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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Although I'm not diagnosed with coeliac but only an allergy although quite severe to gluten & IBS-- I have so many of the coeliac symptoms including join & muscular pain when I've been poisoned. My join pain occures in my left hand, my other pains occur in my thighs & lower arms- although I wouldn't describe it as 'in the bones' I feel mine is in the muscles-- when I move it feels like they'll explode! I maybe just getting old too but it seems worse when I've been glutened. My Doctors don't seem to be concerned with those symptoms- mind you it seems to we are in someways lagging behind in treatment, diagnostics & understanding re:coeliacs in the uk compared to the USA. I'm interested in what others say too! Good luck with your healing. Jx
  2. Dh Vs. Ezcema?

    Hi Depending on the type of eczema there can Be a vast diff between it & DH. ..but... It sounds like you have pompholyx eczema which mainly appears on hands & feet in blister form & itches like nothing else. I have it- my GP thought it was DH but my dermatologist is certain it's pompholyx due to the way it's attacked my cuticles. Pompholyx reacts to the body very much like DH from the inside out. My derm has allergy tested me with various substances some of which I have reacted to- but she believes the main cause is dietary ie-gluten for if I get glutened within 4-5 hrs I'm itching & blistering all over my hands. Steroid cream, emollients etc have worked along side anti histimines. Roobios tea relieves the burning and itching: drink it and soak affected areas in it-I kid u not!! but use lots of emollient cream as mine dried , splits & bleeds if not careful. Check out the eczema/pompholyx uk web page-very helpful & get a good dermatologist! Good luck Jx
  3. I'm so glad that doctors are starting to catch up--I've been having this conversation for so long it's been frustrating! 😁 But at least they are slowly becoming aware & hopefully soon the cosmetic companies will catch up too! 😌 It would be great if they labelled their products in the same way that food is so that it would be easy for us to see the allergens like gluten in the products. 😉
  4. I like "jessica" ALL their products are apparently gluten free. X
  5. Dh And Nail Polish Remover

    Hi As a nail tech who suffers from DH--- I recommend Jessica nail systems ALL their products are gluten free--- according to my rep!! Enjoy being pampered. Xx
  6. Hi thank you. I thought I was going mad as medics kept telling me it was impossible!! Xx
  7. Sorry for my typos I think u know what I'm trying to say!!
  8. Ops DH sufferers even!!x
  9. Hi guys, I just wanted to ask all the DH succeeded out there wether or not your DH flares up on contact with gluten, Wethersfield it straight forward bread or a cosmetic cream/ lotion etc? For myself I find this is the case- I don't have to digest gluten to get a reaction. My medical team keep trying to tell me this doesn't happen--- what's your opinion guys??! Thanks in advance J xx
  10. Nail Tech

    Ho As a nail tech generally I wear gloves for the same reason as bio sculpture cuticle products contain gluten. I have been assured that all Jessica products are gluten free--- I'm uk based! Good luck X
  11. Hi I so understand I live & work in same environment without the space etc of separate surfaces & crockery etc. What I do is I have a large box of medical glives that I put on as soon as I enter the glutened environment. I detox all surfaces etc so sterile b4 I remove hlives. As I only have to touch gluten to react with a glutened attack & DH! Good luck I know it's hard but you'll get there! Also watch out for any medication & products you use--- I fond those worse than food sources. J xx
  12. Hi Like me there a lot of "new" celiac & DH suffered out there asking questions & seeking help--- a mine field!! Ive just found this book called : celiac disease a hidden epidemic by Peter. H.green (MD) it's a world of information & a must read!! Hope it helps! Xx
  13. To be honest maybe we do need to lighten up---but--- it really pissed me off too. Food & eating out is my thing & for the last few months I've not been able to as my allergy has become so sensitive it's a liability... In fact a restaurant was so kind to me today in London that I stood there sobbing afterwards--- so sad!! It's hard enough for gluten-free to be recognized & taken seriously without crap like this hitting our screens---- I'm MAD!!!! I agree guys! Xx
  14. Hi, Gee your history sounds so much like mine. I eventually went gluten free because I believed it to be right for my body-- since then my intolerance for eggs has disappeared-- turned out if I ate egg I'd generally have bread with it!!! My GP (uk doctor) has finally started taking me seriously due to my inability to even touch gluten ie bread, flour , creams etc as I bluster from my mouth to my toes! Keep fighting the drs--BUT do what you think is right for you. It sounds very much like celiac/gluten allergy. Blisters--- poss DH seek a dermatologist for if you can get that diagnosed celiacs will be diganosed as part of tge course as you don't get DH without celiacs.see other posts. You are bot alone and please let us know how you get on. I have my der Dermatologist nxt wk & gastro guy nxt month. Good luck Xx