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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh no... Just started on the SCD diet (6 days). Now I have oily D that seeps out. Have to diaper myself. Been put on a liquid diet. Taken off all meds... My mom is talking about gall bladder problems... Don't we need our gall bladder???? I don't want surgery. Now on a liquid diet and taken off of all meds. That's fun.
  2. Try googling SCD diets and see what they have. This is a site that is trying to eliminate yeast from your digestive tract. See what happens.
  3. Scd Diet

    This diet is supposed to cleanse the intestines to make them better able to digest. It is totally gluten-free and a little more restrictive. It is designed to only feed you foods that your intestines can totally digest. Anyone else use this? It's also supposed to be good for IBD, IBS, Chrohns, and even autism.
  4. Anyone used SCD Diet by Gottschall? It's called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  5. If your rash grows and you feel like you are on fire, you might look into Stevens Johnson's Syndrome. That is from allergies to medicines. And if you have that, RUN, don't walk to the emergency room.
  6. One more question, Have you taken any drugs lately, like tylenol, ibuprophen, antibiotics? And does the soreness feel like fire?
  7. That definately sounds like a food allergy. Stay away from pizza and start eliminating things from your diet. When you start feeling a little better, start adding things (BUT do it SLOWLY). Try fish. I am eating cod. That doesn't sting my stomach.
  8. Dying

    Thank you for the encouragement. I want to be BETTER, YESTERDAY.
  9. Dying

    Someone just e-mailed me and asked if I had Stevens Johnson's Syndrome. That is the scariest syndrome I have ever seen. I knew medicines could mess up your body and know that mine has been messed up by them currently, BUT.... That syndrome is where your outsides and insides are literally burned by the chemical reactions taking place in your body. It shows up with lesions on your body (all over) and burning like you are on fire outside and inside. I will be the first to say I feel like I am burning up inside when really inflamed and am worried that it really is burning me, but that is extrememly severe.
  10. Dying

    My God is watchin out for me. I know it. I have people who pray for me throughout the day. God is providing his healin right now. I just need to wait on him. He is the only hope I have.
  11. Dying

    How much does that test cost? I am having problems with IGE allergies right now anyway. But you may be right. I might try both.
  12. Dying

    But they say that York testing is even less accurate than the pin prick and the blood testing.
  13. Dying

    My sister feels like she tried to kill me... lol. Sore throat today and light rash. Taking claritin. The only other ingredients in it were eggs, almond milk (I had just drunk some and no issues), and maple syrup (had that a week ago with no issues). I had an extra epi-pen at my school. Am keeping it close and the phone is close too. I don't want to do the scratch test again. They take a razor to your back and 300 scratches till they bleed. Then 20 shots on each arm to find out which of those really reacted (because the reaction was so strong that it bled over into the other scratches). They do those rapid fire. I have heard that there is a pin prick test. I have heard it is less painful. My allergist said that he didn't do the pin prick test.
  14. I had an allrgic reaction to millet today. Even after the epipen by body came up with hives all over it (90 % even under my hair) My IGE is in the 300s too. My Dr. wants to do the scratch test on me. I told him no because I have had the scratch test done before and it was H@@@. Now, I don't think I have an option. The pin test, has anyone had this done?
  15. Went to the ER today after shooting myself with an epi-pen. Lovely experience. Tried a millet pancake or two and noticed mouth and throat swelled. Told my sister, who had worked so hard to prepare me something that I"could eat to feel better." that I couldn't eat any more of it. She grabbed a claritin (allergic to benadryl) and when I started choking we diecided it was time to go to HOSPITAL. Hives came all over 90% of my body (even in my hair). LOVELY... I am still hurting on the insides. I want pain to stop. I want to die.