you ask and make sure you ask the owner/owner's son. The other wait staff do not seem to have knowledge of what this dietary restriction is about. I used to eat everything there, but now I eat curries, fried rice, soup noodles. Oh! I also must tell you about this great place I recently discovered!!! www.magicoven.com Magic Oven is located in downtown toronto. They serve speciality pizza and rice pasta for different types of dietary restrictions, but I was sooooo excited to eat a gluten-free pizza, with gluten-free pepperoni !!!! I couldn't believe it! The use quality ingredients, and they are converting all their meats to organic now. Wow it was so tasty do you like Indian food? , traditionally they don't really use wheat/ gluten-grains. (of course excluding a few items like the naan). Bombay Behl is located on highway 7, next the hilton garden Inn, east of Leslie st. Another downtown one, you can try grocery store, Whole Foods Market. They have a hot and cold food, sold by weight. They list their ingredients. I've enjoyed their interesting food selection, and glad not to worry about additives and preservatives. It's about the only place to eat in yorkville, with free parking. Hope this helps. Hope you have a good stay in Markham/Toronto.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently discovered that Bulk Barn store, has Gluten-free bins. They have clear labels of which item, such as brown rice flour, that is Gluten free, and tag the scoops, to identify them for gluten-free use. So I think they really tried hard to cater to those in need for gluten-free baking. It seems like a great way to buy gluten-free ingredients, for a much cheaper price. But the question remains can we trust the bulk bins to really remain gluten-free ? What do you think? Would you buy it?
  10. I Had Real Chinese Food!

    jkmunchkin, you are so lucky to find a place that actually serves gluten-free chinese food! I miss Chinese food soooooo much, and maybe it has something to do with me being Asian But here in Toronto (Canada), I have yet to find an eatery that will make gluten-free chinese dishes. Maybe I'll have to drive across the border, for some good NY food! I have to warn you all out there, most authenic chinese eateries, do not cater to dietery needs, and do not understand food allergies. Even if they say they can modify there dishes, I usually don't trust them, because I know how the chinese kitchen works. I'm not saying that all of them are this way, but unless that restaurant specifically creates a gluten-free menu to offer clients, it's not likely they are willing to spend such an effort. Don't call me paranoid! just know from experience. Be careful everyone!
  11. I am in the process of trying to use all wheat/gluten free shampoos and bath gels. I thought I was the only one feeling that way. I was using Druide lavender bath gel, it contains wheat protein, which I only realized after I experienced increased itching and dryness all over, after my showers. I also share the feeling that it's better to eliminate all gluten, even in soaps. Anyone have a suggestion for organic, chemical-free shampoo?
  12. Breadmakers

    For those of your searching for bread maker: In my search for a bread machine, finally decided on the Zojirushi. Comparing the reviews for the Cuisinart and the Zoji, I saw there were more postive comments for the gluten-free baking using the Zoji. I've already tried 3 gluten-free recipes they recommend, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the results. The texture and taste are excellent, better than all the packaged ones I tried from the store. Also having the luxury of eating freshed baked gluten-free bread, takes it to a new level! The gluten-free walnut soy bread was so tasty, warm, moist---it's my new comfort food ! I'm looking forward in trying my own recipes, and using the custom program mode. It was a tough decision because it was pricy $$. But I thought to myself, if this is something I need to use in my daily life, because I have special dietary needs, it will be worth it.
  13. Breadmakers

    I am also looking for a bread machine and was considering the Cuisineart machine. The Zojirushi sounds great but kinda pricey. Does anyone know what characteristics to look for in a machine that will make good gluten-free bread? How long can we expect them to last? Hope you hear from you soon!
  14. Hey Bean, I am very, very intersted in nutritional supplements and things that can help. thanks very much for the tip and all the great info on Glutimine. I am definitely interested. I ordered the book dangerous grains, but still waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for taking the time.
  15. Hi Stephanie, I often get thinking about dextoxifying alot , when I'm feeling bloated and heavy. Then I 'm not sure if I'm just gaining weight or bloating or eating too much of the wrong thing, then I want to try fasting, or juicing or herbal cleanse, sauna, colonic....the list goes. But then before I can give it a real try, I get so wiped out, and tired, I just want to eat again, and start getting cravings. Lately I've been craving cookies and cake. I walked by the gluten-free carrot cake,at the grocery store, 5 times over the past week and finally I gave in , and brought it home. I was trying to cut out sugar from my diet because sugar is damaging to the digestion. But it is soooooooo hard to do. I have such a sweet tooth. What happens when you eat corn? maybe you should try not eating any at all for a while, then introduce it back in and see what happens. I think I got "glutened" yesterday. Because today, I feel weak and got stomach ache. I'm starting a mental circus in my head and I'm starting to withdraw from everything. Do you find it takes long to recover from it? I have much more I want to write but I'm eyelides are so heavy, I ready to pass out..... talk to you later