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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Loss Of Sense Of Smell?

    Perhaps you just have a poor sense of smell? Like some people have poor vision, poor hearing or poor taste. The latter especially applies to furniture. I've never been particularly good at telling scents apart. My dogs usually fish out things for me, I just follow their noses.
  2. Cosmetics & Gluten

    There's even gluten-free glue for kids.
  3. Nails Breaking.

    I noticed I tore a nail in half a while back. Thought it was due to sports but now that I read this, it might be down to something else. It's still attached but it sure looks ugly. Never had it before when I was on a gluten-rich diet, looks quite odd.
  4. Weight Issues

    Weight-lifting gets your weight up quick. Just be sure to eat plenty after every work-out.
  5. It's Baaaaaccckkk!

    what is a hot link?
  6. What Is Your Soy Reaction Like?

    Today I noticed that there's soy in the butter I use. I always thought it was a dairy product. No problems whatsoever, though.
  7. I was immensely tired and have suffered depression since childhood. Sometimes after eating something, all I wanted to do was just take a nap. Passing stool was extremely tiring for me, forcing me to eat something afterwards or else be too tired to do much of anything. All that changed when I switched to a gluten-free diet. I gained energy I didn't think I had and I can now actually focus on what I'm doing without getting a headache or simply not being able to retain information. The only difficult part is living with someone who isn't on a gluten-free diet. The rest you just roll into; try not to eat processed foods unless they're guaranteed Gluten-free and check each and every product before you eat it. Can't relate to any of your other symptoms but that's because people who have a problem with gluten seem to have a wild range of symptoms. You'll want to get tested for celiac's before you switch to a gluten-free diet. There's no accurate testing afterwards from what I gather.
  8. I think the reason the symptoms might feel more severe is because you know the difference between feeling good and bad whereas before you've always felt bad. At least that's what applies to me. Why do you think you'll be glutened while on vacation? You should do some research into gluten-free brands. And don't forget to mention that you need to steer clear of Gluten whenever applicable.
  9. Burning Sensation

    D? Diarrhoea? None of that. Although it wasn't very firm either. Do hemorrhoids grow overnight? I quickly looked up the symptoms for that, doesn't seem to fit. I did have red bell peppers and concentrated tomato juice on my (gluten-free) Pizza yesterday but it's not something I'm not used to.. Well, maybe my stomach is just upset due to the possible gluten-contamination. I'll add it to my list of symptoms to present to my doctor. Keeping a little log of the days leading up to my appointment when anything out of the ordinary happens.
  10. Burning Sensation

    I feel a little weird writing about this and I'd rather not go into any details before I know it's O.K to do so but I just went to pass stool for the second time today and I've never experienced such a painful burning sensation before after (and during) passing stool. I think some of my food was contaminated with gluten in the past 48 hours and I've been having all sorts of symptoms I had before my gluten-free diet ... Could this be related? I don't recall having this since I was a child and definitely not this severe. I managed to get off the toilet but the burning sensation is still there, 30 minutes after my visit. Stomach cramps, too. But those are not uncommon after having eaten gluten.
  11. My Dad Falls Asleep After Eating Wheat

    I also used to get very, very tired after eating certain meals. Turned out they were all filled with gluten. Also got tired (and hungry) after passing stool. When I was younger, I would take naps during the afternoon. Can you imagine a 14 year old that requires naps like an 80 year old? Pretty weird when I look back at it now.
  12. Dairy Makes Me As Sick As Gluten

    Could you elaborate on that?
  13. Appointment With Gp

    every day? I saw Enterolab being recommended before. I am from Europe and given the way our health-insurance works I'll be doing most of my testing through a hospital. If I go through the proper channels that should cover most of the expenses. I'll get back at you once I've discussed all these tests and findings with my GP. First time ever that I'm looking forward to talking to a doctor.
  14. Sch

    Any people who use that particular bread-mix? Already adding 4 times as much oil as recommended but I know very little of bread-baking and I'd like to spice it up a little further. (The extra oil stops it from growing dry too soon, it would seem.)
  15. Acid Reflux?

    I do not have acid reflux but there's a type of licorice that I eat when my stomach bothers me. It's made from bay leaf. I usually take some after I've had too much dairy. Seems to help.